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A Guide To Choosing The Best Living Room Colors For Your Home

We want our living rooms to invite people in and be a space where family and friends gather to relax, laugh and share. Living room color is a big part of the overall aesthetic and vibe of any room.

What may be deemed as the best living room color for some, may not appeal to others. Living room paint color selection also depends on the overall decor style and color scheme of your home.

How do I choose a wall color?

Deciding what shade to paint your walls is a big deal. There are a few things to consider when selecting a living room color:

  1. What will the living room's main purpose be?

  2. Is there plenty of natural light?

  3. Do you have furniture that you need to tie in with a color scheme?

  4. Is the home a modern and contemporary one, or more traditional, or farmhouse industrial? Living room paint colors will sway the look and feel of your room and ideally blend in well with the rest of your home.

  5. Do you have a small space that you want to feel bigger? Or, a large area where you may want to create a cosy look and feel?

Once you have a little more clarity about some of the above, you can dive into actual color options.

Living room paint color ideas are endless and once you get stuck into a project, you'll soon figure out what you're drawn to and what room colors best speak to you. The goal is to find living room colors that you like and that reflect your personality and design style.

What are the best living room colors for farmhouse style?


Farmhouse interiors adopt a fairly neutral color scheme and it's a style where clean, simplistic, light and bright shades are on point.

  • White: Farmhouse room design loves a crisp white. With numerous shades within its palette, white is a timeless and classic color that offers a plethora of opportunities.

  • Grey shades, neutral tones, like beige walls, and creamy pastels are also colors associated with farmhouse interior design, although, you're best to stick to soft white and gray walls.

  • Bring in warmth through organic elements through rustic wood furniture, linen, and sheepskin. A large sheepskin area rug on a wide wooden plank floor where accessories are generally pared back will achieve an inviting and comforting aesthetic.

Modern farmhouse living is about finding the right balance of practical living and comforting, chic sophistication.

What is the most popular living room color?

Even if a living room color is on-trend or popular, it doesn't mean you have to take it on if it's not something you like.

Warm neutral tones such as cream, soft grey, beige, and pastels will bring an inviting, comforting, yet simple and sophisticated balance to your living room.

You can't go wrong with white walls and gray living room shades either. These are classic, timeless colors that are always popular. Make an impact with your living room paint color - try samples on the walls before you shop.

A pink living room may not be something you've considered, however, a soft dusty pink is a shade that evokes a sense of luxury and style. Soft pastel shades are adorning living room walls more often than not in recent times.

Is wallpaper on-trend for living rooms?

Living room walls don't have to be painted in a singular neutral shade. Wallpaper is certainly not a forgotten design element and has its place in many different interior design styles.

Wallpaper is a wonderfully fun way to inject some pattern, character, and visual interest into a room. Bring out the interior designer in yourself by selecting an eye-catching pattern for a feature wall.

If you have a living room with white walls and accessories, a wallpaper accent wall is a great way to make the room a little more cosy and bring a pop of bright color to the decor.

Like paint colors, wallpaper options are endless and you can really have a lot of fun selecting something that's perfect for you.


How do you decorate a living room space?


This is the fun part of any living room update or home decor project. It's the opportunity to put your own stamp on a space and make the room feel like your own.

Bring in pops of color and add nature-inspired pieces like wood and stone and a touch of greenery. Place a Sheepskin Shaggy Beanbag beside a fireplace for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Floor rugs can anchor a room and bring depth and texture to spaces. A luxurious sheepskin area rug on a polished concrete floor will enhance a space. This is perfect for a modern look with a neutral color and clean, streamlined furniture choices.

If you are drawn to a more traditional living room setting then arrange a couch and side chairs with a coffee table in the centre. Add your personal touch with artwork and accessory pieces to make a room look and feel like you.

What are warm colors for a living room?

Shades of creamy white and soft grey hues are versatile warm colors that lend themselves to any decor style.

Natural light can affect living room colors as well. It's a good idea to see where the sun falls throughout the day.

By selecting neutral living room paint colors you can bring warmth in through textiles, accents, and clever lighting choices. By all means, go colorful on the walls if you prefer - a green living room or a blue living room might be your jam and that's okay. It's easy to cosy up a space and include elements of warmth.

  • Neutral creams, soft beige, and grey are excellent wall colors for any living room. Consider a feature or accent wall in a soft, yet sunny yellow or a muted sage green to bring in-depth and warmth.

  • Lighting through floor lamps and dimmable ceiling lights that emit a warm glow will bring a warm ambience into a living room space.

  • Texture - add luxurious sheepskin throw blankets and cushions to seating options. Drape a sheepskin over the back of a sofa or chair. Add floor rugs to the mix

  • Artwork can be the secret to bringing warmth into a living room as well. A striking piece will add visual interest and it's a good way to bring color and warmth into a room.

Should all rooms be painted the same color?


Not at all. Again, this decision is a personal one and largely depends on the overall home design.

For a streamlined, sophisticated, and more simplistic decor, you'll want a single color scheme throughout your home. It's easy to add pops of color and bring in warmth through accessories and other accent pieces.

Different shades of color throughout a home may be indicative of a boho style where a soft pink and light brown shade ties in with a mint green bathroom and green walls in a living room.

How do I brighten my living room?

Bringing everything together to make your living room feel bright, comfortable, and inviting is another fun aspect of home decor updates. Gift some dedicated thought to room paint color ideas.

Spruce up living rooms with a fresh paint color in a crisp and clean shade that's versatile and has the ability to shine with your own personal touches. Living room paint color ideas are fun to put together and brightening up a space with paint is a cost-effective and impactful way to begin enhancing your living room.

Find inspiration through nature and bring the outside in with a touch of greenery. Place a mirror opposite a window to reflect the light and add brightness to the room. This is also a great way to make a room appear bigger and more spacious.

Utilise the natural light well and add pops of color through brightly colored cushions, soft furnishings, and artwork.


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