Home Decoration Ideas for Living Room Spaces to Make Them More Inviting

Creating warm, inviting ambience within your living room area offers a space where family and friends can gather, laugh, unite and make lasting memories. Living room decor is a wonderful way to bring personality and unique style to your home.

How can I make my living room look bigger?

Clever use of colour and thoughtfully placed furniture pieces are simple ways to create the perception of space within your living room. Utilize natural light within the living room and bring warmth to your design ideas with natural textures, such as sheepskin, leather and hide, stone, greenery and wood.

Large Living Room

Keep bookshelves sparsely decorated and think 'less is more' when planning room design to make it look bigger. A sleek designer sofa, and carefully selected living room furniture will provide a calm and spacious feel to a room. An exceptionally large sofa or over-sized table is clearly not going to work in a small living room so, to state the obvious, select furniture that matches the size of the room. Pull your furniture away from the walls rather than jamming pieces up against them.

Think about your walls. Hanging a mirror on a wall above a fireplace, or on a large blank wall opposite a window will reflect your living room furniture, bring the outside natural light in and adopt the illusion of an extended room to make the living space appear bigger.

How can I make my living room decor look brighter?

A bright living room doesn't necessarily mean a colourful room, but splashes here and there can add a light creativity to the interior design style within your home. Embrace your white walls and incorporate a mirror and light sources in addition to natural light. That said, the use of bold shades of colour and patterned wall paper for an accent wall can also help achieve a lighter and brighter living room.

Large Living Room

If the colour palette of choice is a neutral tone paired with more natural elements, accessorize with items like bright cushions, and sheepskin throw pillows for your sofa. Make artwork a show-stopping focal point on a blank wall. Books can also bring style, personality and brightness to a living room.

Flowers or a small stack of books on a coffee table will make a room feel homely and bright and can add warmth to designer or minimalist styled living room furniture. A sheepskin blanket or throw draped over your sofa and use of bold colors through accessory pieces can transform a living room into a brighter space within your home.

What are the most popular colours for a living room?

Colours for living spaces are really down to personal preference; however, neutral grays and whites are  timeless home decor paint colours and offer a good building block for living room ideas to come together. The overwhelming myriad shades of white on offer for walls may seem daunting, they need not be! Hold large swatches of painted board against each wall within the living room to help you choose your colour palette. A particular colour on one wall will look very different on another, even in the same room. 

Large Living Room

If you have a preferred interior designer, check their website for current ideas. At the same time, if a popular design style or wall color for a living room isn't what you like, don't feel compelled to use it.

Interior spaces and decor ideas ought to reflect and speak to the people who are living in them. Selecting paint colours for your living room, and throughout your home is an opportunity to flex your interior design flare with your own unique style. A fun sofa design, painted furniture for a farmhouse feel, and patterned throw pillows are great ways to bring current, on trend colours into your living room space.

What colours make a living room feel more relaxing?

Decor ideas that include comfy furniture with natural tones and soft wall hues are the order of the day for a relaxing living room. Wood is a wonderful, natural way  to add soft warm color to a room, as is leather and sheepskin. If living room space is limited, find smaller coffee or side tables to help create an intimate ambience.  Choose furniture colours and pieces that compliment the rest of your living room decorating ideas without being too formal.

Large Living Room

Consider lighting for your living room space. A floor lamp beside a sofa that emits a soft, warm, glow will draw people in and create a relaxing, social and welcoming vibe within a room. Be clever with window coverings in your living room - lighting will change throughout the day. Elegant white wooden shutters that you can adjust depending on the sun and light, will help create a relaxing space. Textured, natural fabrics like sheepskin and soft furnishings exude a calm feel to living rooms.

What living room ideas make a space cosy?

Soft, luxurious texture, like a Wilson & Dorset sheepskin throw, cushion or a Shaggy Bean Bag will do wonders for cosy-ing up your living room. Your living room, like the kitchen, can be the hub of family gatherings and with our open-plan spaces in homes today, it’s often a shared space. Is your living room designed around a multi-use area like this? Add cosy texture with soft furnishings, define spaces with area rugs and be sure to add color if the walls in the room are a bright white tone.

Nature inspired design pieces and family photos will draw people to a living room and can establish a cosy feel while retaining a clean look. An accent table at the back of a sofa or against a wall is a perfect space for a candle selection or a visual design piece. Sheepskin throws and Shaggy Bean Chairs are wonderful timeless pieces that offer instant coziness to any room and can help designate areas within the room.

Bringing the outdoors in to your living room decor to soften the space can be as simple as a rustic wooden and leather stool, a plant, or a Sheepskin Stone in a contrasting color. Use floor space to layer rugs and add depth, especially around a fireplace. Include decorative pillows to your living room to cosy up the furniture.

How can I accessorize my living room like a pro?

Accessorizing your living room is where interior design can take on many ideas and truly tell a story within your home without bringing clutter. Living rooms are fun, busy places where we can gather around a coffee table for a card game, or curl up with a book. Accessories can add sophistication and style, cosiness and warmth to interior  spaces and enhance existing furniture selections.

Be practical and choose decor ideas and accessories that work for the lifestyle of the home - it's a chance to put your personal stamp on a room. Select items that will mesh with the existing colour palette and begin with blank spaces to slowly bring  your items together within the room. Curated collections of beautiful family heirlooms and treasured designer pieces offer unique accents to a living room space and bring texture, depth and personality to your home decor.

Living room ideas through accessories carry a multitude of design options - from the sofa you choose, to the artwork on your walls. Living room decor can take on large pieces that will look great in over-sized spaces but may overwhelm smaller rooms. Throw pillows and blankets will add visual  interest and be practical at the same time. Scour sales and markets to enhance your design ideas - you may be able to find that perfect table of interest or wall art you've been searching for.

How do you pull a living room together?

The finishing touches are about turning a space into the inviting, stylish living room designed for, well, living. It's your opportunity to bring out the designer in you, and turn your house into a home. The following list includes a few things to consider for your living room interior decorating ideas:

  • Area rugs can help define spaces and bring an inviting, cosy feel to a living room
  • Throw blankets and pillows tossed on a sofa will add texture and  warmth
  • Accessories are a brilliant way to pull a room together and add instant personality, character and vibrancy to living room decor
  • Include a mirror, beautiful artwork and books to create visual interest
  • Bring in some greenery or fresh flowers
  • Several good sources of lighting are key
  • A unique coffee table or ottoman that can accommodate a tray around which to gather, or an end table for your sofa if space allows
  • Items like Wilson & Dorset Stone Sets and Seat Covers are durable, timeless products perfect for completing a room

Living room spaces should reflect the way your family lives,  so be sure to include living room ideas and elements that work for your lifestyle. Interior design really has no hard and fast rules around creating inviting living room spaces, but adopting some basic ideas and guidelines will help bring it all together in a cohesive way. 

Have fun with it and enjoy finding your inner interior designer along the way. Be sure to take a virtual wander around Wilson and Dorset's website for ideas and luxurious pieces to finish off your space.

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