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How to Pick Bedroom Area Rugs With Confidence

Your bedroom is your sanctuary - a place to relax and unwind. A well chosen bedroom area rug can soften the space, creating a sense of calm, comfort and restfulness. In this blog you'll learn how to select the perfect area rug for your sleeping haven with both confidence and ease.

What should I look for when buying a rug?

Before you hit the shops, spend some time thinking about which size rug will work best in your bedroom. Ideally your rug will be in proportion to both the room itself and your furniture, so rug shape is important too.

Bedroom Area Rug

Above: Double Sheepskin Rug (Mt Gold)

Think also about what colour and design of rug will best suit your current decor. Do you favour a neutral palette, warm rustic earthy tones or are you a bold and bright sort of person? Do you want your rug to blend in or make a statement?

From a practical perspective, the material your rug is made from is key. You'll want something soft and comfortable underfoot, but also durable and long lasting. Cleaning bedroom rugs can be a little tricky, especially if placed under a heavy bed, so look for materials that are easy to care for and maintain.

Now you are ready to start searching for your perfect bedroom rug, either online or visiting a local rug retailer.

Where should an area rug be placed in a bedroom?

The focal point of your bedroom is usually your bed. Rule of thumb is to place your rug directly underneath the bed, stretching out evenly on both sides and at the 'feet end' of your bed by about 60 cm. Its all about having enough room for a soft warm landing pad for your bare feet when climbing in and out of bed.

Bedroom Area Rug

If you need a smaller rug, consider two runners placed on either side of the bed. Nicely symmetrical it still provides a comfy spot for your feet. If you want to make a statement, an off centre round rug lends an unexpected touch of personality.

Can a rug be too big for a room?

With rugs the 'bigger is better' rule generally applies. If your rug is too small the whole room can feel off-balance. That said, you don't want your rug to cover the entire room - some bare floor should still be visible around the edges.

What type of rug is best suited for a bedroom?

Your bedroom is all about rest, rejuvenation and comfort. So choose a rug that feels calming and is soft under your feet. Rugs made from pure wool, either woven or sheepskin, are perfect for bedrooms for precisely this reason.

Bedroom Area Rug

Synthetic rugs (nylon or polypropylene) or more hardwearing materials (jute or sisal) won't give you the same comfort factor. Aim instead for a something like a woollen shag rug with a decent pile. That way your feet will enjoy warm cosiness, both morning and night.

How do you choose a rug for a master bedroom?

If your master bedroom is large, go for the largest area rug you can afford. Try something vintage if that suits the style of your home, or a modern design if that is more your thing. What's important is to ensure the rug size is in proportion to your bed, otherwise it just won't look right.

Should throw pillows match the rug?

There's certainly no requirement for pillows to match rugs. It's a good idea to use pillows that complement your rug, but that doesn't mean they have to be the same colour, pattern or material. Really, it all comes down to the overall 'look' you are going for and what suits your bedroom decor.

How do you get a rug under a heavy bed?

Once you've found the perfect rug for your bedroom, you will need to think about how to place it in without causing any damage to your floor, furniture or your back! This isn't a task to attempt on your own, you will need some help.

Bedroom Area Rug

First up, mark out on the floor where the corners of your rug should lie, so that it is positioned just right. Then ask someone to lift one corner of your bed while you (or someone else) slide the rug under corner and lining it up with your marker. Repeat on all four corners.

If you are replacing an existing rug you can use the same process to remove the old rug. If you are worried the legs of your heavy bed will dent the floorboards, use a sheet of cardboard and place it underneath each corner leg while you are are removing the old rug. When you insert your new rug you simply pull the cardboard away.

What do you put under area rugs?

Area rugs need to be anchored in place, otherwise they are prone to moving around. Usually rug pads or gripping tape works best. In the case of a bedroom area rug though, you shouldn't really need these. A heavy item of furniture like a bed will be sufficient to keep your rug in place on its own.

How big should an area rug be for a bedroom?

When choosing the best size for your bedroom area rug, what really matters is the size of your bed. Think of the rug as providing a 'platform' for it to rest on, as well as soft spot for your feet to land when climbing in and out.

Try to avoid the mistake of buying a rug that is too small. Aim for one that is big enough to stretch beyond the both sides and the 'feet end' of your bed by at least 60 cm. Your best bet is to measure your bed, add on 60 cm and mark out that space on your floor with masking tape.

Rugs come in standard sizes. So with these measurements to hand when you are looking online, or talking to someone in a shop, you will be able to speak with confidence about which size is best for you.

Will a 5x7 rug fit under a queen bed?

Generally a 5 x 7 ft (152cm x 213cm) rug isn't quite big enough to be placed under a queen sized bed. It will stretch all the way under your bed, but won't be quite wide enough for you to rest your feet on when you are getting in and out.

Aim instead for the 8 x 10 ft (244cm x 305cm), which is the next standard size up. That way, you will have a decent amount of rug stretching out each side of your bed for your feet to rest on, and the overall look will be balanced.

How do you place an 8x10 rug under a king bed?

The versatile 8 x 10 ft (244cm x 305cm) rug is a good size to place under your king size bed. If you want to go bigger, the next size up at 9 x12 ft (274 cm x 366cm) will also work well - but you definitely don't want to go any smaller.

Most 8 x 10 ft (244cm x 305cm) rugs are placed with the lower two thirds of the bed on top of the rug and bedside tables or nightstands sitting above it. This means you have a generous amount of rug around both sides and the 'feet end' of your bed to allow for your feet to rest comfortably on your rug when you are seated on the edge of your bed.

With a little bit of upfront thinking, you'll easily find the right sized, shape, design and style of bedroom area rug for your home. Take a bit of time to think about your needs and mock up a measurement before you set foot in a shop. Before you know it, you'll be enjoying plush softness and comfort under your feet when you climb into bed at the end of another busy day.



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