How to Get the Most out of Your Grey living room

The colour grey is a wonderfully versatile colour that lends itself seamlessly to any interior decor style. We've compiled a selection of top grey living room ideas so you can get the best from your living room space.

Is grey a popular colour for a living room?

Yes, most definitely. The grey palette is very broad and includes many different shades on the colour wheel. Grey living room options can vary from a pale soft grey to a deeper charcoal hue. It really depends on whether you're going for a fresh contemporary look or a classic and more traditional feel.

Grey Living Room

With its neutral versatility and with so many shades of grey to choose from, your living space will naturally take on a beautiful aesthetic as long as it's pulled together and finished well.

Grey living room ideas are plentiful and endless, which is why this calming shade is perfect for any interior design theme.

What colour furniture goes with grey walls?

The good thing about grey, is that most furniture will complement any of the grey tones selected for wall colour. A general rule of thumb is to create an element of contrast to break up the grey. For example, if you've chosen a dark grey for the walls, then opt for lighter furniture. White goes beautifully with grey as do most shades of wood.

Grey Living Room

That said, there is no reason why your furniture can't match the walls. If you're wanting a modern or contemporary look, simple clean lines are good to begin with. A low profile sofa in a neutral tone, can actually make an impactful statement. You can then bring in brightness and interest through accessory pieces and soft furnishings.

Will grey make my living room look smaller?

This is a great question and really depends on several factors. Sometimes a living room may appear smaller due to furniture arrangement or indeed, colour choice. This need not be the case.

Paint the ceiling a crisp bright white to offer a perception of depth and space. Take note of where light comes in through the windows and use that natural light to your advantage. Mirrors are a clever way to reflect light and create an element of space as well.

How can I make my grey living room feel cosy?

A cosy living room provides an inviting space with warm ambience and soft, lush fabrics and furnishings. Add texture through materials like sheepskin. In fact, Wilson and Dorset's Sheepskin Shaggy Bag is the epitome of cosiness and luxury. A plush throw blanket draped over a couch and textured pillows and cushions will add instant cosiness to your grey living room.

Grey Living Room

Experiment with window coverings and arrange the furniture into an inviting conversation space.

What interior design style is best suited to grey?

Really any design theme goes with a grey colour scheme. This is part of the amazing versatility of this wonderful shade. Whether your style is mid century modern, traditional, contemporary or boho chic, your grey living room ideas can come to fruition with any desired interior style.

How do you accessorise a grey living room?

Accessorising your grey living room is a fun part of the home decor project! It's a great way to bring in pops of colour and texture and to put your personal touch in the room.

  • Sheepskin rugs on a polished grey concrete floor bring a luxurious feel to a room and will soften the space.
  • Bright artwork that complements the grey wall tone will make a statement.
  • An accent wall in a different grey shade or a vibrant colour will allow you to bring in your personal pieces that match the feature wall.
  • Nature inspired items like stone, wood and greenery, or a vintage leather chair, all look stunning with grey.

How do I choose the right shade of grey?

Choosing your grey paint may take some time. The best way to select the right grey colour that speaks to you, is simply by trying it on the wall. Be selective and fairly minimal with your testing as it can all get a little overwhelming if you have too many options to choose from.

Hold or tape (with a low tack tape) large painted cards against each wall and move them around at certain times of the day to see where the light falls. A pale grey can look several shades darker as light moves around the room. The same can be said for the darker tones - they can brighten up at particular times of the day (depending on how much sun filters into the living room).

Once you've narrowed things down to 2 or 3 options, think about your accent pieces and furniture items that you might already have and that you'll want to incorporate into the grey living room.

The temperature of your colour choice is a reasonably big deal when it comes to renovating a living room since it can really set the tone for the whole space. Take your time with this aspect of decorating!

What can I do to brighten up a grey room?

Brightening up your grey living room is easily achieved with a little thought and consideration about how to tie everything together. Think about bringing additional colour to rooms like an accent wall in a lively colour that pairs well with grey.

Bring in pops of brightness with vibrant colours - yellow cushions look fabulous with grey. Patterned and textured throws, sheepskin rugs and striking pieces of art are all great ways to brighten up a living room with tones of grey as the main colour.

How can I add warmth to a grey living room?

One of the easiest ways to bring warmth to grey living spaces is through lighting choices, textures and accents.

  • Lighting: select lamps that emit a soft ambient glow and bring a warm colour to evenings
  • Texture: pieces like sheepskin blankets, a luxurious floor rug and plush throws will add warmth and invitation to a room
  • Accents: this could mean a coloured feature wall painted with a vibrant tone to add some warm personality to a space. Add some natural items like a wooden coffee table and stone pieces into the mix
  • Fabric and upholstery: think about lux fabrics like velvet in a blue or green shade, which both go well with all greys

When bringing in colour for warmth, you can also use grey with patterns, such as stripes with colour accents incorporated throughout.

What colour accent wall goes with grey?

Feature, or accent walls are an excellent way to break up the monotony that a grey living room can sometimes provide. Because of the vast array of options within this palette, there is no reason to have a different shade of the same general colour on one wall.

In terms of colours - grey is made up of several different hues. Magenta and blue tones work well with grey. White pairs beautifully with grey for a fresh and clean living room vibe. Pastel yellow and brighter tones like fuchsia are also impactful shades that will make any living room pop.

Is it okay to have grey carpet with grey walls?

Yes, most definitely. If there's a concern about too much sameness then bring in statement pieces - a wood coffee table with a unique interest, a lush sheepskin rug layered on the grey carpet, bright cushions and pops of vibrant interest that features throughout the living room.

Keeping it sophisticated, yet casual with grey;

By nature of its tone in general, grey is a sophisticated shade. Grey offers a wonderful backdrop to bring in any decorating style or interior design theme. You really can't go wrong with any of the myriad shades of grey available.

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