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Kids Bedroom Wool Rugs: A Guide for Parents

A rug is a great foundation piece in a bedroom, providing a cosy kids area for play, study or hanging out with friends.

Are wool rugs safe for kids?

area rug

Above: Round designer floor rug (Matuki), Shaggy bean bag (Mt Gold) and Stone set (Lindis)

Kids are active - constantly up, down, on and off the floor (at least mine are!). Luckily wool, being 100% natural, provides a safe platform for all that movement and activity.

Wool is hypoallergenic,  flame retardant and anti-bacterial.  It even keeps itself clean! Lanolin (a thin waxy coating on the fibres) repels water, dust and dirt and inhibits the growth of allergens.

Are wool rugs non toxic?

area rug

Above: Rectangular designer floor rug (Matuki)

Wool is a byproduct of sheep farming and in it's natural state, is absolutely toxin-free.

Sometimes wool is dyed to achieve a certain colour. Regulations govern what can be used in the dying process and vary from country to country. At Wilson & Dorset, our dyeing methods not use AZO dyes and are compliant with EU Reach regulations.

Do wool rugs have formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde sounds nasty doesn't it? But did you know it's organic? It actually occurs naturally in our environment, including in humans - even strawberries!

In recent times formaldehyde has been used in manufacturing processes for some building materials and household products. Too much formaldehyde in our environment is, of course, a danger to our health.

Wilson & Dorset does not use formaldehyde as our tanning agent. Our sheepskin products undergo regular testing to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals and are safe to use against your skin.

How can you tell if a rug is fire resistant?

Some materials are more fire safe than others. Always check exactly what a rug is made from before your purchase.

Wool is naturally high in nitrogen and water content. That means more oxygen is needed in the surrounding environment for it to burn i.e. it won't burn as readily.

What is the best quality wool area rug for kids bedrooms?

Kids bedroom rugs will certainly be put through their paces, but wool will not let you down.  It can handle a fair bit of rough and tumble!

In fact wool fibres can bend up to 20,000 times without breaking. Being strong and elastic the fibres simply bounce back to their original shape, time and time again. You know, good quality materials alway go the distance.

Are wool rugs stain resistant?

Wool has an in-built stain defence system. The waxy outer coating on the wool fibres, lanolin, makes it ‘slippery’, so liquids slide off the wool fibres, instead of soaking in.

How do you keep a wool rug from staining?

Accidents happen! If you need to clean up a spill the most important thing is to act quickly to ‘contain the stain’.  

  • Use a clean dry towel (or a paper towel) to blot up any excess liquid. 
  • Then use a commercial wet stain remover - you should be able to find one at your local supermarket. 

It's tempting to pour water on the stain but please don't, as water will cause the stain to spread.  Remember ‘contain the stain’!

For more detailed information see the Wilson & Dorset stain removal guide.

Do wool rugs fade in sunlight?

Like all natural products, wool doesn't like too much harsh sun. Over time the UV will damage the fibres and may cause fading or discolouration.

Is it safe to sleep in a room with a new rug?

Yes, you can absolutely cosy up in bed, with your luscious new sheepskin rug on the floor of your, or your child's bedroom. There's nothing like waking up in the morning and feeling the softness under your feet!

Do new wool rugs give off gas?

Wool itself does not emit any gas. If you think your new sheepskin has a slight odour, it might just need airing. Find a dry shady spot to hang it outside for a couple of hours.

Is it safe for babies to crawl on a wool rug?

area rug

My children happily played on sheepskins from a young age - they are soft, easy to clean, transportable and hypoallergenic. But please consult a health professional first, just to be sure.

If you are using a sheepskin, make sure your baby’s nose and mouth are kept clear of long wool fibres. Place a clean sheet or muslin over the sheepskin where your baby’s head is resting and supervise play at all times.

Are wool rugs easy to clean?

In a word, yes! Even in high traffic areas or kids bedrooms, and especially if you do two simple things every week:

  1. Give it a good vacuum, followed by
  2. A shake outside.

If you get a mark on your rug, spot clean in the first instance and refer to the Wilson & Dorset stain removal guide.

Can you wash rugs in the washing machine?

If a sheepskin looks particularly worse for wear, you might be tempted to throw it in the washing machine. Technically it should be fine - the wool fibres will bounce back - but a word of caution:

  • Suede backings do not like washing machines and your rug may not retain its shape 
  • If your sheepskin has been dyed, always dry clean.

You’ll find more information here.

Do wool rugs soften over time?

Sheepskins are made from fine, soft wool and will feel cosy right from day one. Over time you might need to brush long wool with a wire brush to maintain its natural 'loft'.

How long do wool rugs last?

area rug

Above: Round designer floor rug (Matuki)

Perhaps one of the things I love most about wool is its durability. Provided you properly care for your sheepskin (weekly vacuum & shake) you will enjoy it for a lifetime.

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