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Six Swoon-Worthy Bathroom Rug Ideas

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How can you use rugs in a bathroom? What kind of rug do you use in a bathroom? This style guide is for you.

How can you use rugs in a bathroom?

A bathroom should feel like your personal retreat, neatly curated around your chosen furniture, shower stall, tub, towels and a few things you enjoy. Ensure accent and texture meet practicality when choosing the best bath mat for your bathroom decor. Starting from the ground up, our 6 bathroom rug ideas can bring day-spa luxury to your bathroom and beauty routine; 'dress the set' of a functional and modern washroom or make your bathroom floor like a gallery wall. A bath mat has an obvious job to do: to adorn the floor in front of your bath or below a vanity with a non slip, absorbent surface. Yet with some careful attention to your decorating style, a bathroom rug can be a cosy, convenient art piece which brings comfort to your feet and a finishing touch to your space.

Bathroom Rug Ideas

What kind of rug do you use in a bathroom?

Much more than just a mat to soak up extra water or get scrunched in a wet heap, a bathroom rug should complement your personal style and bathroom decor, tieing in with your shower curtains and towels, so you can create a peaceful haven for your wash, get-ready and unwind routines. A bathroom rug gives you scope to experiment with incorporating a little bit of Zen, relaxed island style or Scandi-sophistication. Depending on the size and layout of your bathroom, you have a few decisions to make around shape, size, texture and color. Here are six of the best bathroom rug ideas to pull together a fabulous bathroom space.

1. Boho chic bath mats

To add some sass to your sanctuary, go boho! Short for bohemian, the boho look is all about vibrant, eclectic style with a nomadic influence. Channel Byron Bay fashion or the summer of love on the Balearic isles. Aim for an upbeat combination of shape, color and pattern, such as a round crochet bath mat, a half circle in a dreamy hue or a bathroom rug featuring a geometric design.

Bathroom Rug Ideas

If you like to mix it up: select a series of Boho-inspired terry cotton bathroom rugs or textured bath mats you can switch out as the mood takes you. Or choose one hero item like a luxurious area rug and let it steal the show. A vintage-look patterned rug can be a focal point which adds contrast: Morrocan or Persian bath rugs fringed with a soft tassle can also bring a relaxed bohemian feel.

2. Plush or pop? Make a statement!

Purchase a statement bath rug in a plush texture or popping color for an easy-win. It's a sure-fire way to add Hollywood glamour to your bathroom decor. Beautify your bathroom design with a velvety bath rug in super soft chenille or 100% New Zealand wool. Pull some personality into your color scheme with a bright bath mat in a vibrant hue. Keep your feet warm as you freshen up at the mirror, undress or robe up. A statement rug will suit a large or studio bathroom. Just choose a larger gracious bath rug for a bigger space, or a cute and pertinent mat to punctuate a smaller room.

Bathroom Rug Ideas

3. Beach vibes

If you're going for low-key coastal style, bamboo rugs or light and bright Indian cotton rugs in a soft pastel palette will match a beach-house look. Fresh and clean hues accented with a Cape Cod nautical theme, Polynesian flowers or tropical palm fronds will bring a sense of ocean-scape to your master, guest or bach bathroom space. Try a whale or mermaid tail shape for a kids' bathroom, a classic vintage anchor pattern or a steampunk octopus embellishment if you're feeling adventurous. For those who like to feel as if you're on summer holiday year round, beach-house bath rugs make it island time, all the time.

4. Family-friendly bathtub runner

Fluffy, shag or patterned: choose a creative style that will stand out while catering to the bubbles and splashes of your family tribe. Extra thick is the best rug idea for those with kids, since you may end up kneeling to supervise bath play or change those little wrigglers on the bathroom floor. Go for a durable, non slip material that will wash and wear well for this high use item.

5. Farm-house style

Adorn your bathroom in farmhouse style to create a space you'll love to rest and retreat. A bath rug in a neutral color made with natural materials is key here. Consider a rustic sheepskin, jute, hemp or handwoven rag rug to complement a warm country style. Look for bath mats in earthy tones with a soft feel underfoot in fiber that will absorb water.

6.Hygge story

Scandinavian cosiness and sophistication: hygge is a Danish word that embodies warmth and wellbeing. What could be more hygge than stepping out of your candle-lit bath, as your bare feet connect with the warmth of a sheepskin rug? Steer clear of synthetic materials in favour of bringing nature into the home to create a hygge story in your bathroom.

The take away

The best bathroom rugs are not an afterthought: a well-chosen rug can work wonders in creating the perfect modern bathroom for your home.


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