Daughter's Bedroom 101: How to Create a Gorgeous Girl's Room

Decorating your daughter's bedroom is a fun project you can plan and enjoy together. Involve your child in the room design and decor to set up an inspired zone they'll love hanging out and falling asleep in. Classic or modern? Themed or neutral? How will you adorn the walls and floor? How about bedding, lighting and storage? Nurture your child's youthful personality and create spaces to relax, play, do homework and rest with these inspiring girls room ideas and tips.

How do you set up a kids room?

Every child's bedroom needs some essentials and probably needs to updating as they get older.

Design and decor for girls bedrooms are very similar to those for boys or gender-neutral spaces in this sense. Here is a quick list to spark your imagination:

  • Storage: Toys, books and clothing will need to be organised and accessible.

  • Furniture: If you choose pieces that won't go out of style, your nightstand and drawers will only very occassionally need to be freshly painted or sanded to update their look or keep them looking new as your daughter grows (and her taste changes!).

  • Open shelves are a wonderful way to display your girl's favourite items. They may be used to display books, art, trinkets and other items, as well as providing extra storage for themed rooms.

  • Bed configuration: Would your daughter fancy a Montessori floor bed, queen size bed, bunk beds or loft bed with a desk? Careful selection of bed size and style is a simple way to refresh the look and feel of a girls room as they grow.

    How do you decorate a room with simple things?

It's the simple things that matter. Ask your daughter to select items that bring joy to display on open shelving or walls. Creating a gallery of significant photographs or art can be a lovely way to preserve memories together. Simple adornments such as a festoon of fairy lights, a pegboard, a statement inspirational neon light or handmade crafts can bring a sense of your child's uniqueness to their room.

How do I organize my daughters room?

Sheepskin Footstool

Organising a child's bedroom is a key consideration. Storage solutions should be near the top of your list when when coming up with decorating suggestions for kids' rooms.

Again, it's crucial to keep things simple, whether you decide on an open storage display style unit or incorporate cubby shelves into a built in wardrobe. Younger children benefit greatly from open shelves because they can easily put things away and see what goes where.

With your daughter, you might mat out the required furniture on a drawing of the floor space before placing each item in your girls room. You may even make this an annual event: spring time is perfect for this kind of overhaul or rethink.

What things are needed in a girls room?

This will vary from child to child, but here's an ultimate girls bedroom ideas list to get you started on your girls room:

  1. Cozy bed

  2. Ico Traders Hokianga hanging chair

  3. Sheepskin shaggy bean bag with Wise Wool fill

  4. Chunky knit blankets

  5. Soft throw pillows and cushions or a W&D stone set

  6. Desk and chair

  7. Dresser

  8. Lighting: ambient lighting via a ceiling fixture, then add fairy lights or a night light

  9. Space to showcase creativity, family, friends and achievements, eg. pegboard, artwork, blackboard painted wall, picture frames or photo wall

  10. Floor rug/s

  11. Indoor plants

  12. Mirror

How do you make a girl's room cozy?

Minaret Sheepskin Rug

A plush sheepskin shaggy bean bag or a vividly patterned armchair draped in a wool blanket will instantly cosy up a girls room. To create a cosy reading nook or hangout space, place something like this in the corner of the room or at the foot of the bed.

What should be in a teenage girl's room?

Once your daughter has hit the teenage years, it's time for her to let her individuality shine, and the arranging and decorating can mostly be up to her! Here are some neat ideas to discuss:

  • Pick a "grown up" colour scheme and try some DIY painting to refresh the look.

  • Include statement lighting. Search up your favourite lighting designer on Pintrest or Insta!

  • Create the mood... think fairy lights, framed posters or a forest of plants!

  • Invest in a dreamy headboard and/or beautiful new bed linen. Sleep is so important for the teenage brain.

  • Update your curtains or switch out for shades.

  • Create a makeup and jewellery station.

  • Add a reading nook and/or a cute space to hang with friends.

the takeaway

Decorating or redecorating a girl's bedroom is a wonderful way to bond with your kid. Gather your favourite bedroom ideas together and have fun creating one of the most important rooms in the house. Make a space for your girl to be herself in her own world by designing a gorgeous haven she'll love.

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