Creating Cosy Nooks with Houseplants that Don't Need Sun

For dark corners of the home, choosing plants that don't need natural light is an important aspect of interior decorating. Thankfully there are some uber chic low light indoor plants that can survive and thrive even the darkest corner.

Consider the prayer plant, the money plant, peace lily, peacock plant, bird's nest fern, rattlesnake plant, a dragon tree or calla lilies. These gorgeous houseplants that don't need sun bring lush foliage and a calming tropical vibe to any shady spot.

Read on for advice on how to create cosy nooks with elegant plants that like very low light. Then just add natural fibres and textures such as sheepskin cushions and rugs for ultra cosiness!

What houseplant needs the least amount of light?

The cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is THE plant for you if you're seeking a low-maintenance indoor plant that can withstand low light, low humidity, erratic watering, and temperature change.

A native of Japan and Taiwan, this evergreen plant frequently makes lists of houseplants requiring very little care and is ideal for usage in low light spaces.

Is there a houseplant that doesn't need sunlight?

Indoor plant

Yes! If you're wondering, which plant does not need sunlight to grow? These are a few of our favourites:

Peace lilies

When it comes to indoor plants for low light environments, peace lilies are among the easiest to care for, making them a popular choice. These gorgeous plants not only light up a dark room, they are also a natural air purifier.

These superstar plants have dark green leaves and white "flowers." These peace lily "flowers" are actually a unique leaf bract that grows hooded over an inner yellow bud.

Snake plants, often known as "mother-in-law's tongue", are excellent for dark nooks or rooms without windows. They also function well in direct, bright light. These attractive houseplants are ideal if you frequently travel or forget to water your plants because they can survive weeks without receiving even a drop of moisture.

Philodendrons! Famously durable, fast-growing and low-maintenance, the Philodendron plant type contains hundreds of beautiful green-leafed varieties. One of the hardiest plants, fast-growing and low-maintenance, their bring green color will bring a touch of tropical flair to your decor. 

Philodendrons consist of two species: vining and non-climbing plants. Growing to several feet, the vining variety usually requires something to climb on, such as a trellis or basket. Non-climbers make excellent tropical plants for containers, and their easy-care routine will suit novice plant parents.

The funky-looking Monstera is a split leaf philodendron. It is also one of the araceae family, which is the Latin word for 'unusual'. Commonly referred to as the Swiss cheese plant, this gorgeous species grows naturally in Panama and is an increasingly popular house plant.

In a rainforest setting, the Monstera's enormous, perforated leaves can spread up to two feet wide. Add one of these to your collection and be sure to avoid direct sunlight which can burn its leaves.

We also love the sweetheart plant, which is a climbing variety of philodendron with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Keep them out of the sun shine and watch your lovehearts bloom.

The trendy zz plant is another good choice for low light areas. The ZZ plant thrives in very low light. What's more they are a really hardy plant, look great, and can grow with little care.

Prayer plants can withstand low light levels very well, but not so much cold temperatures. Their preferred temperature range, which reflects their natural habitats in the jungle and forest, is 18 to 26 degrees celsius.

Bird's nest ferns thrive in dappled sunshine to partial shade in their natural habitat. This translates to areas with low light or medium indirect light exposures indoors. Put your fern near an east-facing window, in low filtered light, or any dark nook.

The Chinese evergreen is a particularly durable plant. Not only can it grow without sunlight, but it can also endure excessive humidity and drought-like conditions. This resilient plant requires very little maintenance: even windowless rooms can't hold it back if you fail to water it for a week.

Air plants are one of the best plants to select if you're really not green-thumbed at all. These incredible plants can survive with no soil. They just need a good watering or a dunk in water for two or three hours every couple of weeks. This means you can get creative with how to present them.

Pop a glass vase with pebbles or shells on a side-table or shelf to highlight your air plant, find a rustic piece of wood on which to display it, or let the plants flow from one hanging basket to another.

Can a plant survive in a room without windows?

Yes there are certain plants that don't need natural light, and can thrive in a dark room with a little artificial light. For plants that don't need sunlight at all, opt for:

Lucky bamboo

Dracaena or 'lucky bamboo' is among the most versatile in indoor plants which grows in many different sizes and shapes. Adding a tropical accent to any room or décor, they grow quite slowly and thrive in dim indirect light.

Parlor palm

If you haven't got a palm tree in your home yet, these wonderful indoor plants compliment a contemporary aesthetic. Capable of growing into visibly tall plants, this tropical plant species require little care to reward you with their rich green leaves.

Golden Pothos

The quintessential bedroom plant, the golden pothos can withstand a wide range of care circumstances and light levels. Their yellow-dappled, heart-shaped leaves are a bright green color which look beautiful in morning sun, making them a sweet addition to a windowsill.

Epipremnum thrives in hanging baskets and may be encouraged to grow bigger leaves by climbing up a moss pole. The plants may also withstand repeated neglect, making them a good choice for beginners.

Spider plants

One of the hardiest of the hanging plants family, the spider plant is one of the most effective air filters and low maintenance indoor plants on the market. They are simple to grow, have lovely stripey leaves and are safe for kids and pets. Cultivate a series of spider plants which flow from one basket to another to add some wow factor to an empty bedroom corner.

NB: Children love transporting the little baby spider plants, making them an ideal eco-friendly kid's birthday gift too!

Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane/ Leopard lily) plant's leaves are pale green with a darker green edging. They make a fabulous addition to a collection of low light indoor plants.

NB: The dumb cane is toxic if swallowed so keep away from children and pets.

Chinese evergreen and the classic cast iron plant aspidistra elatior are also famous as being among the best indoor plants for surviving in a room without windows.

Do succulent plants need sunlight?

plants with sunlight

This depends on the species and their origin. Those that don't need sunlight and will be fine with a little bright indirect light or fluorescent light include the green speckled leaves of the snake plant, the sturdy and practical aloe or the romantic string of hearts or string of pearls.

Which low light plant is good for the bedroom?

May we suggest a statement plant such as a snake plant/ "mother in law's tongue", spider plant, or peace lily for bringing more nature into your boudoir. Incorporate a standing specimen such as a rubber tree to a larger bedroom's floor decor. Or add a touch of the tropics with smaller succulent plants including aloe vera or money plant.

The takeaway

There is a whole forest of plants to choose from that like very low light conditions. Whatever the size or style of your space, bring some living, breathing greenery in and reap the benefits. Adding accents, pops of colour and emblems of Zen, these natives of the rainforest and wilderness light up any dark room.

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