Colorful Rugs to Bring Some Pop to Your Decor

Discover expert tips to help you select perfect colorful rugs for every room in your home.

How do you pick a rug?

A high-quality area rug will add a touch of timeless luxury to every room. In fact, some interior designers recommend starting with your area rug and then choosing wall colors, furniture, and other items (such as throw cushions) based on the statement style and color of your area rug. Whether your style is Boho eclectic, contemporary farmhouse, or urban chic, finding the right colorful rug is all about finding one that will last, complementing your home decor and lifestyle for years to come.

When it comes to home interior design, no room is complete without a well-chosen colorful rug. The best quality area rugs can serve as an anchor for the room and a work of art for your floor. They add cushioning and warmth to tile, hardwood, and polished concrete while adding understated style, softness, color and texture. Luxury area rugs do more than just look and feel good; they also dampen sound and minimise echoes, absorb the impact of heavy foot traffic, are stain resistant, help purify the air and tie your room's décor together.

Should I get a colorful rug for my living room?

Designer Floor Rug

Yes! A colorful rug in a pattern or single hue that suits you can really tie your style together. Rug design, colour, and pattern are important factors to consider. It is pointless purchasing a long-lasting designer rug if they can be easily stained by foot traffic or the hustle and bustle of family life and entertaining. That means being wary of whites or ivory, as well as dark solid colours that show dirt easily. Your best bet is to go with a mixed colour palette or pattern that is somewhere in the middle, with a design that will mask general use, pet hair, spills, and dirt.

What is an accent rug for?

Typically 4'x6' or smaller, an accent rug is a small rug that can be used in places where larger rugs would not fit. Accent rugs typically have simpler designs because there isn't enough room for more intricate ones. When used decisively, they can truly make a room feel complete. We recommend our single, one and a half or double sheepskin rugs as accent rugs which can add a distinctive texture, style and color to your space.

Can A rug and couch be the same colour?

Sure, your sofa can match your floor rug or throw, but this doesn't need to be an exact match. Match furniture and rugs by using different colors from within the same family of colors. Team neutral tones with other neutrals for a classic or contemporary look, or opt for a busier color scheme, contrasts or even clashing designs for a truly Boho feel. Bring photos of your furniture when shopping for a rug to help you visualise how they will look together.

Can you put two different coloured rugs in the same room?

Placing two different rugs in a room is a great way to create different 'zones' within the same space. The rugs don't need to be matching, but you will want them to be complementary. The natural warmth and beauty of a sheepskin rug looks fabulous teamed with a Turkish Kilim for example, bringing texture and vibrant colour into your room.

Sometimes you might want to use a rug to create 'zones' within a single space. You can define a conversation area at one end of a large open plan living area, for example, by placing an L shaped couch on top of a rectangular shaped rug.

Likewise, a dining room space can be demarcated with the incorporation of your pick of one of the sturdier type of area rugs (think jute or hemp) for beneath a dining table.

Or you might decide to brighten a bedroom by placing an accent rug below your dresser and/or at the foot of your bed. It's all about finding the right balance and creating spaces that work in the easiest way for you and your family.

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