Make Your Room Cooler with These Decor Tips and Ideas

Looking for cool room ideas and inspiration? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to begin decorating projects and bring your room ideas to fruition. We've collated some good tips and tricks to get you started.

Where do I start when decorating a room?

It's a personal thing, to decorate your room and inject your personality into the space, while trying to make it cool and unique, but also inviting and relaxing.

The best place to start when decorating any room is deciding what you want your theme to be. Do you like cool colors, or warm colors? Do you prefer a traditional style, or a contemporary one?

Sheepskin on Chair

It's a good idea to do some research and find decorating schemes you like, so you know what your room will need. Once you've decided upon an overall scheme, then set yourself a budget. Prioritise your wish list, order any furniture pieces you may need to buy, clear the room and test some colour swatches on your walls.

How do I choose a room theme?

A room theme is essentially 'what you want the room to be' and describes the interior design style you intend to use within a room. The best way to decide on a theme is, quite simply, to figure what you like. Find inspiration online and through show homes to learn what makes you feel good and what piques your interest.

Ask yourself some questions about how the space will be used and how it might complement the design style throughout the rest of the house;

  • Is the project about renovating a living room space?
  • Are you decorating a bedroom and looking for a cool and unique theme?
  • If it is a bedroom, do you want it to feel like a cool summer, coastal getaway, or do you want it to look more like a treetop house with rustic elements throughout?
  • Does the room require storage?
  • What looks are you most drawn to?

Keep in mind that bedroom ideas in particular, tend to change overtime. When we're younger, we like hanging out with friends in our rooms and if we're allowed to, plaster the walls with our favourite singer. As we get older and interests change, so do our design ideas and room theme inclinations.

How can I decorate my home on a low budget?

There is no need to be held back by a smaller budget when embarking on a decorating project. There are many different ways to refresh, spruce up and make a room look amazing and unique on a shoestring.

Sheepskin Room

Paint is a very cost effective way to redecorate. It's the perfect way to change out a room theme. For example, you could create a cosy feel for a room by simply painting the walls with a different shade - something from the warmer grey/brown palette will evoke images of cosiness and warmth.

For a cool visual, incorporate patterns on one wall, or use wallpaper for an accent wall. Spruce up wooden furniture with a lick of paint, or restore to its original glory. Try to incorporate multi-use pieces into your design. Many modern furniture items can be double duty. For example, an ottoman can be a storage place, a coffee table and a foot stool. Bring in a floor rug from another room and rearrange some pieces for a new look.

What are some good bedroom themes?

Bedroom ideas are so numerous that's it's impossible to list them all. If you're overwhelmed by choice, here are a few good examples of bedroom themes that are cool and unique:

  • Beach House: A light, breezy room with white, sea green and blue hues
  • Boho Room: Rustic colors like browns, reds, yellows. Incorporate wood furniture and texture through nature inspired pieces, fabrics and art
  • Something cosy: This is perfect if you want something relaxing (and who doesn't, for a bedroom?), but also fresh and airy with outside light floating in. Bring in sheepskin rugs and warm colours for finishing touches.
  • Farmhouse: A wonderful rustic, but classic style that is warm, inviting, relaxing and casual.

Whether your preference is a modern design, industrial, or vintage, or whether you prefer blue over pink, bedroom ideas are likely to change. If you don't want to be updating decor regularly, then opt for a more neutral base colour and bring pops of uniqueness and bright accessories in that are easy to switch out seasonally, and as needs and interests change.

How can I decorate my bedroom walls?

An easy way to get creative with your bedroom is to paint the walls a fun, bold colour. Even one accent wall can create an inviting, but unique space. Bright colours for one wall, or patterned wallpaper can be really fun for a kids room, and make the room feel modern and fresh.

Stone Set

Another way to decorate a wall is to add cool artwork. Paintings are a good option because you can be particularly selective about colours. Photos also add a nice personal touch to wall space, as does home-made art, especially a framed child's drawing. It could be as simple as hanging a mirror on a wall to reflect natural light and retain a more minimalist feel within the room.

If you have white room, it's nice to break it up with some artwork that complements the other colours in the room. That said, if your preference is to leave walls blank, then absolutely do. It's not necessary to decorate walls if you want a simple, chic and minimalist look. It's really down to personal taste and what items you like having on display within a bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom unique?

The bedroom is a great place for creating unique decor spaces, especially for children's rooms, which inevitably change over time.

Cushions on Bench

Creating a stylish and unique environment in which to dream your night away is a fun project. If you're updating a teenager's bedroom then get them involved in the decorating process so the room reflects who they are and speaks to their personality.

Bring in some elements that are unique to the rest of the house. A set of Sheepskin Stones in the corner will add a wonderful reading nook and corner seating area, or add a sheepskin floor rug. Include some fun artwork and bring in different accessories for nightstands if space allows.

How can I make my room look cute without buying anything?

Changing up your interior design to bring a cute look to the room can be as easy as rearranging the furniture. Move the bed around, arrange a small seating area under a window, or print some photos out to display.

Shaggy Bag

Add pops of colour with throw pillows and accent pieces like mirrors, warm lighting, or existing art. A mirror will reflect light and make the room look brighter. For a cute look in a kids room (or your own room!) you can string some 'fairy lights' above the bed. This will create some ambient lighting in the evening and offer a cute and cosy vibe.

Think about hanging some cute photos, bringing in a snuggly sheepskin floor rug from another part of the house and consider digging out old paint tins to change out colour.

How do you make a room look bigger?

There are many ways to make a room look bigger. Choose lighter paint colours, which will reflect light, keep clutter out and don't fill the spaces with large furniture items.

For younger rooms you could look at a loft bed design. You can then place a desk underneath and it will provide a little extra storage. Choose simplistic items and keep accessories to a minimum.

How can I make my bedroom look expensive?

An expensive looking room doesn't have to cost a fortune. Choose a neutral wall tone and think about art and lighting. Bring in one or two high quality pieces, like a sheepskin blanket, sleek lamps, or luxurious and plush sheepskin throw pillows.

Depending on the overall decor and style, add some streamlined decor accessories for a little finesse and wow factor. Remember that with many decor ideas, less is definitely more, when going for a nice, clean and chic looking space.

What color makes a bedroom look bigger?

Lighter colours will typically offer a broader perception of space. Bedrooms usually have decent windows, so use the natural light to your advantage.

Whites and soft greys are wonderful neutral shades for bedroom decor. They provide a blank canvas to then bring accents of brightness and pops of colour into the room, without filling it and becoming overpowering or cluttered.

What wall should your bed be on?

To adopt some good Feng Shui principles when positioning your bed in your bedroom, there are some key guidelines to follow.

  1. Always place the head of your bed against a solid wall.
  2. Ensure there is space on either side of a bed that's shared between two people; partners should both have access to their side of the bed.
  3. If possible, avoid placing the bed directly facing the door.
  4. Children's beds can be placed long-side against a wall - it is said this provides good support.
  5. Situate beds between windows and against blank walls, but not directly underneath a window.
  6. Avoid placing your bed against a shared bathroom or toilet wall.

Should your nightstands match your bed?

This is entirely up to you and depends on the overall theme and feel of the bedroom.

Essentially the purpose of a nightstand, or bedside table, is to home a lamp, a book and maybe a glass of water and alarm clock - keep them clutter-free. If you like a streamlined and clean, symmetrical look then matching furniture is probably more suitable to the decor style.

If you have a favourite chair that would be perfect beside the bed, and a different nightstand that is more functional, there is no reason not to use them both. You can bring in matching lamps and a sheepskin beside each side of the bed to tie the room bedroom together.

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