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Great Balcony Design Ideas to Enhance Your Home

There's something rather picturesque and calming about sipping a morning coffee on your sunny balcony.

Embrace the fresh air and create a relaxing and inviting outdoor space that you'll enjoy being in.

Whether your balcony design is the perfect place for a second outdoor living room or a cozy outdoor area for book reading, we've compiled a few ideas to get you going.

How do you begin to design a balcony?

Your floor space will generally dictate the balcony design and arrangement of furniture. Begin by putting together a list of your favourite balcony ideas. Then, ask a few questions:

  1. What is the function of the space?

  2. How much furniture do I want?

  3. Do I have a great view to centre my balcony design around?

  4. How much square footage am I working with?

The answers to these questions will help determine much of the way you design and layout your balcony.


If your goal is to create a quiet spot outdoors for relaxing and reading, you'll have different design ideas and needs than if you intend to entertain friends and guests.

How do I create a luxurious balcony?

Make your balcony feel like a welcoming and luxurious space with the right fabrics and plush furnishings.

Start with comfortable seating to ensure there's actually an area in which to sit and relax. Outdoor furniture options are plentiful and it's not tricky to find styles that will work for your space. We've noted some key factors to consider:

1. Privacy and plants

If you have enough space, create a small garden on your balcony. Adding a touch of lush greenery with outdoor plants will bring dimension, texture, and a sense of park-like luxury to your space.

  • Tall plants will offer privacy, while window boxes are perfect for a balcony railing if you have one.

  • Consider a vertical garden to create a screen wall and offer more privacy. Make a wall panel with plants!

  • An edible garden with herbs and easy-to-grow vegetables is a great way to feature potted plants.

  • Hanging planters are another good space-saving option and they can also help to designate zones for your outdoor space.

2. Comfort with sheepskin and more

To enhance your outdoor living space and spruce up furniture, add new throw pillows, and blankets to the mix.

  • There are some very practical weather-resistant materials and fabrics for outdoor seat cushions and pillows. However, don't feel that you have to limit your soft furnishings to canvas and weather-proof materials.

  • You can't go wrong with large floor pillows and depending on your climate, bring your plush sheepskin throw blankets outside every now and then.

  • Keep a basket by your door to store a sheepskin blanket or a rug to enhance balcony floors that you can bring outside when the weather allows.

  • Your Sheepskin Shaggy Beanbag is the epitome of luxury at the best of times, let alone as the feature of your balcony design! This is a wonderful item to bring onto the balcony if you have the ease of french doors or a wide slider for access.

3. Style with accessories or keep it simple

If your balcony design ideas include an outdoor dining room space, it's important to find the right-sized table for your balcony. Even in a small space, it's possible to add a dining set-up. A small table or a table with fold down sides will work well.


    Mt Gold Extra long Wool Shaggy Bag
    • A high top table with bar stools and one lounger style chair in a corner might be the perfect balcony decor

    • Light things up with string lights and use candles for added ambiance and a soft romantic atmosphere.

    • Citronella candles are nice to repel bugs and offer a pleasant scent at the same time.

    • Hang a shade screen, place an outdoor rug on balcony floors and add a coffee table.

    What is the difference between a verandah and a balcony?

    A verandah is a wrap-around structure that is covered and located at ground level. A verandah will be spread over several rooms, some of which will open onto it, and sometimes it will extend around the whole house.

    Balconies, on the other hand, are on the upper floor and are typical of a smaller footprint. A balcony is usually attached to one given room, a bedroom or lounge, on an upper floor of a building.

    What about types of balcony design?

    1. A true balcony is open to the outdoors and is an outdoor space on the upper floor with railings. It's what we most commonly think of when referencing a balcony.

    This balcony design will have us envisioning something larger that can hold furniture and has space for groups of people to gather.

    2. A faux balcony design is another balcony design that most people will be familiar with. Although, it is essentially no more than a decoration and is not functional.

    3. False balconies are a little more comprehensive than the faux in that they'll have a skinny platform and railing. It's a very small balcony space. French doors may open onto the platform, but there is typically no more than standing room for a couple of people, or one small chair at best.

    A false balcony is a great way to offer the perception of space and make your indoor space feel airy and light, and closer to nature.

    How can I make my balcony look bigger?

    Small spaces are often tricky to arrange. However, small balcony design principles are similar to interior decorating when it comes to creating a perception of space.

    Folding furniture and simple, streamlined styles will help create a sleek minimalist look and feel. Don't try to fill the balcony space up entirely. A small side table and two chairs might be all you need.

    Opt for a neutral colour palette and remember that simplicity is very effective when making a space appear bigger than it is.

    What about weatherproofing a balcony?

    Some balconies will be naturally covered and include a ceiling. However, if your balcony is very much exposed to the elements and you're wanting to be out there in inclement weather, at a pinch we'd recommend:

    • An umbrella to provide shade

    • A canvas shade sail that offers rain protection

    • Weatherproof storage boxes for cushions and blankets

    Which colour is best for a balcony?

    An apartment balcony is a perfect spot for pops of brightness and personality. Painted metal furniture and cushions with a focus on bold color and pattern will help bring vibrancy and brightness to your outdoor room.

    With that said a neutral and chic, streamlined aesthetic with natural linens and a monotone colour palette will exude class and calm.

    At the end of the day, it's really down to personal preference and the overall aesthetic you're trying to achieve.

    In conclusion:

    Balcony design and decorating ideas are fun to consider if you're lucky enough to have this wonderful platform attached to your home.

    Whatever your balcony ideas include, don't be afraid of trial and error, and remember that seasonal change-outs are a clever way to incorporate several different design ideas.


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