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Classic, Timeless Style with a Blue and White Kitchen

Navy and white stripes, soft natural linens with pops of blue and white; Whether your whole kitchen is a nautical blue and white with red anchor accents, or you're bringing in elements of blue through furnishings, this timeless and never-out-of-style colour match will take you far.

Is a blue and white kitchen in style?

There's something classic, calming, and warm, yet sophisticated about a blue and white colour combination for interior decor. Blue and white kitchens are no different. Classy, sophisticated, yet welcoming and inviting. It's a colour connection that evokes nautical themes and beach house fun.

The thing with timeless decor selections is that they're always current. With the base colours in a classic white and blue, it's just a matter of sprucing up accents - adding different counter stools, changing out the artwork and renewing a white tile backsplash, and more.

How can I add warmth to a blue and white kitchen?

Pisa Short Wool Sheepskin Designer Floor Rug

Pisa Short Wool Sheepskin Designer Floor Rug

Wood floors look great in any setting and bring warmth to a space. Light wood looks stunning with whites and blues. For a more rustic look and feel bring in darker wood accent pieces and accessories.

Add a sheepskin floor rug to the entrance of the kitchen. Or consider a floor rug with yellow and grey accent colours - these shades pair beautifully with blue.

Place sheepskin seat pads atop chairs to bring in elements of comfort and warmth. Toss a sheepskin rug atop a window seat for a warm and cosy vibe.

Hang unique pendant lights over your kitchen island or eat-in counter top area.

What flooring goes with a white kitchen?

  • Wood flooring is not only practical in a kitchen, but also looks stunning and is easy to maintain. It's a great way to bring warmth to a white kitchen space.

  • A wood floor is also something you can change up. A dark oak can be sanded back and have a lighter tint applied. This will provide an instant lift to an updated kitchen design.

  • Tiled flooring is another practical flooring option. This can be hard underfoot so a floor rug is a good idea here.

  • Place a short wool pile rug under the kitchen table or at the entrance of the kitchen to add warmth, depth, and texture.

Can I have a bright kitchen and still use blue and white colours?

Mt Gold Round Seat Cover

Mt Gold Round Seat Cover

If you love blue but are just not sure about incorporating it into the kitchen, it's a good idea to start with something smaller and easily changeable.

  • Try a blue kitchen island that is easily changeable through paint.

  • Cobalt blue accents through a roman blind or seat cushions will add a bold, yet bright feel.

  • Go for white kitchen walls and a blue gingham window shade for a clean, streamlined, yet homely aesthetic.

  • A bright contemporary kitchen with lots of white will look stunning with hints of blue. The blue hues are variable - pale blues, powder blue, dark navy - all these shades can still be incorporated into a kitchen without losing a light, bright look and feel.

  • If navy cabinets are your thing, consider a mostly white countertop and bring in hints of natural wood; think open shelving to display some favourite pieces.

Adding blue accent colours to a white kitchen:

Lindis One + Half Sheepskin

    Lindis One + Half Sheepskin
    • Consider a blue backsplash or a white subway tile backsplash with blue mosaic accents alternated throughout.

    • Opt for light blue lower cabinets to complement upper white cabinets and white countertops.

    • Gold accents add a touch of sophistication and luxury to navy blue and white.

    • Add light blue counter stools with sheepskin seat pads.

    Navy blue cabinets with a white tile backsplash:

    • The contrast of blue kitchen cabinets and a white backsplash provides a striking aesthetic that simply shines.

    • For a small kitchen, go for a light shade of blue, and be mindful of how colours can change the perception of size.

    • A blue island is another option that can bring in the blue shade you're after, without all-blue cabinets.

    Elements of rustic and floating shelves:

    If blue is more of an accent color than the main theme, use it for one unique element and focal point. Perhaps it's railway sleeper style shelving to display herbs in blue planters - that touch of greenery that you need.

    Blue hardware on cabinets, blue throw pillows on a window seat, mix nature inspired pieces and rustic wood accents to bring depth and warmth - there are many ways to bring in blue.

    Shades of blue and stainless steel appliances:

    • Stainless steel appliances are more current in today's kitchen design ideas. Unless you're opting for a new yet 'old school' style refrigerator for a fun and unique look, stainless steel is usually the way to go.

    • Does stainless go with blue? Yes! White walls, blue cabinets, a white backsplash and wood floors is a fun, yet stylish kitchen design idea.

    Light wood dining table and midnight blue:

    This is another great contrast and complementary combination with whites and blues.

    Place a midnight blue and white striped fruit bowl in the centre of your lighter dining table to add contrast.

    Complement the look further with navy and natural wood bistro chairs to complete the look.

    The takeaway:

    Creating a beautiful kitchen with whites and blues is a fun design project. A kitchen with a blue and white colour scheme can be part of a broader modern design, or simply a smart facelift that your kitchen needs.

    A white kitchen with blue accent colours will never go out of style. It's a classic and timeless design that can be part of any home decor theme.


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