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Making your home your haven entails incorporating a touch of luxury and comfort in every room. For some, a home bar is just the right amount of luxury to elevate their living space. And the best part? You don't need a lot of space to construct an amazing home bar that's ideal for entertaining or having fun with a sumptuous beverage at the end of a long day. Whether you want a built-in home bar, a converted corner of your kitchen counter, or a lounging space in your living room dedicated to mixing and enjoying a refreshing drink, there are cool home bar options for every dwelling. Check out our favourite home bar ideas for creating a cocktail bar that you don't have to leave your address to enjoy.

What do you need for a home bar?

Bar tools

How to organise a fantastic setup:

  • Decide where and how to arrange your home bar

    Home bars can work as a wonderful entertaining space, however you choose to design them. First, select your bar furniture according to where you want to set up, as well as your personal style. Take your pick of these on-trend home bar ideas...

    Living or dining room corner bar - Purchase a piece of statement furniture (such as a midcentury buffet, drinks cabinet or sideboard, or a retro drinks trolley) to nestle in the corner of your living/dining space. Channel your inner interior designer and make space for creating magic moments over a beverage or two.

    Wet bar - Install a small sink, benchtop and tiled backsplash to build a DIY wet bar. Or you could convert a butler's pantry into a wet bar. This type of home bar provides a sophisticated and practical solution for displaying, organising and mixing your drinks.

    Basement bar - Switching up how you use your basement never looked better when you transform it into your own home bar. Recreate the look and feel of a whiskey lounge area or a classy nightclub.

    Wine room - Forget wine racks, if you have a large home, how about a designated room for storing your cellared wine bottles and enjoying wine tastings with guests?

    Outdoor bar - Patio or deck space calls out for an outdoor bar. There are lots of weekend DIY outdoor bar projects available online, such as instructables around building a pallet bar, home bar furniture or setting up dreamy outdoor lighting for inspiration.

  • Choose glassware

    You'll need short 'rocks'/ whisky glasses, highball glasses, red wine goblets, white wine glasses and champagne flutes. Ideally you'll have sets of 6 or more (depending on how many guests you'd like to entertain in your home bar).

  • Invest in mixology tools

    To mix perfect drinks, you'll need a muddler, jiggler, juicer or citrus squeeze, a shaker, strainer, bar spoon, blender and opener.

  • Stock your liquor cabinet

    Load up your liquor cabinet or drinks trolley with the classics: whiskey, gin, Martini; or select according to season. Think Pimms for summer, infused gins for spring, mulled wine for winter and Cognac or Drambuie for autumn...

  • Consider a mini fridge

    These can make a practical addition to your home bar, providing both storage space and ready-chilled beverages. Just make sure you choose one that has an in-built ice bucket or tray.

  • Stack your wine rack

    This is one of my favourite parts! The perfect excuse for some vineyard visits and cellar door tastings: take your time to gather a statement wine collection for your home bar.

  • Curate decor

    Once you've organised the practical side of things, it's time to decorate. Create a stylish, comfortable zone where you can enjoy a happy hour with friends or your partner. Depending on whether you opt for a rustic feel, an ultra modern vibe or channel your favorite pub, there are plenty of home bar design ideas

How do I make a home bar on a budget?

Pisa Sheepskin Designer Floor Rug

Pisa Sheepskin Designer Floor Rug

If your budget is tight, this is where the marvel of the drinks caddy, floating shelves or one of those 1920s, Gatsby-style cabinets comes in. Invest in a gorgeous bar cart, shelf or liquor cabinet then style your home bar design around this one statement piece. Vintage stores, garage sales and online auctions are your best friends for wonderful home bar design finds!

How can I make my home bar look classy?

Here are some of our top home bar styling suggestions. It's all about colour, light, and texture. Colour: Go for white, chrome or matte black for a modern look, and natural hues for a more rustic, Bohemian feel. Select top-shelf spirit bottles, industry-standard bar tools and glassware that complements your look. Next, adorn your space with layers of luxury: perhaps a shortwool designer floor rug, an opulent floor lamp, a gorgeous throw over the sofa, or some plush seat covers for your bar stools. A mirrored backsplash will lend your space a professional look, and finally artwork on the wall that coheres with your aesthetic.

How can I make my home bar better?

Outdoor bar

Minimise and specialise! Your home bar is individual to you and your purpose in creating it. Rather than having a huge selection of bottles on offer with a fleet of glasses to accompany them, just put out your best pieces that suit the occasion.

A quiet drink as you unwind? Or a party? Gather the required items and neatly store the excess away. One of our W&D mantras is "cut the clutter".

Ensure your home bar features just what you'll need for this particular day or celebration. The wonderful thing is, you can switch up your home bar decor whenever you like, as each new occasion arises!

The takeaway

Nothing beats a nightcap at your elegant home bar. Just add swizzle sticks, a fabulous music system and your favourite playlist, luxurious seating and a menu selection of tasty cocktails and mocktails.

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