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The dining room is the hub for social connectivity in your home. It's a place where you can slow down after a big day and have some important quality time with the kids, or your partner, and catch up on important events in each others lives. As an everyday staple of the home, your dining area will see a lot of use. The wear and tear on your chairs can be prevented though! Below is our guide to all things seat covers.

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What's the best material for a dining room chair cover?

While linen and cotton may be budget-friendly, they are this way for a reason. Both of these materials will wear and age much quicker than other materials meaning you spend the same in the long run in replacement costs. Nylon and acrylic chair covers are strong and durable, but they may not be as aesthetically pleasing, or as cushion-y soft as some other alternatives. Polyester can be a soft and comfortable, but can pill as it gets old and lose its lustre. Sheepskin is the best of all of the above. It's breathable and very durable. Using a sheepskin slipcover is a sure fire way to keep the teens engaged at the dinner table as they'll be comfy in winter, summer, spring or autumn. Sheepskin is where function meets comfort.

How long do sheepskin chair covers typically last?

If you follow my recommended care guide, your sheepskin dining chair cover could last you a quarter of a century, perhaps even a lifetime! This depends on their positioning in the home of course. If your chair covers are exposed to a lot of UV they will wear much faster. The amount of time you spend using your dining chairs will also be a contributing factor, if your chairs get a lifetime's worth of use in 10 years then it can be expected that your slipcover may show some signs of aging.

How do you clean a sheepskin chair cover?

Picture this- You've just got your teenage son to finally answer the "how was school?" question with more than a one word answer! You almost fall out of your chair in shock, and some red wine topples its way out of your glass cascading on your new sheepskin chair cover. Don't worry, It's not time to panic!

Sheepskin is resistant to stains and spills thanks to the natural oil Lanolin. This miracle creation coats the fibres of sheepskin to provide a protective layer stopping the spill from embedding in the fibres.

How do you remove stains from sheepskin chair covers?

The best way to avoid staining on your sheepskin covers is to get onto stains early.

Wet Stains: Before jumping to panic stations and removing your cover, dab at the affected area with a dry cloth to remove as much of the excess as possible. Don't rub the stain or add any more liquid at this stage as it will help the spill to spread. Once you are confident that you've removed as much moisture from the spill as possible, remove the dining chair cover carefully and apply a dry carpet stain remover to the affected area. Follow the instructions on the product to get the best results.

Dry Stains: Skip straight to using a dry carpet stain remover. Purpose designed stain removers will work well on food, liquid and grease-based stains and are suitable for use on sheepskin seat covers. It is effective on almost any dry stain so long as the stain hasn't caused a chemical reaction with the wool fibres. Spray on the cleaner and leave on as per the instructions on the bottle. Once you are done bring out the vacuum, and with a pure suction nozzle (not a head with rotors that move) remove the remaining dry powder being sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the fibres.

How do you dry a sheepskin chair cover?

Natural is best. Air dry your chair covers, ideally in a light breeze out of the sun. A clothes horse can be an excellent tool for this as it's mobile. Erect it in the shade and drape your covers across the top, with the sheepskin folding over the clothes horse lines in the crease where they will naturally bend while in use on a chair.

If you have not done a full clean, and instead just employed a quick spot clean technique you can dry the sheepskin on the chair itself! Once the spill or stain has been successfully removed, employ the use of a plastic bag or some plastic wrap to cover the area will be touching the wet part of your slipcover, then simply put the cover back on! Again, find somewhere to dry it out of the sun where there is some air circulation and your sheepskin will be back to perfect before you know it.

How do you attach a chair cover?

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Above: Sheepskin Rug, Extra Long Wool (Mt Burke)

Many dining chair slipcovers will have elasticated bases to securely hold them in place underneath the seat of your dining chair. With this type of slipcover, just slip in on from the top of the chair like you would a pillowcase.

Dining chair covers will sometimes have tails under where you sit to attach your dining chair slipcovers firmly to the seat of your chair. Given that we want to detach our sheepskin covers from time to time to shake them out, and deal with the occasional spill mishap, attaching the cover in an easy to undo way is important. Use a shoelace knot or an overhand on a bight so that your dining chair slipcovers are well secured, yet easily removed should the need arise.

How do I keep my chair covers from sliding around?

If you've followed the above and you're still finding the covers are sliding, it may be time to let some adhesive products enter the fold. If you have a beautiful set of waxed leather dining chairs that you are looking to protect with a sheepskin cover, it's unsurprising that they may slip. The solution is easy, grab some specifically designed rug tape and firmly attach this to the seat at two major contact points, as well as the back support of the chair at two or more major contact point. Bye Bye slippage!

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