Great Master Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

A bedroom is a retreat, a comforting space in which to recharge and find serenity at the end of each day. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and it's important we find inspiration for sleep in a gorgeous, comfortable and warm, relaxing space.

How can I create a beautiful master bedroom?

Bringing your beautiful master bedroom ideas to fruition is easy with a little thought and planning.

Master Bedroom Ideas

Your bedding and soft furnishing choices can have a stunning impact within a bedroom. For example, if you're decorating in a rustic farmhouse style, bring in linen fabrics, textured throw pillows and luxurious, soft wool blankets.

If you're decorating in a minimalist or modern design style, be sure to pare back on accent pieces and embellishment. Keep things simple and opt for a couple of lush interest items like a sheepskin floor rug and white walls. Less is more with this popular style of design. Opt for neutrals and a fairly muted colour palette.

Think about your lighting too. Create a warm ambience with soft light and dim-lit lamps. If space allows, bring a Sheepskin Shaggy Beanbag into the room for a reading nook.

What furniture should you have in your bedroom?

The bed is usually the focal point in any bedroom design, but particularly so in a master bedroom. For an obvious and quick starter for ten, here's a short list of bedroom furniture suggestions:

  • Bed - select the right size for the room (and for the people it's for)
  • Headboard - this is where you can bring some uniqueness to your sanctuary. Something simple and contemporary or a vintage piece with patterns - ideas are endless, but remember to tie it in with the overall decor style.
  • Bedside tables - for either side of the bed if there is space.
  • Dresser or chest of drawers - with built in wardrobes and walk-in closets, you may not have a need for this
  • Chair - it's nice to have a side chair in your primary or master bedroom. Drape a sheepskin blanket over the back of the chair to add interest

Should my bedroom furniture match?

No, not necessarily. On some level this depends on the decor or design style you've selected. If your bedroom is a traditional and formal style of decor, then matching sets will work well.

However, if your primary bedroom adopts a free flow design such as a boho style, then it's really not necessary to have matching furniture. Your goal should still be to achieve a calm and cohesive aesthetic.

You could select matching accent tables or nightstands for each side of the bed and choose a different dresser and bed frame.

Think about your budget, the style of the room and what you actually need.

How do you decorate a large bedroom?

When there is an abundance of space available, we're often tempted to fill it. There are ways to decorate a large bedroom without going over board with too much furniture.

  • Begin with the room layout and select the best area for your bed.
  • Ideally the bed will be against a wall that has no windows, not directly opposite the door, and there will be plenty of space on either side of the bed.
  • A large canopy bed will certainly fit an oversized bedroom space. Or, opt for a unique headboard that offers interest and a focal point that draws the eye in.
  • Create the perfect backdrop with relaxing and natural shades, to which you can add pops of colour and interest through textiles and bedding.
  • Layer sheepskin and luxurious fabrics to add depth to the large space.
  • Consider an accent wall and opt for patterns and fun artwork to bring in colour and interest.

Is grey a good colour for my master bedroom?

Grey is a beautiful and very versatile shade that works with any interior design plan.

Master Bedroom Ideas

There are so many hues of this tone to choose from, which makes it easy to select a shade that works best for your bedroom design ideas.

How can I add warmth to my grey master bedroom?

Bring in texture and bright pops of colour through soft and lush blankets and throws. Consider a feature wall in a bright contrasting shade to make a statement yet not be overpowering.

Pink and grey together, look fabulous. There are both warm and cool tones of grey within the palette

Wallpaper can make a wonderful statement White bedding goes remarkably well with grey and can break the neutral tone of grey.

Bring warmth to grey with sheepskin floor rugs and natural wood accents.

What about a white bedroom?

Absolutely! White bedrooms offer the perfect bedroom decorating platform for any style and any design. Whether your home is contemporary and modern, or traditional, or rustic, white is the ultimate starting point to bring your bedroom decorating ideas to fruition.

White within a bedroom will evoke a sense of sophistication and calm relaxation. Add some gorgeous linen bedding and luxurious sheepskin blankets draped over the corner of your bed, bring the outside in with a touch of green or natural wood for calming serenity.

How do I make my bedroom brighter?

White walls are a great backdrop and help to create an airy, bright canvas. Embrace the natural light and use mirrors to reflect art or wallpaper.

Bring in pops of brightness through pillows and bedding. Organic materials like wood, greenery, linen and sheepskin will bring a bright and cosy feel to the bedroom. You can't go wrong with textured throw pillows and blankets.

How do I make my bedroom feel cosy?

Bring in natural accents like wood and a touch of greenery. Make use of a sunny corner with a sheepskin shaggy bean bag or sheepskin floor rug.

Extra pillows, textured linens, clever lighting and floor rugs are all wonderful bedroom ideas that will add warmth and instant cosiness to your white bedroom.

Don't be afraid to layer rugs and consider hanging fairy lights near a mirror to offer light and cosiness in the room.

Lamps that emit a soft warm glow will create a cosy ambience. Consider adding a dimmer switch as well - this can help attain the perfect lighting depending on the time of day and where the sunlight falls.

What can I do to make my small bedroom feel larger?

Create the perception of space with a lighter and more neutral colour palette - pale grey and white tones work well to evoke a spacious aesthetic. Hang a mirror to reflect light and space. Consider an accent wall in a brighter tone than the walls.

Choose a smaller side table for beside the bed and ensure there is space all the way around the bed. Don't be tempted to jam the bed against a wall.

Utilise the natural light that flows into the bedroom. Always paint your ceiling a shade of white, this helps lift the eye and reflects the light well so you avoid dark corners.

Choose lighter linen for bedding and select white plantation shutters or wood blinds with a soft sheer instead of heavier window coverings.

What about Feng Shui within a bedroom?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese natural law system that symbolises the flow of life one should adopt in their home. Some tips on how to Feng Shui your bedroom are:

  • Position your bed in the centre of a wall and not underneath a window
  • Always have a headboard - it offers support and stability
  • Your bed ought not to directly face a door
  • Ensure there is space on either side of the bed
  • Avoid placing a mirror on the wall opposite the bed
  • Limit electronic devices within the room
  • If the only space for your home office is the bedroom, turn things off when sleeping or throw a blanket over the desk at night

Why is it called a master bedroom?

It's true that many people find 'master bedroom' or 'master' anything, a little outdated these days. The term master bedroom originates from around the 1920s and refers to the room that was intended for the 'master of the household', usually a man.

A more popular reference used by many realtors and interior designers these days, is 'primary or main bedroom' (instead of master bedroom) as it perhaps better reflects the purpose of the space.

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