How to Choose a White Bean Bag Chair for Your Home

Introduced by Italian furniture company Zanotta in 1969, the bean bag chair has become a globally recognized interior design item and, over fifty years later in 2020, remains one of the most versatile items you can add to your home.

So, if you are on the search for a product that offers you casual yet stylish seating, on which you can enjoy lounging, gaming or snoozing, a bean bag chair makes a discerning choice. With fabric covers from white faux fur (for the free spirited but brands and price conscious teens in your home) to top end sheepskin for those seeking style with sumptuousness, achieving the results to personalise your room decor will seem effortless.

Should I get a white bean bag chair?

White Shaggy Bag

When it comes to styling your home white is a timeless color so, if you select a white bean bag chair in 2020, it will always be on trend. Furthermore, adding tonal furniture items, such as white bean bag chairs, will add dimension to a space and give it a sense of being lived-in and loved. Indeed, sinking into a snowy white bean bag chair made from a furry fabric or soft sheepskin is almost like sitting in a cloud. What's not to love. However, if you have kids, select your white bean bag covers wisely when you shop and opt for washable ones.

Which size of bean bag is good?

While you may know the size of the floor space available in your room for your bean bag, finding the right size when shopping in stores isn’t without its challenges. To make an informed bean bag purchase and select one that will complement your decor and add to your living space, the following considerations will be of help.

The size of bean bag chair that is right for you depends both on the size of the person using it and your free floor space. For kids around 127 cm tall, the seat of the chair should have a circumference of 280 cm. For teens or adults below 157 cm, you should shop for one with a seat circumference range of 330cm to 356 cm. While for adults up to 183cm, a circumference of 381cm to 407cm will be most comfortable and furthermore, a large bean bag will ensure you get the best support for your back.

What should I look for in a white bean bag chair?

Once you have determined the bean bag chair size that will be the best fit for your floor space you need to sort out how it will be used. If you have kids or teens who like to pickup and carry the bean bag from room to room, consider brands that offer a pear-shaped bean bag design with a handle. If you or your kids like gaming, you will need a chair that will support a more upright seating position. If you like to snuggle on your bean bag you may want a bean bag chair or lounger that will support your whole body.

When shopping for a bean bag chair, be it in white or another color attuned to your style, search for products that have an inside bag. This is particularly so if you have kids in your home as, if the outside beanbag is damaged from a kids playful antics, the bean bag filling will be remain contained within. Also, with two bags, the outside bag can be easily removed for cleaning.

Fabric choice is another important consideration when you shop for a bean bag chair. Durability is key. Whilst faux fur might be so 2020, one could call its longevity into question. Brands that make their chairs from stain resistant upholstery fabrics are worthwhile considering while, at a top price point, are long lasting, high quality natural products such as sheepskin, which will stand up to wear and tear inflicted by kids and adults alike.

Customer service in the shop you are buying from is also important. Ask questions; be sure the product will give you the results you seek. Take time before you place your order or that big furry bean bag chair complete with free shipping and delivery that looked so cute in the shop might not be the perfect addition to your home you hoped it would be .

How do you pick a good bean bag chair?

As discussed above, there is a large variety of brands of bean bags available in stores at a price to suit your needs; please ask for help if unsure.

How long do white bean bag chairs last?

White Shaggy Bag

A high-quality bean bag, if cared for properly, can last you a lifetime. Depending on the price point of the bean bag you order it may come with or without a warranty; the higher the quality of the product the longer the warranty. The warranty should be clearly stated on all brands of bean bag and, if not, ask the shop customer service team to find out what it is before you place your order.

Durable fabric or no, after a while of prolonged use, all bean bag chairs can begin to look flat as the bean bag filling is only designed to last so long; generally less than 5 years for the common expanded polystyrene (EPS) bean filler.

EPS beans comprise numerous air pockets; this is what makes bean bags soft to sit on. However, over time these beans become compressed, which results in your chair or lounger looking rather more deflated that when new. But you need not shop for a replacement bag, simply 'fluff' the beans by vigorous agitation. If that fails, then additional filler is required. But what kind? Read on to find out.

What is the best bean bag filler?

Just as you are spoiled for choice with brands of bean bag covers and fabrics from faux fur to fur and faux leather to the real thing there is a sort of bean bag filling that is also sure to please.

EPS beans are lightweight and retain their form; essential in maintaining the structure of the beanbag. They are also resistant to moisture and heat and are the filling found in chairs at a modest price point.

Expanded polypropylene foam can withstand compression better that EPS beans, returning quickly to its original form. This means that you won’t have to shop for replacement filling as often. However, the downside is that it is also quite heavy, meaning that it will be harder to pickup the chairs as much as you would like. Furthermore, the foam is not fire resistant.

Compressed foam, or 'memory' foam,’ is relatively new in the world of bean bag chairs, although it is gaining in popularity. The foam provides a comfortable customer experience as it responds to warmth, moulding to accommodate the shape of the body. The firmness of the material offers excellent support for your back and neck.

Natural materials are making a come back among the more eco-conscious customer. Buckwheat hulls placed inside a thick lining can be quite comfortable. The downside however, is its weight making pickup difficult.

How much filler do I need for a bean bag chair?

The amount of filler you need for a bean bag chair depends on its size and the degree and sort of firmness you enjoy. Compressed foam might be a better choice for if you like a soft seat. If you prefer a firm fill, shop for EPS beads.

As to level of filling, again it is down to personal preference. A half-filled bean bag chair will afford more of a comfy feeling. If you are unsure, you can buy bean bag chairs unfilled. This will let you add and remove the beans to please yourself.

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