The Best Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for a Peaceful Retrea

Modern minimalist design is a move toward a simpler, cleaner existence with more focus on experience than 'things'. Minimalist bedrooms are no different. It's about bringing in essential and functional pieces, that are also beautiful and offer visual interest.

Harmony, serenity, and purpose are good words to describe some elements of a minimalist interior design style. Removing the clutter and excess and focussing on intentional, purposeful accessories.

Design the perfect minimalist bedroom - one that offers a warm and elegant feel, while also being a perfectly serene space in which to relax and rejuvenate.

What is a minimalist design style?

Minimalist design is essentially an intentional creation of space. It's a pared-back, simplistic approach where quality reigns supreme and less is more.

The focus is on essential items and a minimalist bedroom certainly doesn't do without any creature comforts. Nor does any room designed around a minimalist decor approach.

Rooms will be clutter-free and sparsely adorned with simple shapes and streamlined furniture. It's about space exploration and not filling every corner. Bring your home decor to a place where you're able to function in comfort with minimal 'things' and live with fewer resources in general.

Some key principles of minimalist design:

Matuki Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

Matuki Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

Colour -

By using a few muted shades and a more monochromatic colour scheme, the focus will be on other features. Perhaps it's a polished concrete floor with a sheepskin floor rug, or a striking wall hanging that draws the eye in.

  • White walls are a common selection in modern minimalist bedroom ideas, as is simple furniture.

  • Wood floors and natural detail help 'clean a space' and pare it back for

  • Try black accents through a wall decal for contrast. Although it's not necessary to fill empty walls with art, it's a nice way to add personal touches to open space.

  • Keep your wall paint choices to neutral tones throughout with decorative items limited.

Symmetry -

Embrace a seamless flow with the creation of a soothing space that is calming and pleasing to the eye, yet striking at the same time. A sheepskin throw pillow will tie in with a sheepskin area rug, for example.

Select furniture with clean lines and adopt a somewhat restrained palette. Minimalist bedrooms will have a spacious and open feel, so a sense of symmetry offers a seamless flow to the room.

Anchor the room with a sheepskin floor rug under the bed and pair this with a simple, luxurious Sheepskin Shaggy Beanbag in a sunny corner of the room instead of a traditional accent chair.

Matuki Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

Matuki Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

Balance -

  • Find the balance between form and function, and beauty and style. If your preference is a patterned bedspread, then opt for a simple metal side table and a neutral accent chair with white walls to offset the patterns.

  • There's no reason you can't make a vibrant statement within a minimalist bedroom. Just be sure to do it with fewer items.

  • Textures can offer depth and further visual interest. Hang a mirror above the bed and bring in white bedding in crinkled linen with a sheepskin accent pillow for a wonderfully simple, yet effective aesthetic.

Simplicity -

The simple decor of a minimalist space evokes a serene and streamlined appearance. A simple bedroom should offer the perfect balance of warmth and elegance.

Don't be afraid to create a focal point through an exposed brick wall or an accent wall in natural timber. This idea with an all-white palette everywhere else is a wonderful example

Create a peaceful vibe within your minimalist bedroom with a platform bed and floating nightstands. This will keep the floor clear and offer a perception of space.

Bendigo Long Wool Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Bendigo Long Wool Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Natural elements -

Nature-inspired pieces will help your minimalist bedroom ideas really come to fruition.

  • A natural wood bed frame with crisp bedding and neutral linen throw pillows will provide an airy feel and a touch of elegance.

  • Embrace the natural light where possible and avoid heavy window coverings. Sheer curtains in a light colour that pull back from the windows, or white wooden shutter-style shades that can open right up are some good options.

How do you bring warmth to a minimalist bedroom?

Modern minimalism doesn't mean stark and empty. It's about surrounding yourself with a few pieces and items that are functional and attractive to you.

Creating a comfortable bedroom that lends itself to minimalism uses the same 'less is more' principle.

  • Bring in warmth through natural wood highlights and functional, luxurious items like sheepskin. A sheepskin floor rug on a bare wood floor with simple bedding, the use of soft linens, and muted tones will add warmth, and help to offer a minimalist feel.

  • A sheepskin throw blanket in a singular, low-key shade will bring a cosy element to a minimalist bedroom style while providing a sophisticated elegance.

How do you embrace minimalism as a lifestyle?

Ultimately a minimalistic lifestyle is a way of life. It's about learning to reduce the things that you don't necessarily need and those that don't necessarily bring you joy.

  • A Scandinavian influence is prevalent in the overall interior design aesthetic of minimalism. It's the perfect example of a pared-back lifestyle. The clean spaces and lack of unnecessary accessories allow more time for other activities. By clearing out the nightstand junk drawer to the bare necessities you'll clear your mind at the same time.

Although simplicity is paramount with minimalism, you can still bring bright elements into spaces through art and through sculptural pieces with elements of uniqueness.

Adding sheepskin to a minimalist bedroom design plan:

Pisa Sheepskin Stone Set

Pisa Sheepskin Stone Set

Minimalist bedrooms are the perfect space in which to introduce sheepskin. It’s a product that makes for the best bedroom accessories.

A sheepskin stone set will not only provide function but is also visually appealing. This school of thought is a great example of creating spaces with a minimalist look and feel.

Minimalist bedrooms and actually, all interior design styles, ought to always include sheepskin. It's a natural fibre with superhero qualities and looks stunning no matter where you place it. What's more, sheepskin is incredibly easy to care for. Yours will last a lifetime if well looked after.

A Stone Set and sheepskin shaggy bag, throw pillows and floor rugs will enhance any space. If your minimalist bedroom ideas include sheepskin,

Can a boho style be part of a minimalist bedroom design?

Yes, of course. It might appear to be an unlikely pairing, however boho style doesn't always mean eclectic and colourful.

A modern bedroom with a minimalist approach can still home a canopy bed with adornment. Keep the walls a crisp white, the flooring neutral, and furniture to a minimum (think floating shelves instead of a floor-based nightstand) and go for a black sheepskin bed throw or similar contrast with texture.

Another way to introduce a boho vibe while retaining a minimalist appearance is through light fittings. Your focal point and personal touch can be expressed through an ornate chandelier hanging over the bed.

To conclude:

Embrace your minimalist bedroom ideas and have fun clearing the clutter and reducing your need for excess storage space.

A minimalist vibe is not difficult to achieve - purchase with intention and only decorate with things that bring you joy and function.

Art is a wonderful way to create a focal point and offer a contrast to the simplicity of the space overall.

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