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Create an Inspiring and Welcoming Minimalist Kitchen to Enhance Your Home

Interior designers continue to embrace minimalism for its sleek look, open spaces, and simplistic aesthetic and vibe. A minimalist kitchen is essentially a simple kitchen with an elegant and functional design that evokes a crisp, clean look and feel.

A minimalist kitchen is a timeless design and will help with a simpler way of life. Create a fuss-free, welcoming space with a warm sense of hygge. We've compiled a few suggestions and ideas to help you on your way.

What is a minimalist-style kitchen?

Minimalist kitchens will adopt the mainstay of minimalist decor. Sleek interiors with clean lines and handle-free cabinetry.

A minimalist kitchen requires all the essentials of a fully functional kitchen. In terms of kitchen items, the goal is to reduce the clutter and excess. Most of us have more small appliances than we actually need, and they don't need to be on display.

Streamlined, smooth cabinets and a neutral colour palette are common. There's been a slight shift from a completely bare and stark white kitchen toward a little more character through reclaimed materials and nature-inspired pieces. However, the lack of accessories and kitchen appliances displayed on a countertop is still at the core of a minimalist kitchen design.

A butler's pantry is common in modern minimalist kitchen design too - the workhorse area of the kitchen will rest behind closed doors.

How can I make my kitchen minimalist?

Minimalist kitchens are pared back to essential items and will be clutter-free. Modern cabinetry with no handles and a streamlined aesthetic will likely be employed and there will be plenty of concealed storage space to ensure counter space and benches remain clear.

Of course, a minimalist kitchen design still needs to be practical and functional, as all kitchens do.

Some key points to consider when creating a minimalist kitchen:

  • A clutter-free, sleek and streamlined look and feel

  • Essential kitchen tools only - no excess and over-flowing drawers

  • A minimalist kitchen will contain multi-purpose appliances. For example, if you own an instant pot, it can do the job of your slow cooker, rice cooker, and even your yogurt maker

    • Do you use that air fryer as much as you thought you would?

    • Do you need a panini press and a toaster oven?

  • Countertops and kitchen island spaces will be devoid of 'things'. Everything will have its place and household members will become adept at putting items away!

Pisa Short

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You'll want to begin by taking stock of your kitchen items. In general, kitchens are an area where we tend to have more than we need.

Remove everything from cabinets and drawers. Keep items IF you use them regularly. If not, it might be time to donate it and pass things on.

You'll likely only need one paring knife, one set of cutlery that covers your family, with a couple of extra pieces for guests. The same can be said for crockery and dishes. Your cabinets should contain enough glasses for family members and a few extras for guests and daily use.

Bringing warmth to a minimalist kitchen:

An all-white kitchen complete with a white subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances might be your dream kitchen. A sleek and clean space that is precisely the kind of stylish design you love. But, it might be a little stark for others and need some softness brought in.

Bringing warmth and visual interest to a minimalist kitchen is a nice way to put your personal stamp on your room and add style and comfort to the hub of the home.

  1. Hang Pendant lights - there are some unique, creative options available. David Trubridge light fittings never get old.

  2. Add texture and luxury with a set of stylish Sheepskin seat pads.

  3. A sheepskin floor rug on a stone or hardwood floor will add a cosy, yet streamlined finish.

  4. Use blank wall space to add some artwork and pop of vibrant colour for a touch of fresh personality in your minimalist kitchen.

Add a touch of greenery with a potted plant and bring in natural wood accents - like your counter/ bar stools. Rustic farmhouse elements will complement a minimalist kitchen design, however, keep these pieces to purposeful items, not accessories that create clutter.

Byron Beach

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Creating a multi-functional space:

Modern kitchen design will always provide a space for food prep and cooking meals, and often an eat-in kitchen area, a homework hub, a home office space, and more.

A large kitchen island with plenty of built-in storage (drawers are excellent as things are more visible and won't get lost as easily) and a set of counter stools will create an eating area and a good work surface.

Your sink, refrigerator and cooktop should be easily accessible to one another and the space should flow with ease.

Aim to keep counters clear of appliances and if you need a catch-all station. To help keep your countertop a temporary place where things get put prior to being put away, choose something that blends in with the streamlined appearance of your kitchen, and be sure it's not too big! A rustic wood brick mold or similar is perfect.

Add comfort with a sheepskin rug draped over a bench seat or sheepskin seat pads on bar stools for softness and interest.

Minimalist interior design and Scandanavian influence:

The minimalist design style employs strong decor themes to Scandanavian design with clean lines, few adornments, and light, airy spaces.

  • Furniture is simple yet functional and beautiful. In fact, function and beauty are a combination that strongly characterizes this design.

  • Everything will have a place and also a purpose. Homes will showcase thoughtful and beautiful materials with a pared-back, sleek, yet elegant, and calm look and feel.

  • A minimalistic room and its decor will feature crisp, fresh, and sophisticated style pieces. Natural materials like polished concrete floors or hardwood and light wood accents with a warm, rustic feel will bring character and personality to spaces.

What is a minimalist lifestyle?


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A true minimalist lifestyle is a way of life that embraces living with fewer possessions and consciously identifying those things that bring you joy and are deemed essential in your life.

To coin the phrase "less is more" is certainly a good way to describe minimalism in a nutshell.

It's about clearing the clutter from your life to allow more time for focussing on more meaningful activities and experiences. Today our lives are filled with distractions and digital time-wasters. There's a sense of wanting more stuff, which leads to us being oh-so-busy. But do we need more stuff? A minimalistic lifestyle suggests that we don't.

The takeaway:

Minimalist design is a calm, simple and beautiful style that is timeless and sophisticated, yet modern and welcoming.

Create your own minimalist kitchen and home interior for a cleaner and aesthetically pleasing way of life. Opt for neutrals and use colour sparingly. Pops of vibrancy and texture can be brought in through things like sheepskin accents, rustic wood, and other natural products.

You really can't go wrong with this beautiful style of decor and design. Use Pinterest and Instagram and other websites to garner ideas and inspiration.


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