Modern Apartment Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Bigger and Brighter

Creating a modern feel to an apartment home is a fun project to embark upon. If you're looking for modern apartment decorating and design ideas, keep reading. We'll take you through several ideas, and answer some common questions, to help bring a light, bright and modern style to your apartment decor.

What is modern style interior design?

Modern decor is a design style that is characterised by clean spaces and sleek yet simple lines. It'll feel minimalist and nicely streamlined. The modern design typically includes pared back interiors and open floor plans. Nature inspired accent pieces such as stone, wood and leather are often used.

Modern Apartment

It's a simplistic and fairly broad design style, which emerged during the 20th Century. Your rooms will naturally feel bigger and brighter with simply removing excess items.

What is a modern apartment?

Modern apartments are homes that adopt the modern interior style. Whether a penthouse apartment or a studio unit, it's easy to achieve a modern apartment look and feel.

Modern Apartment

A modern apartment will usually have an open floor plan, flow nicely from one space to the next and have a streamlined look and feel to it. There will be natural tones throughout and an airiness and lightness with scaled back accessories and no clutter. Simple lines and plenty of space with a bright and light feel are some characteristics of this ever popular style.

Today, with apartment living more popular than ever and older buildings being turned into apartment living, the exterior architecture often won't match its modern or contemporary interior.

How can I make my apartment look modern?

To create a modern apartment vibe you'll want to begin by garnering a good understanding of how the room(s) will work for your lifestyle. Determine the high traffic areas and general flow of the space, and find out where the light falls throughout the day.

  • Select a monochrome earthy colour palette with a white ceiling
  • Trim down the accessories to provide clean lines and uncluttered surfaces
  • Utilise the windows for natural light and use simple window coverings without fussy colours and patterns
  • Existing furniture might need a change out or spruce up. Opt for functional and practical pieces with a streamlined, sleek aesthetic
  • Think 'less is more' and focus on clean lines and no clutter

How can I make my apartment look modern on a budget?

To create your modern apartment aesthetic on a lower budget, some DIY know-how is key. You'll want to be able to take care of any painting jobs yourself. This is one of the easiest ways to save money when decorating.

Modern Apartment

Scour second hand markets for gems that lend themselves to modern architecture and design, update bed linen and couch cushions to reflect a simplistic and minimalist look. Bring nature inspired pieces and wood accents into the space. Repurpose items you already own and rearrange things. Your luxurious sheepskin in the bedroom might be perfect in the pared back and freshly painted living room area.

How can I decorate my apartment by myself?

Before embarking upon any decorating project it's important to do your research first and have a clear visual of the finished look you're wanting to achieve. Once you have a plan and a budget laid out here's a quick checklist to help get underway.

  • Clear the room(s) to create a good working area
  • Begin with painting, or wallpapering - it's best to do this prior to flooring updates
  • Be sure to order furniture and significant items ahead of time
  • Bring your personal touch to the finished space with arranging furniture and designating areas to certain room functions
  • Don't forget about lighting - fittings can make a difference
  • Wall space in a modern apartment (or, any apartment) can be used as storage - go vertical!
  • Hang art and photos at the end of the decorating project, along with bringing luxury pieces like sheepskin floor rugs and designer accent pieces into the space to make it your own.

How can I make my small apartment appear more spacious?

Clever use of mirrors is a sure fire way to create a feeling of depth and perception of space within a smaller apartment. Hang a mirror opposite a window to let the outside in, or simply allow it to reflect the room and offer a more spacious feel.

Go vertical with storage solutions so things aren't cluttered and use light colours and neutral palettes in the shades and overall tone throughout the apartment. Don't be tempted to jam furniture against a wall, bring pieces into the room slightly. Interestingly, this makes a difference.

How do I design my first apartment ?

Designing your first apartment is an exciting prospect! Creating a modern apartment that speaks to you and reflects who you are can feel like a hefty undertaking. However, it need not be.

If you're starting with a completely new apartment and have the ability to decide where walls and even plumbing will go, we recommend talking to designers, draughtsmen and interior decorators, so you can be well informed and equipped to make the best decisions.

Modern apartment living will usually have one large space that serves several functions. The kitchen, dining and living areas may all be one room. Don't be tempted to fill your newly designed modern apartment with too much furniture - keep things clean and spacious. Planning is essential.

What is a minimalist apartment?

A minimalist apartment design and decor is one with limited accessory pieces, clean and streamlined furniture items, and a fresh look. It's essentially about stripping back and leaving things with real personal value and those that bring joy to you.

Modern apartments are usually minimalist since this is a characteristic of the decor theme and style. Simplifying your home and adopting a minimalist outlook certainly doesn't mean doing without or taking away luxury.

What is modern chic?

Chic is a word with French origins, but is widely used to describe any updated and fresh, yet casual style of design. That said, modern chic decor describes an updated or slightly adapted modern theme. It could be a vintage table or chair that is incorporated into a modern apartment or house. Perhaps it's something like a Sheepskin Bean Bag that's adding inspiration and a chic vibe to an apartment home.

Modern apartment living is fun and we encourage you to try things out and find inspiration from things you like so your space speaks to you and reflects who you are.

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