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Luxury Interior Design: the How-to Basics

Everyone likes a little luxury in their life. Whether your idea of a luxury interior is a Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag, or a Turkish rug from yesteryear's distant travels, bringing an element of luxe to your interior design is simpler than you might think.

What is luxury in interior design?

The term luxury means different things to different people, but will often evoke a general feeling of opulent comfort, sophistication and elegance. Typically luxury interior design refers to quality finishings, lush textures, comfort and rich colours.

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Cohesion and consistency are key and designer pieces will usually be incorporated into luxury interior spaces. There will be connotations of high end products and bespoke furniture items with soft and stylish fabrics. A luxury interior can be applied, or worked into, any decor theme to create the element of luxurious aesthetic and vibe that best speaks to you.

What makes a space luxurious?

There are many aspects surrounding people's perception of luxury. Specially sourced, curated boutique items with unique, yet elegant one-of-a-kind interest, along with lush indulgent fabrics, texture, and natural items such as wood and stone all contribute to hallmarks of luxury interior design.

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Luxury interior spaces will exude an aura of invitation and there will be noticeable cohesion and consistency so that the eye flows around the room with ease.

Luxury interior design doesn't always mean flowing velvet and ornate chandeliers either. Although, these things may offer a sense of luxury, it's more about tranquility, comfort and elegant finishes that typically look expensive and high end. Luxury interior design is a treat that really be enjoyed at any scale.

How can I add luxury design to my family home decor?

Adding luxury interior design to your home decor can be as simple as bringing in a chic new couch or updating and changing out window coverings. Finishing touches are imperative - curtains should always hit the floor and an impeccably upholstered couch can change the whole vibe of a room.

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Consider your decorative lighting options as well. An ornate lamp that works with the overall theme of your interior is a wonderful addition for luxury ambience. Bring in throw blankets and soft, luscious fabrics like sheepskin.

Get creative with pieces you already own. A home project can be fun if you have the right materials at hand. Paint furniture and change out wall colour for a more vibrant, yet serene effect. Invest in some quality, high end pieces to incorporate into your interior design. A Wilson and Dorset Sheepskin Shaggy bag is the epitome of luxury living and will last a lifetime if well cared for.

Can I mix luxury interior design with other styles?

Yes, of course! In fact, mixing interior design styles is a wonderful way to bring a unique element to your decor and add your own personal touch to your home.

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Interior design ideas ought to include items that speak to you and reflect the people who live there. That is to say, luxury interior design is essentially in the eye of the beholder and really of personal preference.

If you're more inspired by a modern, contemporary, or industrial and minimalist interior style, which wouldn't ordinarily evoke thoughts of luxury interior design, there is still no reason why it can't be a luxury space. Sheepskin floor rugs and a plush leather sofa with clean lines and textured throw cushions might be all you need to transform the room.

Is there an interior design style that's more luxury than others?

At the end of the day any design style can pass as luxury if it's appealing to people and offers a luxury feeling to them. All styles of interior can include elements of luxury within it.

A classic, seamless and carefully curated interior design style will likely exude an aesthetic of luxury with its clean spaces and streamlined look and feel. Luxury design really can be applied to any style or theme. A modern New York apartment can just as easily be a luxury space, as a sprawling homestead in the English countryside.

How can I make my living room look luxurious?

There are many ways to bring luxury interior to your living room space. Find inspiration through your favourite interior designers and establish what draws you in when it comes to their completed space.

Other ways to bring luxury design interior into your living room include fresh flowers, ornate lamps for ambience and adding beautifully upholstered furniture pieces to the room.

Creative and eye catching art, unique lighting selections and a luxe collection of textured throws and cushions will also bring an element of indulgent, sophisticated luxury interior design to your home.

What are paint colours that reflect luxury living?

When we talk about rich colours to create luxury interiors, what does that mean? Luxurious colours include shades such as golds, purples, dark greens, navy blue and more. However, light, airy shades of white and grey, which are very popular interior colours, can also be perfect choices to achieve a luxury interior design effect.

Whatever your interior design ideas entail, a luxury look and feel can achieved. It might a time of trial and error to get your look just right. Planning and envisioning your finished interior is key.


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