Clothes Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If your closet has become one great big beautiful mess and you feel as though you simply don't have enough space for all your clothes, it might be time for a re-do. With an organised, tidy wardrobe, whether open-plan or with closet doors, you'll find things easier, have more space in general, and you'll reduce the visual clutter that may have been building up in your closet area.


How do you store clothes in a small space?

This is a great question. It's actually a lot easier than you may think and there are plenty of great, functional solutions for storing clothes where space is minimal. Small closets can hold a surprising amount with a little organisation on hand.

  • Use the vertical space. This is particularly important if you're dealing with a narrow closet. Fix a hanging rod low and another one high. One can be used for hanging pants and one for shirts. Use tension rods if there isn't a clothes rod in place or if you have an alcove that can take clothes.

  • Use a closet organiser to use as much space as you have. Go high with shelving to avoid wasted space. Seasonal change-outs can live up high where it's trickier to access during the off-season. Be diligent about folding clothes neatly.

  • S hooks are super handy for small spaces. Use the full potential of the hanging space by linking these hooks into clothes hangers - a great solution for saving space.

    • Hanging jeans on S hooks is an excellent space-saving solution if you don't have drawer space.

  • Under-bed storage. This is another perfect solution for small bedrooms and can provide plenty of extra storage space. Install drawers or storage baskets under a bed for shoes or other bulky items that take up too much space elsewhere. Or, find a bed frame that already accommodates these clothes storage ideas.

  • Attach hooks to wall space for extra hanging area and use the back of doors.

How can I declutter my closet?

If you've ever talked with a professional organiser or watched shows about how to create more storage space and use closet space effectively, you'll likely be familiar with the process of pulling everything out of your closet. Lay everything out and then go through every single item. It may sound tedious but an organised closet begins with a total clear-out.


As you go through each piece, decide if you love it and will continue to wear it or not. Be ruthless! Use shelf dividers to keep things neat and this also makes it easier to put things away.

Use shelf space effectively. Is this a good place for your shoes? Or, do you have enough floor space in your closet area to accommodate all your footwear?

How can I organise my closet without buying anything?

Sometimes the secret to a fresh wardrobe is simply by giving your closet a really good sort out. Organise your drawers - store socks in one, neatly folded tee shirts in another. Hang pants and shirts in order, and arrange regularly-used or visually appealing items on shelves.


Clothes storage can be fun and with a little creative thinking, you don't need to head to the store for shelves and extras.

How do I maximise the storage space in my closet?

  • Use an empty wall to fix wall hooks or place floating shelves.

  • Stack the closet rods at different heights to home pants, shirts, and long dresses and coats.

  • Go high with your clothes storage! An almost ceiling height shelf with a stacked clothes rack leaves space on the floor for shoes.

  • Designate an area for a laundry hamper to avoid clothes being tossed on the floor.

  • Use a tall shoe rack that either fixes to the wall or hangs on the back of a closet door .

Are wooden hangers better than wire?

Wire hangers have a tendency to make shapes in the shoulders of clothes and stretch the fabric slightly. This is not ideal for delicate items and dresses or coats that may be hanging for periods of time between wear.


Wood hangers are nicely shaped and with rounded, filled-out corners, they're much kinder clothes.

Clothes hangers with fabric padding are a nice idea for delicate clothes to keep them well-shaped. They also make gifts!

What should go in a front hall closet?

A hall closet space is a great spot for jackets, hats, dog leads and in general, items that you access quickly when leaving the house. It's a nice idea to keep extra space for guest jackets as well. Allow room for additional hangers for this purpose.

Hall closets are great for storing shoes, such as running footwear or football cleats - the shoes that don't need to live in your bedroom closet.

Designate your own area if there isn't one in your entranceway. Pop a sheepskin floor rug under a section of unique wall hooks and you'll have a perfect place to welcome guests into.

What can I put in a storage bench?

If your storage bench is used regularly as seating, then you don't want to place items in there, that are needed often. Items like hiking backpacks, picnic blankets, and off-season items are good ideas. Storage benches are also a great place to store shoes.

It could be the place where you fold your summer dresses away for the winter, or during the summer, your ski clothes are folded neatly and live here. Vacuum pack storage bags are excellent for this type of storage.

What about an open closet, or no closet?

If you don't have a closet door, it's an excellent opportunity to create a stunning piece of visual interest and neatness in your room! Whether you have a built-in storage organiser, or a dresser and clothes rack combination, one goal of an open wardrobe is to keep it tidy. You don't have to have 'all your stuff' on display - use drawers and baskets to store certain items.

Often a small bedroom may not have a built-in closet. In this case, you'll need to create your own. A clothing rack doesn't have to look like a retail store piece of equipment. There are some gorgeous wooden options or, create some fun storage ideas with wall hooks and open shelves.

Make a statement and either build or buy a freestanding closet. Place a coat rack beside it for extra storage and hanging space. Flea markets are a great place to source a wardrobe that you can put your own personal touch on through paint and other decorating ideas.

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