Ensuite Bathroom Decorating Tips

An ensuite bathroom should feel like your personal retreat and dressing room, neatly curated around your chosen furniture, shower stall, bath, towels and a few things you enjoy. Create your own private bathroom where accent and texture meet practicality. Whether shared with your special someone or more of a solo Zen space, interior decorating for an ensuite bathroom is fun and rewarding and unique to your personal style. Read on for interior design tips to bring out the best in one of the most important rooms in your home.

What are the benefits of a bedroom with a private ensuite bathroom?

Ensuite bathrooms offer many advantages. Most buyers have bathroom facilities high on their list when purchasing their own homes. Having your own en suite bathroom separate from the family bathroom provides comfort, convenience and ease to your daily routine. For folks with children, this means no more yelling for the bathroom during morning rush!

What's more, you can style suite bathrooms how you like, taking a few more risks than you might in larger spaces. Unleash your inner house plant diva or indulge your desire for a black-walled bathroom or a boujee powder room.

Furthermore, if you have guests staying, then a guest room with ensuite access makes hosting oh so simple and ensures your guests have their own privacy.

Why is it called an en suite?

Small Floor Rug - Gladstone

The phrase "en suite" is a French term that translates as 'after' or 'follow-up'. In English, it is used as an adjective that implies “in a room or connected." Now, it simply refers to a bathroom attached to a bedroom, most often directly connected to the master bedroom.

Here are a few of our favourite en suite bathroom ideas:

Create a Jack and Jill bathroom

The Jack and Jill bathroom is a popular cost-effective design concept. The layout includes two separate sinks and a common wet area, with an emphasis on convenience and privacy. These bathrooms are centrally located and accessible from at least two bedrooms. These are a great way for family homes with less space to create a shared bathroom with easy access and common areas for parents, guests and/or siblings. What's more, dual sinks create a timeless yet modern look, making a bold statement in what will be a high-use space in your home.

Install a bath in the bedroom for a boutique hotel look

A bathtub in a bedroom brings a luxurious hotel atmosphere. A freestanding bath can be enclosed in elegant panelling or surround tiling, replete with floating shelves for a simple and sophisticated, functional vibe.

Divide the bathroom area with flooring and rugs

Divide and conquer by creating an ensuite bathroom with different floor styles to signify the difference between dry and wet spaces. Roll out a gorgeous long-pile W&D rug next to an antique claw-foot bath for the ultimate in laid-back luxury and style.

Set the tone with gorgeous lighting

An en suite bathroom becomes one of those movie-like private washrooms or decadent hotel rooms when you incorporate thoughtful lighting choices. This is the space where you'll be getting ready to go to work, go out for a night, or just unwind after the day, so you want your lighting to be good.

Add LED strip lights or Hollywood bulbs around the top and/or sides of your vanity mirror to ensure you have crystal clarity when putting on (or removing) your make-up, or checking your outfit!

Hang a statement ceiling light to elevate a functional space into the realm of hotel chic.

Add flair with tapware

Updating your tapware can bring elegance, modernity and glamour to your en suite bathroom. You might couple a clean, unpainted brass finish with beautiful modern pendants. Or try unlacquered brass or matte black to refresh the look of your own bathroom, which you can then extend to other en suite rooms for a unified style.

And in case you were wondering, here we answer two of the most common bathroom en suite questions...

  • What is the difference between ensuite and private bathroom?

    Although the French term “en-suite” originally means “in the room,” today it refers to a bathroom that is directly attached to a room. A private bathroom is one which is accessed from the bedroom, but may not be directly connected.

  • What's the difference between an ensuite and a master bathroom?

A master bedroom is typically an ensuite, with the bathroom either connected to or in the room itself. An ensuite, on the other hand, does not have to be in the master bedroom.

Essentially, in a home, the master bedroom is usually the largest room in the house, and it is usually the room with a bathroom- yes, an ensuite.

Ensuites in the master bedroom (also known as the master bathroom) typically have all of the amenities of a full bathroom, including vanity, sink, and bath tub. Those linked to other smaller bedrooms, on the other hand, have fewer amenities.

The takeaway

Having an en suite bathroom improves the saleability of your home. Jack and Jill en suite bedrooms provide space-saving functionality, bringing the en suite bathroom benefits to at least two rooms. Since this is the room where you do your abultions, take a shower or bath, it's both a space for preparing for the day and relaxing at its end. So if you can make your bathroom an ensuite, there's a direct effect on your wellbeing and routine. What's more, decorating en suite bathrooms is a great starting project when renovating your home.

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