Need A Better Sleep? Choosing Calming Colors for Bedroom Spaces

Bedrooms are our sanctuary, our place of rest and rejuvenation. They ought to offer a serene atmosphere to evoke feelings of calm and rest, and they will if they're the right shade.

Scientific research and expert advice suggest that colours have an effect on our mood and can stir certain emotions - colour psychology is absolutely a 'thing'.

Creating a calming bedroom and one that evokes feelings of serenity is an important step in the right direction for a dreamy sleep and a good night's rest. But where to begin?

How do you create a tranquil bedroom space?

Choosing the right wall colour to create a relaxing atmosphere for restful sleep is a good starting point, as is developing a plan and vision.

  • Bedroom walls - relaxing colours include soft hues of light blues, warm grays, and pastel shades.

  • In general, opt for palettes with neutrals, linen, and nature-inspired shades.

  • Bold colours for bedrooms are not the best option for calming atmospheres, however, colour schemes including deep rich shades like navy blue, dark brown, and forest green can work well with the right accents and accessory pieces.

  • Lighting is key - bedrooms have windows so there is always an element of natural light. Use it well and work with it.

Is white a good paint colour for a calming bedroom?

white as paint color

Yes, absolutely!

The great thing about this versatile and surprisingly calming colour is that it has myriad shades within its palette.

White offers a fresh blank canvas to which all styles of bedroom design can be applied. It's a wonderful choice for any room. With white walls as your backdrop, the perfect sanctuary can be created.

What are the different colours in white tones?

Typically white tones fall under warm, cool or pure.

  • Warmer white will soften a space and holds warm undertones of gold and red. Nice for those who gravitate toward this color range.

  • Cool white contains blue shades. Blues and whites make a stunning pairing. For bedroom colours, opt for soft blue or light blue to bring a sense of calm tranquility to your sleep space.

  • Pure white is a brighter hue with minimal undertones. It offers a picture of elegance and can handle muted colors and contrasting accents to soften the room.

Before choosing the perfect shade of paint colour, it's a good rule of thumb to obtain swatches and samples. Test things out to see what works best and discover what captures you most.

Bring a calming effect to a white bedroom with sheepskin accents:

At Wilson & Dorset, we believe sheepskin has a place in every room. Throughout your decor selections, you can't go wrong with this wonder material. Wool is a natural product that has a plethora of superhero qualities. It's a great choice anywhere in your home.

  • Natural sheepskin is 100% biodegradable

  • It is stain-resistant through its waxy outer coating - naturally occurring lanolin

  • It's one of the best insulators available and its complex structure is breathable and temperature regulator - warm in the cold, cool in the summer

  • Non-allergenic since it repels dust and dirt, therefore inhibiting the growth of bacteria

  • Durable and flame resistant. With the right care and attention, your sheepskin will be part of your family forever

1. What about a sheepskin area rug?

sheepskin are rug

Pisa Designer Floor Rug

Anchor your bedroom and add instant personality and style with a luscious sheepskin area rug. Bringing warmth and cosiness to spaces through natural products is a smart and sustainable choice.

2. Create a reading nook:

There's something rather soul-satisfying about curling up in a cosy corner with a book.

Place a sheepskin Shaggy Bag in a corner with a footstool to nestle into when you have some minutes to bliss out and put your feet up. Curating spaces you want to enjoy is all part of making a tranquil bedroom area your own.

3. Caring for sheepskin:

Wilson and Dorset have an incredibly helpful care guide for all things sheepskin. Retain the uniquely soft and plush textures of sheepskin rugs with a little maintenance. Sheepskin is remarkably easy to care for.

The five golden rules we recommend for your sheepskin products are:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker-shaded products.

  2. Shake rugs, cushions, and Shaggy bags regularly, if they can handle a shake, liven it up!

  3. Dry vacuum rugs regularly with a plain suction unit.

  4. Blot up spills and stains as promptly as possible, do not rub the wool pile.

  5. Dyed products should be dry-cleaned only.

How do you add brightness to a neutral bedroom?

Colour choices matter. Some shades will evoke feelings of energy and excitement, others will exude a calm and relaxing feel to a space.

Bringing colour to a neutral decor is a fun way to add your personality to rooms and there are so many ways to bring brightness to a neutral space.

  • Bed linen - throws and pillows

  • Headboard - create your own and use a favourite fabric or rustic wood for contrast and interest

  • Artwork - this is a great way to bring color to any space

  • Accessory pieces - not too many. Add a touch of greenery and toss a couple of sheepskin cushions on the bed. Bring in unique bedside lamps to add depth and texture.

  • Accent wall - a nice idea if you have a particular wall colour that you like, yet it's too strong or bright for the entire room.

Let there be light:


Cardrona Sheepskin Rug

Creating ambient and relaxing lighting is a key factor in offering a calm, relaxed and tranquil perspective.

Lighting selections can change colours and soften them at certain times of the day. A bright colour may be just what you need when you wake, with the light pouring into the room, and in the evening become perfectly subdued with the light lighting options.

Lighter shades will reflect more light in general. Go for a white ceiling for added space perception.

Allow ample natural light to fall into the bedroom. The good thing is that bedrooms always have windows, however, avoid very heavy window coverings if the room doesn't have a natural glow.

What about room arrangement?

This can absolutely make a difference in how a room feels. It's the same with your dining room, living room, and other spaces within your home.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese perspective promoting energy through, among other things, bedroom arrangement. Consider things like bed placement, lighting, color selections, and more. For example, avoid placing your bed with the foot end facing the door. Anchor the room with the bed in a commanding position and aim for some symmetry.

To conclude:

A bedroom is a personal space and should be a haven of relaxation and calm.

Curate the things you love, but not too many. No matter the style of bedroom decor you have, the best bedroom colours are really down to personal preference.

Find styles you like, and take note of what you naturally gravitate toward. Choose natural accent pieces like sheepskin, rustic wood, and neutrals if you're unsure where to start. You can always add brightness and personality from there.

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