A Few Easy DIY and Craft Ideas for the Home

Getting crafty at home doesn't have to be limited to the creative among us. It's surprising how many craft ideas for improving your house and home can be done by you! Read on to learn more.

How can I decorate my home with simple things?

Interior design styles are diverse - some lend themselves to ornate detailing and filling walls with art, and rooms with furniture. Others may require visits to the flea market to find the perfect treasure, that rustic candle holder might just make all the difference, while some styles are minimalistic and don't need much.

Whether talking about the craft that relates to arts and crafts, or craft ideas relating to more comprehensive home DIY, simplicity is very effective. Think of the term 'less is more'. Go for clean lines and streamlined shapes when selecting furniture. Be sure that everything has a place to live to keep clutter away.

If you're short on space, get creative - make wine bottles an art feature in your kitchen while also providing a storage solution. Tuck a charging station into a drawer so it's out of sight.

Form and function often go hand in hand with simple things. The simple things in life can bring us the most pleasure and your own decor craft ideas don't have to be cast aside because you think they're too complicated.

Is DIY home decor a good idea?


There are many ways to update and spruce up your home decor yourself. If you're not creative or handy there are still options aplenty so you can add your personal touch to your spaces, and do it yourself.

A home DIY project is a fun, usually budget-friendly, and effective way to add interest to a blank wall, modernise a room, or just change things up a little. Certain projects are fun and simple enough to bring kids into the work as well.

What are some easy home decor projects I can do myself?

DIY home decor projects don't have to be complicated. With a few basic skills and some creativity, you can transform a room without too much effort.

  • Wood panels - create a feature wall or define a space.

  • Paint - this is a very cost-effective way to easily turn an update idea into a reality.

  • Upholster chairs yourself with a fabric you just have to feature.

  • Use your closet doors as a place to hang kid's art or some family photos. Bring life to your bedroom with a coat of contrasting paint for a feature wall.

  • Make a good first impression and add curb appeal with a freshly painted front door.

  • For a unique look and inexpensive update in a kids room, new bedding and paint is one of the easiest ways to pack a punch and update their sanctuary.

  • Make wall art a simple project at home - find a piece you love and have a go at creating it yourself.

Wall decor doesn't have to be limited to paint either. An accent or feature wall can be a wonderful way to inject some fun and spunk into a space. Think outside the box with things like a photo gallery, hanging a sheepskin, a stone accent wall, or shiplap for a modern farmhouse look - these ideas will all help transform your spaces.

What can I do to decorate my living room?

If you're at a loss for where to begin with home decorating ideas, white paint is a good start. This offers a blank canvas from which to build upon.

Decide upon what you need in your room and how the natural light flows into the space. You'll want your living room to reflect the overall theme of the home for a seamless and calming flow.

Hang your favourite piece of art for a central point of interest within the room and somewhere that you'll see it often. Create your seating areas and define spaces with furniture arrangements or floor rugs.

Don't forget about wallpaper...

Wallpaper is another great way to bring your craft ideas into play. It's an excellent option to add texture and depth to a space through patterns and it's something that is easy to change out.

By following easy steps for putting up wallpaper, it's a fun DIY home project to spruce up and transform spaces. Preparation is key.

Clever ideas with sheepskin:

Dublin Bay Stone Set and Matuki Long Wool Designer Floor Rug

Sheepskin is a wonderful way to create a statement piece and focal point in any room of a house. A sheepskin floor rug or throw blanket will add a nice touch of comfort and luxury to your space.

Wilson and Dorset's Lounging Concept offers another dynamic way to live and brings an element of sophisticated style to your living areas while lounging at ground level.

How do I set up a craft room in my home?

Whether a craft area is for you or your kids, getting one set up is a fun and easy project. The first thing you'll need is a good space. Depending on how you plan to use the room, a decent-sized table is key when planning and preparing crafts.

If you're planning to also use the room as an art studio then an easel and good light are important considerations as well.

What materials will I need?

Storage options are important as you'll need a place to store the craft materials. A shortlist of basic supplies for a craft area are:

  • Hot glue gun and staple gun - these items are the basis for many craft ideas

  • Coloured markers and paints

  • Paper and thick cardboard

  • Fabric - this can be used to make seat covers or glue onto canvas for artwork, and making greeting cards

  • Scissors, craft knife, and tape

  • Sewing machine - this is a great addition if you're extra crafty and can sew.

Where can I find inspiration for home decor craft ideas?

Mt Gold Long Wool Designer Floor Rug

Peruse your favourite interior designer's websites, look at Pinterest, and tour showrooms and homeware stores to garner ideas. Think about the finished look and feel you're trying to create and move backward from there.

Search for craft ideas you like in magazines and books and gather ideas that best speak to you and pique your interest. Sometimes it's a good idea to begin with ideas that you know you don't like.

The takeaway:

Whether your style is boho chic, modern farmhouse, minimalist, or traditional, your craft ideas can easily come to fruition with a little creative thinking and research.

From a laundry room update to a bedroom makeover, be sure to put time into planning - the preparation is often the least exciting but can be the difference between a first-class finish or a house project that you may need to do again.

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