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How to Style Your Home With Beautiful Bohemian Rugs

A new rug is a simple and elegant solution for bringing more boho into your living space. Short for bohemian, the boho look is all about vibrant, eclectic decor with a nomadic influence. Think Byron Bay fashion, laidback Bali style or the summer of love on the Balearic isles. A worldly, global traveller vibe infused with bold colors, stunning design, timeless styles and classic charm. Whether your entire home is decidedly boho, or you'd just like to incorporate a bohemian statement into a more minimal layout, we recommend adding a bohemian rug to liven up the ambiance of any interior.

But what exactly is a bohemian rug? And how do you pick a boho area rugs that will suit your decor and style? Should you go for traditional or contemporary? Sheepskin, natural woven, macrame, crochet, vintage or Moroccan rugs? Here's our guide for how to incorporate a subtle splash of boho style into your home with a bohemian rug.

What is a bohemian rug?

A rug that exudes boho chic will deviate from staid and traditional patterns, shapes and hues in a unique way. When styling your space in a boho look, the cool thing is not everything has to match. But you'll want to opt for colors and themes that are echoed in other parts of your decor. Aim for an upbeat combination of shape, color, pattern and size that suits your style, such as:

  • Round crochet, hemp or jute mats for entranceways

  • A long pile height, semi-circle rug in a dreamy hue for a bathroom

  • a vintage area rug featuring a geometric design in a dining room or high traffic areas

  • a plush pile sheepskin rug in dusky pink next to your bed

If you are a creative type, you may even like to get crafty and make your own macrame rug in a mandala shape. There is lots of DIY inspiration for bohemian rugs on pinterest and Instagram.

Basically, you're looking for a gorgeous rug you'll absolutely love, that adds comfort, practicality and texture. A rug that says only this rug for this room for generations to come. And can tell a story...

How do you pick a boho rug?

Think about the story you would like your boho rug to tell. Focus on pieces that will add color, texture and a well-travelled, wanderlust feel to your space. Adding character without compromising on sophistication is the sign of a good quality boho rug.

Gather inspiration online or start a moodboard of styles you like. High-end home decor stores such as the Wilson & Dorset concept store, vintage furniture specialists, Instagram and pinterest are all good sources to help you narrow down your selection.

Buying the right boho rugs for your space depends on where and how you intend to use them. Here are a few aspects to consider before making a decision.

1.Shape: When choosing the form of your bohemian rug, try to match it with the shape of your room. Visual symmetry maintains a sense of balance and will help pull the room together to feel more cohesive. For larger area rugs, the shape of your rug can help define and anchor the space. When choosing a smaller statement rug, a sheepskin shape, half-circle or round rug can add a gorgeous accent at the foot of a bed, bathtub or office desk. Remember to purchase a rug pad to keep your boho rug in place.

2.Color: Adding a rug not only gives comfort and texture but also color to any room in your home, office or holiday house. A boho rug may be either bright colors or more muted hues. Select tones that align with the style and feel of your space. A color pop or a subtle feature? Play with color and bring in a touch of eclectic chic.

3.Pattern: Boho rugs come in a wide range of complex patterns, each with their own distinct personality. Find a traditional or modern design that you can live with long-term, because high-quality area rugs will last a lifetime. Look for a pattern or printed rug that doesn't cause eye-strain, making the entire room 'noisy' and 'loud'. Choose patterns that complement and elevate your living area.

4.Size: Before purchasing, make sure to measure the area and furniture in the space to ensure the product you choose is an appropriate size. For example, if you want a centre-piece for a dining room, choose a piece that is slightly larger than the border of your table, anchoring the rug below the table legs. Smaller statement mats are perfect for creating accents, providing comfort for footfalls below a drawer, tub or bed, or adorning a sofa, daybed or armchair. For a walled rug, you will display like a piece of art, measure the space and choose something that fits.

Go wild with sheepskin area rugs

A large sheepskin area rug will add comfort, style and luxury to your home. An area rug made of 100% pure sheepskin wool can be a unique design anchor and a modern piece of art; finishing off the bohemian look of any room. The luxury of a natural sheepskin wool area rug is perfectly suited to enhance and soften tile flooring, hardwood floors, snug areas and living spaces.

Incredibly versatile, sheepskin rugs also work remarkably well in front of a fireplace, in bedrooms; and in both play and workspaces. Again, don't forget the importance of a rug pad underneath. This will ensure your area rug is non-slip, and lasts longer.

Embrace natural and woven rugs

An understated global nomad vibe can be created with the selection of natural fiber handwoven rugs. Jute, bamboo or hemp rugs bring a natural aesthetic to your styling and also work well for layering. Use a flatweave rug crafted in handmade material as a base, then throw a thick pile, super soft natural rug on top for a cosy look.

Bring out vibrant colors with Morrocan rugs

Moroccan rugs, with their classic low pile, intricate patterns and fringed borders, are ideal for giving a room a rustic feel, for connecting spaces and bringing a sense of timelessness. Choose one with geometric motifs in earthy tones that complement your color scheme. A Moroccan rug can soften a hardwood or polished concrete floor or even adorn a wall.

To really soak up the souk vibe, use smaller Moroccan-themed items such as toss cushions and throws to tie in with your chosen rug, adding depth and richness to your boho interiors.

Find a perfect fit with vintage rugs

When it comes to boho style, a distressed vintage rug is a simple way to incorporate a free-spirited ethos to your decor. Source authentic, low pile height power loom construction Turkish or Persian rugs that have been pre-loved to add a worn-in, shabby chic feel to high traffic areas. Shop around for an ethical vintage find at an affordable price.

Rugs for decorating a Boho bedroom

When decorating a boho bedroom, for yourself, a guest room or kids' room, you'll need several rugs. As we often say to our clients, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a dreamy place of rest and retreat, so choosing the right rug is important here.

As the focal point of any bedroom is the bed, start with a rug for under or beside the bed. For a below bed area rug, place directly underneath the bed, stretching out evenly on both sides and at the 'feet end' of your bed by about 60 cm. It's all about having enough room for a soft warm landing pad for your bare feet when climbing in and out of bed.

Alternatively, this soft landing pad can also be created with a smaller style rug in a luxury fiber, such as a double sheepskin next to the bed.

Next, layer more rugs, choosing from hand-knotted or tufted construction to add depth to your decor. A smattering of throws and cushions can further develop the free-spirited features and complementary accents in your boho bedroom.

The perfect combination of boho rugs for a living room

A boho living room will incorporate things like bright and bold patterns, string lights, plants and fun florals through soft furnishings, drapes and wall coverings. Global inspired accessories and accent pieces will fill spaces - a textured footstool, woven ottoman or a mid-century styled floor lamp, for example. Next, it is time to give the space some true rug justice with the natural fibers of a beautiful rug or three...

Complete a bohemian living room with an abundance of bright coloured throw cushions, wool blankets, wall hangings or a lush sheepskin for added interest and plushness. Smatterings of natural elements like wood and leather that have an eclectic and unique personality will add to a warm and relaxing boho living room vibe.

The takeaway

The textured, layered effect, vibrant colors and pop that a collection of absolutely beautiful rugs can provide is crucial in the creation of boho decor. Bohemian rugs are just what you need for your next boho interior decorating project.


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