Buying The Perfect Kitchen Rug

When you think of rugs in your home, the first room that comes to mind is probably isn't the kitchen, but kitchen rugs have been a feature of our homes for generations. A kitchen rug can add a layer of warmth to one of the busiest spaces in your home, and help to provide a stylish first impression.

Kitchen Rug

Rugs aren't just for living rooms, they can be used all around the home in different ways. We use them in smaller spaces like a hallway or front door foyer to create a welcoming feel, to create cosiness in front of a fire, or even to generate an indoor outdoor flow between a living room and a covered patio. We want our home spaces to feel inviting and the kitchen is no exception. After all the kitchen is the heart of the home.

The kitchen is a personal and hard working space, and the needs of your kitchen will differ depending on the home you live in as well as the make up of your household. You want to end up with a kitchen rug that you absolutely love, and that works perfectly with your space.

Kitchens are naturally messy places, and a spill or a stain is going to be inevitable at some stage so it's important to think carefully about the materials any kitchen rug is made from. The perfect kitchen rug is easy to maintain, with stain resistant properties or one that is machine washable. A runner rug is a great place to start.

What are kitchen runners for?

There are many purposes for having a kitchen runner but the main reason is functionality. They can protect your floors from dents and stains, reduce noise and prevent slips and breakages.

Kitchen Rug

A kitchen runner helps prevent spillage on your floors, and gives you something comfortable to stand on while washing up.

Even if those practical considerations aren't important to you, a kitchen rug is a fantastic way to soften your kitchen decor and really anchor your space.

Whether you opt for a long traditional hand woven Persian style rug on polished hardwood floors or a smaller bold patterned runner, kitchen rugs are a great way to inject some character and personality in your home.

Can you put a runner rug in the kitchen?

Yes! Runner rugs are the perfect addition to galley kitchens, as their narrow and long shape mirrors the shape of your kitchen. They also work great with kitchen islands and walkways.

Where should a runner be placed in a kitchen?

Where you place your runner rug comes down to both personal preference and practicality. If you have a large farmhouse kitchen with an island in the middle, you will have several options. Think about what you want to focus on - you could place a rug in front of your kitchen island -great if you have high stools for people to sit at - or in front of your kitchen sink and bench space so that it's under your feet when you are preparing food or cleaning up.

Kitchen Rug

Before you commit to a purchase, it can help to spend a bit of time in your kitchen and take note of the size, shape and layout. Look at where the sun comes in and where the high traffic areas are and think about how you use your kitchen and where a rug would be best suited.

Whether a rug features a colour or pattern is important too. A busy pattern is an excellent way of masking stains. Ultimately rug placement is a question of personal taste and you want to choose something that appeals to you and suits the rest of your decor.

Can you use a wool rug in the kitchen?

Absolutely. A natural fibre like wool with a low pile is the perfect material for kitchen runner rugs as it is a durable and hardwearing material.

Is it weird to have a wool rug in the kitchen?

Not at all. Wool has anti-bacterial properties, inherent stain resistance, is non slip, extremely durable and quite simply one the best natural fibres when it comes to kitchen rugs.

How do you keep carpet runners in place?

Easy - Use a rug pad

When working in the kitchen we often have our hands full or are preoccupied, so it's really important that any rug is secured with a rug pad or non slip backing that will help to keep your runners in place and ensure they don't move over time.

What size is a kitchen runner?

When it comes to the size, shape and placement of kitchen rugs, you want something that is big enough for your space.

One of the most common mistakes when purchasing a rug is choosing one that is too small, and that can actually make your space feel more cramped. A larger rug will help your kitchen feel spacious and more open, which can be great in a busy household.

How wide should kitchen runner rugs be?

The best way to determine the right width and length for a kitchen runner is to get out your measuring tape. Use masking tape to mark out the ideal placement of your runner and note down the measurements. From there you can begin your search for the perfect size kitchen runner.

Ideally runners will echo the proportions of the room they are being placed in, that's why they are popular in hallways and galley kitchens.

You don't want your runner to cover the entire floor area, you'll want to leave about 40cm of flooring between the edge of your runner and your kitchen walls, bench or island.

Should runners be longer than island?

This depends on the layout of your kitchen. If your island is the central point and this is what you want to use to anchor the space, then you should choose a rug in proportion to your island.

If however, you have a long bench and sink along one wall and a smaller island in front then you might prefer to choose a runner rug that relates to the length of the bench instead.

It's all about what where you want to draw the eye and the overall balance of the room. The ideal kitchen rug is of a size, colour, pattern and style that suits your kitchen decor.

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