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Bedroom Rugs - How to Choose the Best Size, Shape and Colour

Are you wanting warmth and comfort underfoot when climbing out of bed on those chilly mornings? A well chosen bedroom rug might be just the ticket. In this post we'll look in-depth at bedroom area rugs and offer a few tips to help you choose the best rug size, shape and colour to up the cosiness factor in your bedroom.

Should I have a rug in my bedroom?

Bedrooms are one of the more personal spaces in our homes. It's where we go to rest and rejuvenate after another busy day out there in the world. So it makes sense that we want our bedroom to not only reflect our personal style, but also feel warm, inviting and comfortable.

Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom rugs are a relatively easy way to add character and warmth to your bedroom. Placed underneath your bed, a rug will anchor your furniture and provide a landing spot for your feet when climbing in and out of bed.

Rugs come in may different styles, so it pays to take a bit of extra time to work out which rug design (size, shape, colour) will transform your sleeping space into a luxurious haven.

What type of rug is best for my bedroom?

When it comes to bedroom rugs, you'll want to focus on the 'feel' of the rug just as much as the practical considerations. Choose a rug made from natural fibres like wool and silk, two of the more luscious materials. Firmer fibres like jute or sisal, while all natural, can be a bit stiff and less comfortable when you stand on them in bare feet.

Bedroom Rugs

Pure wool, either woven or sheepskin, is perfect. Not only does wool feel glorious underfoot but it also introduces texture into your decor. You can go for a brightly coloured low pile wool rug or a long wool sheepskin rug in a more muted palette, depending on what suits your style.

On the practical side, cleaning rugs when they are placed under a heavy bed can be tricky. Wool gets a big tick in this department too because it's fibres are durable, long lasting and easy to keep clean.

How do I choose a rug?

Before you head into a rug shop, spend a few minutes standing in your bedroom and take note of the space.

  • Where is the furniture placed?
  • Where does the light fall - is it a bright sunny room or does it not get much direct sunlight?
  • What's your existing decor like - are you a bright and colourful person or do you favour a more neutral palette?
  • Do you want your rug to make a statement or blend in?

From there, you can turn your mind to the size, shape and design of your rug. Ideally your rug will be in proportion to both the room itself and your furniture. If your rug is too small it can make the room feel out of balance and cramped, so aim for the biggest quality rug you can afford.

What size rug should I get for my bedroom?

When determining the correct sized bedroom area rug, what really matters is the size of your bed. Think of your rug as providing a 'platform' for your bed to sit on, as well as a soft spot for your feet to land when climbing in and out.

Bedroom Rugs

Too achieve this, your rug needs to be large enough to stretch underneath your bed and beyond each side by about 60 cm. Your best bet is to measure your bed, add on 60 cm and mark out that space on your floor with masking tape.

If you are looking purchase from a rug retailer, you'll find rugs tend to come in standard sizes. So with these measurements to hand you'll be able to shop for rug styles in the right dimensions for your bedroom.

What is the best size rug for a queen bed?

The standard sized 8 x 10 ft (244cm x 305cm) rug is the best size for a queen bed. It provides a decent amount of rug stretching out each side of your bed for your feet to rest on when climbing in and out.

How do you place a rug in a big bedroom?

When it comes to bedrooms, your bed is usually the main piece of furniture that the room revolves around. You might also have a dresser and night stands, perhaps a bench seat at the end of your bed, or an armchair in one corner.

With this in mind, the general rule of thumb is to place your rug directly underneath your bed, making sure it is big enough to stretch out evenly on both sides, and if necessary, beyond the 'feet end' of your bed.

Sometimes your rug will be large enough to encompass your nightstands. But if not, nightstands can sit off the rug. This means your rug will sit underneath the lower two thirds of your bed and stretch out beyond the 'feet end'. If you have a bench seat at the feet end, this could sit on your rug too.

The most important thing is to ensure it is balanced evenly on each side and you are able to place your feet on rug when getting in and out of bed - that's the cosy factor we are after, right?

Can you put a round rug under a bed?

Yes! If you want try something different, place a large round rug off-centre to your bed. It's something unexpected that adds a contemporary and playful vibe to your bedroom.

If you have a family, placing a round rug to one side of a single bed in a child's bedroom also looks great and provides a handy play space.

Can you put a rug on carpet in bedroom?

We usually think of area rugs being placed on hardwood floors, but if you have carpet in your bedroom there's no reason why bedroom area rugs are not an option for you too.

The trick is to find a rug that is complementary to your carpet. Aim for something textural as opposed to strong colours or patterns. Pure sheepskin is ideal - it is durable and hardwearing but also soft underfoot and easy to maintain. Perfect for softening a carpeted floor and providing extra warmth.

Don't worry about making things too 'matchy-matchy'. You don't want your rug to disappear, but you also don't want it to shout at you. By focusing on contrasting textures you can gently introduce character and interest and make your space feel chic and modern at the same time.


Area rugs are perfect for adding extra comfort and warmth to bedroom spaces. Making sure your rug is in proportion to the size of your room and large enough anchor your bed is important. So too is choosing a rug that feels comfortable when you are standing in bare feet - comfort is key. Texture, colour and design should reflect your own personal style and existing decor. Always choose a rug you love!


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