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Bed Cushions to Make Your Bedroom Feel Luxurious

Did you know the average person spends about 26 years sleeping? What's more, we also spend 7 years trying to get to sleep. All up that's 33 years of your life spent in bed! So its well worth taking the time to create a comfortable, cosy and inviting place to slumber.

How do you put a perfect bed together?

Your bedroom is a very personal space and the bed itself will always be the focal point. Beautiful and carefully chosen cushions bring warmth, style and personality to your bedroom. Just how many you have and how they are placed really comes down to what appeals to you.

The first question to ask yourself is "What's my style?" Do you like your bedroom to be bold and colourful, playful and fun, dark and dramatic or are you leaning toward the minimalist? From there you can set about sourcing the pieces you need to fashion your ultimate bedroom haven.

You'll need to think about linen (sheets and pillow cases), duvet covers or quilts (or bedspreads as they used to be known) and the 'accessories' that pull the whole thing together - cushions and throws. The great thing about cushions is that they are quick and easy to change so you can mix it up and try different things without too much expense or hassle.

How do you dress a bed like a designer?

Often designers like to start with a blank canvas - white sheets and pillow cases. White makes it super easy to go bold with bright coloured throws and cushions or keep it neutral with muted tones. White and lighter colours are also calming and make your bedroom feel airy and spacious. Personally, earthy natural tones are my favourite so a warm white linen sheet does it for me.

Here are a few more 'designer tricks' to think about:

  • Tonal colours and textures - a single colour keeps your look cohesive. Start with solid sheets and pillows and build up with textures (think sheepskin, chunky knit, quilting) or patterned cushions and throws.
  • Tie in with a special piece of art - pick an accent colour from your favourite bedroom art and echo in your choice of sheets, pillow slips, quilts or cushions.
  • Follow the 'Odd Number Rule' with your cushions - an odd number, such as 3 or 5 cushions, removes symmetry and is pleasing to the eye.
  • Mix it up - use pillows and cushions of different shapes and sizes - euro and standard pillows, along with smaller square, rectangle or even round shaped cushions.

Being a big believer in the 'anything goes' philosophy, the most important thing is that your bed feels cosy and inviting and you can't wait to jump in!

How can I make my bed look luxurious?

Who says we can't have that luxury hotel feel every day, in our own home? The first place to start is sourcing quality linen and accessories. The old maxim 'you get what you pay for' holds true here, so go shopping for the best quality bedding you can afford - it will hold up with regular washing and withstand the test of time. You won't regret it!

Natural and sustainable fibres, like pure organic cotton with a high thread count or beautiful linen sheets are a great place to start. They feel wonderful against your skin and help regulate your body temperature. Add in other luxury fabrics like velvet, silk or sheepskin with your accessories. All will add the luxury element to your bedroom.

sheepskin rug

Try adding a casually draped velvet or sheepskin throw to the end of your bed or introducing european cushions. Being larger in size, european cushions will appear more 'full' than smaller cushions, making your bed feel all the more luxurious and inviting. Always remember to give your duvets and pillows a good shake to 'plump' them out.

How do you dress a bed with cushions?

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and cushions are an essential and easy way to add comfort and style. When choosing and placing cushions there are no hard and fast rules and really, the best guide is your own sense of style. That said, here are 3 common styling tricks to help you get started:

  1. Three is the magic number of cushions. Who knew?! If you have a larger bed like a King or Super King you might want more, although keep it to no more than six and its preferable to stick with an odd number (either 3 or 5).
  2. Vary the shapes and sizes of your cushions. Go for different colours, designs and textures. With this you can achieve both a maximalist look using bright colours and a mix of florals, spots or plaids, or a more minimalist vibe in muted tones and textures if that's more your style. Play with it!
  3. Be sure to invest in removable cushion covers - not only are they much easier to keep clean but it also means you can swap them out when you feel like a change, without it costing you too much money.

How do I arrange my bed cushions?

If the first most common conundrum when styling your bed is "how many cushions?" a very close second is "How do I arrange them?'.

Creating a sense of 'casual elegance' is key - try to get it looking cosy and inviting without looking like you have tried too hard. Layer your cushions and use a variety of sizes and shapes, avoiding too much symmetry. Some say plain colours should act as a base, with patterns and textures going on top, but that's certainly not a hard and fast rule. One thing I do stand by though, is having your pillows on top of the duvet or quilt (none of this tucking them under the quilt business!) and casually placing cushions in front. Remember, the less symmetrical and more informal looking, the better.

How many cushions should be on a single bed?

We know three cushions is the magic number from a pure styling point of view. On a single bed, you probably don't want more than 3 cushions as it can start to feel a little crowded. Remember too, the Odd Numbers Rule and either invest in one unique 'statement' cushion or stick with the magic number of 3.

How can I make sitting in bed more comfortable?

There's nothing quite like relaxing in bed with a cup of tea and a good book. Whether treating yourself to a Sunday morning lie-in, or winding down at the end of another busy day, it's a great way to relax. The trick is getting yourself comfortable, while at the same time properly supported, so that you don't end up with an unwanted sore back or neck.

Experts say that regular pillows alone aren’t enough to adequately support your body while you are sitting up. You are actually better to have a much larger, firmer support for your entire upper body. There are specialty foam pillows you can purchase designed specifically to do this for you. Whether you choose to purchase one of those, or to achieve the same result using your existing pillows and cushions, the important thing is to ensure that your entire upper body is supported, from your lower back all the way to your neck. Create a wedge shape - wider at the base and tapering up to your neck. Get yourself settled and comfy - and enjoy!

How should you sit on a bed with a laptop?

In the current Covid world, we find ourselves working from home and connecting with family and friends online more than ever before. And sometimes, we might find ourselves doing this from the cosiness of our bed. Sounds great doesn't it?! But be sure to avoid getting a tension headache or a stiff neck, by ensuring you understand how to properly support your body.

Having done a bit of research on this topic, some experts say the optimal posture for using a laptop in bed is to lie facing upwards, raise your knees and put your laptop in your lap. Place a cushion or two behind your head, so that your head is tilted towards the screen to avoid straining your neck. It's important that your pillows aren't too high though and it might take a bit of trial and error to get it right.

There are now also a host of specialty products you can buy which to support both your body and your laptop - from portable laptop tables to cooling cushions for your lap which prevent the laptop from over heating while you are working or watching your favourite Netflix series. If you can't resist the pull of your gorgeous and cosy bed, it's wise to think carefully about this and ensure you are set up correctly.

If our house is our castle, our bed is our luxurious and restful hide-away where we can relax and re-charge. By investing in good quality bedding and adding a touch of our own personality through cushions and throws, we can easily create a warm, cosy and inviting bedroom that we can't wait to get back to at the end of another busy day.


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