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How to Spruce Up Your Bedroom Sitting Area with Sheepskin Accents

Sheepskin adds warmth, texture and depth to your living spaces, and is oh so versatile in the bedroom. Simply by adding a throw over an armchair or chaise lounge, stacking a set of sheepskin stones in a corner or rolling out a welcoming sheepskin rug on a wooden floor, you can fine-tune your bedroom into a multi-functional space where you'll be happy to retreat. Here's our quick guide to creating the perfect bedroom sitting area.

How can I create a sitting room in my bedroom?

Establishing a sitting area in your master bedroom brings a touch of luxury to your home. In the room where you'll spend the most time, why not make sure it has a boutique getaway feel? Whether you're working in a large master bedroom or smaller apartment space, creating a sitting area where you sleep just requires a few new ideas and simple, beautiful design. Consider how you use your space, and find the zone/s where you could incorporate some well-designed furniture for lounging. The foot of the bed might suit a wood bench, draped with a single or double sheepskin. Below a window might work for a reading nook, or set up two chairs around a chic round table (stackable if your space is small) that could double as a home office or breakfast bar. It's all about you and your lifestyle. Play around with some sitting area ideas, mix it up and find the ultimate design to suit your style.

Bedroom Sitting Area

What's the best way to set up a sitting room in a master bedroom?

There are several ways to make a sitting area in your bedroom. To create a design plan, consider what you'd like to get out of your styling, the size and layout of your bedroom, if you can repurpose furniture you currently possess, and the look you'd like to achieve.

Bedroom Sitting Area

Work with the available space to make the most of your new bedroom sitting area. A larger master bedroom can provide scope for a couch or armchair at the end of the bed or below a bay window. Smaller spaces can look great with the addition of a bench, a couple of pouffes, shaggy sheepskin bean bags or a sheepskin stone set.

Details are key. Consider placement of textures, colors, and lighting carefully. Starting at ground level, position a natural fibre rug to anchor your seating area, then build up from there. Align your new furniture pieces against existing furniture and fixtures. For example, a low bench seat or sofa should be centred to the end of your bed, and an armchair should be positioned for a window view or to create a secluded reading nook or quiet zone.

Bedroom Sitting Area

Go for simple, clean lines and a modern feel, continuing the color palette of your existing soft furnishings. To bring in personality, opt for a vintage tea trolley, magazine rack, a stack of Penguin classic novels, a retro turntable along with your favourite albums on vinyl, or a mid-century buffet table.

Complete the perfect new look you'll love with careful lighting choices such as a floor lamp or reading light to add calm, softness and balance.

What are the best types of chair for a bedroom sitting area?

That all depends on you and your preference. And of course, the space. You could want a comfy bedroom lounge chair or rocking chair where you can kick back and relax with a good book to read, a cuppa or your laptop before retiring to bed. You might prefer a statement armchair or accent chair where you can lay out the day's outfit or seize a peaceful moment. You might even like to laze on a sofa or chat about your day at a pair of cocktail chairs around a minimalist wood table.

Bedroom Sitting Area

Wilson & Dorset sheepskin furniture is created to flow and roam, so you could switch things up with a stackable stone set or shaggy sheepskin bean bag. A defining chair, sofa or pair of chairs will help shape the space of your luxe bedroom sitting area.

What sheepskin accents should I add to make my sitting room more cozy?

This is one of the most rewarding parts of composing your space. Focus on interior design components that combine timeless décor, such as sheepskin cushions, throws, stones or rugs, to ensure your sitting area exudes comfort and style.

1. Cushions

Creating a sense of 'casual elegance' in your sitting area is key here - try to get it looking cosy and inviting without looking like you have tried too hard. Layer your cushions and use a variety of sizes and shapes, avoiding too much symmetry. Some say plain colours should act as a base, with patterns and textures going on top, but that's certainly not a hard and fast rule. Remember, the less symmetrical and more informal looking, the better.

2. Throws

A sheepskin throw is a piece purely designed to look great. It's a home decor accessory designed to bring a pop of colour to your living space and furniture. You could use a throw as an accent on your bed to match some of the other items in the room, or perhaps as a stand alone piece to add a little bit of texture to your sitting chair in the corner of the room.

3. Stones

These sculptural sheepskin floor cushions are designed to fit your natural bends and curves. Firm enough to be used as a floor seat, ottoman and footstool yet soft enough to cosy up and lay your head on at the end of a busy day. A set of stones is the ultimate in bedroom accessories for maximum luxury and relaxation, and can immediately enhance any sitting area.

4. Rugs

An area rug helps to define a space and unifies the room. It should also be beautiful and enhance your decor, tying in colors and designs and softening hard surfaces. A sheepskin rug can mark the territory of your bedroom sitting area, so choosing one as large as your space will allow is a great idea.

How do you add a seating area in a small bedroom?

Simple! Opt for a smaller rug to serve as a foundation for your seating area, such as a double or quattro. Whether on the floor or draped over a bench seat at the end of your bed or on a statement chair, it's the details and accents that create the seating area, no matter what size your bedroom is. Think neat and petite: a corner chair with a side table is another great solution here.

Bedroom Sitting Area

What color makes a small room look bigger?

White is the best colour to use in a smaller space. Consider a chic Scandanavian look for the walls, complemented with streamlined modern furnishings and a statement mirror to make your small space look larger.

Bedroom Sitting Area

The takeaway

Your master bedroom sitting area can evolve into another living room with a bit of thought on some great seating choices, simple textures and attention to detail. Redefine your place and space with a beautiful sitting area you and your family will love. Just don't blame us if you never want to leave...

Bedroom Sitting Area


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