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Great Ideas for the Best Housewarming Gifts

Finding the perfect housewarming gift is not a 'one gift for all' kind of purchasing experience. A great gift for one household and family, may not be appropriate for others. If you're looking for a little inspiration, read on...

What are the best housewarming gifts?

Thoughtful gift-giving takes consideration. The best housewarming gifts are those that the new homeowners will use, treasure, and remember their gift-giver by.

Perusing gift guides online is a great way to glean some inspiration and get some gift ideas that might work for a new homeowner. Consider the size of their space, think about their home decor style and lifestyle in general.

If you're giving a gift to a family moving into a new home, you'll buy differently than if you're welcoming newlyweds to their first home or a close friend upgrading their house.

Here's a brief starter list to get your gift-giving idea mojo going on:

  1. Outdoor fire pit

  2. Cast iron cookware

  3. Scented candle set

  4. Coffee maker

  5. Cheeseboard set

  6. Hand soap collection

  7. Sheepskin throw or a weighted blanket

What is the purpose of a housewarming gift?

There's something exciting and special about moving into a new home. Some housewarming gifts are steeped in tradition, but for the most part, a housewarming gift is simply to welcome people into their new address and help create memories.

Sheepskin Gifts

It doesn't take much to put a house together, but creating a home can take years. A first home is often the beginning of a new life for freshly married couples. People would bring items to help furnish the new house and turn it into a home. However, these days many couples move in together before getting married and slowly collate items over time.

The tradition of housewarming gifts and housewarming parties is very much and well and truly alive! It's also a nice way for people to 'tour' your new home.

Are there some historic traditions behind housewarming gifts?

Some housewarming traditions are really pretty wonderful. Depending on where you are in the world, different traditions will be more popular than others.

In Jewish tradition, bringing bread and salt into a new home represent hospitality. The bread - so the new homeowners will never experience hunger and the salt - so their life will be flavourful. Bringing wine symbolises joy and prosperity. These are heartwarming ways to welcome people into their new house, regardless of religious or social interests.

A Philippine tradition involves the scattering of coins in the living room of the home to bring prosperity.

Other popular choices for housewarming gifts include:

  • Potted plant (so the home will always have life)

  • Engraved cutting board

  • Wine glasses and bottle opener

  • Bar cart

  • Candle (some suggest that lighting a candle in a new home will help ward off evil spirits)

Is sheepskin a thoughtful housewarming gift?

Anything sheepskin or wool-related is a must-have for any home and is truly a great housewarming gift. Sheepskin of any kind is a fairly decent investment, so it's a wonderfully thoughtful option for a close friend or family member.

Give the new homeowners a good night's rest right from the get-go with a sheepskin rug they'll have for a lifetime. Wool and sheepskin are low maintenance, incredibly useful, and rather luxurious gifts that will always be well received.

What are some good sheepskin options for a gift?

If it's a young and growing family you're buying for, a sheepskin rug is just the thing. Sheepskin is perfect for homes with babies. You can learn more about this in another article here.

Sheepskin cushions are a fun addition to any house no matter the decor style. As are Wilson and Dorset Sheepskin Stones. Perhaps they're entertainers and love a good dinner party - in this case, sheepskin seat covers are perfect for their new digs. For more ideas about sheepskin products, take a walk through our online store.

How much should you spend?

It's not necessary to spend a fortune. If you're on a particularly tight budget, offer to help them throw a housewarming party or consider something small, yet thoughtful like essential oils and a diffuser, or a scented candle, think pet friendly with a pet hair removal roller if they're dog or cat owners.

If your budget is generous then you have a plethora of wonderful ideas to consider. This is where an investment like a sheepskin blanket is a thoughtful and well-considered gift.

At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts. But be sure to actually put the thought into the gift! You want to offer something useful that works for the household.

Housewarming gift ideas for a small space:

Turning a small new space into a home can follow the same ideals as larger houses when it comes to the perfect housewarming gift. Some favorite housewarming gifts for smaller spaces can include:

  • Personalised return address stamp. This is a wonderful idea for newlyweds - celebrate their new home with a return address inked stamp or seal.

  • Dish towels - you can't go wrong. They're a kitchen necessity, don't take up much space and there are some quite delightful options around. A new home calls for a new set of dishtowels!

  • Gift cards for various homeware or hardware stores.

  • A food basket filled with delicious, unique, yet practical delights.

Is a bouquet adequate for a housewarming gift?

Fresh flowers make the perfect gift at any time and for any person. Who doesn't love to receive flowers, ever? Cut flowers are a wonderful idea and if you're on a budget they're just the thing to brighten a new home.

Go for a little extra effort and provide the vase as well. Then they can simply be placed on the coffee table or dining table during unpacking for a little pop of colour and warmth. Flowers offer a homely aesthetic and are a perfect gift for any occasion.


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