Designing Spaces With Plantation Shutters

For a timeless classic aesthetic, you can't go further than stylish interior shutters for your window treatments. They offer crisp, clean elegance that exudes calmness and style. Not to mention the fact that they're functional and can save on your energy bills to boot.

If you're in the market for new window treatments, consider deep-louvered, wooden shutters that swing wide open and close up to hunker down, while offering sophistication and an element of genteel.

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are window treatments with wider louvers than a regular shutter.

There are the same parts to shutter style window treatments regardless of whether they're plantation shutters or not. They'll all have a tilt rod to allow light control. The slats are called louvers and these are the adjustable sections of shutters.

Some standard window blinds will have a cord opening to tilt the slats whereas the plantation shutters can open right up like doors

Plantations shutters offer so many options for light control and split tilts, as well as genuine wood or composite material.

Is there a difference between standard shutters and plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters

Surprisingly, interior shutters are not all made equal. Plantation shutters typically have a louver width of around 6 to 10 centimetres (or 2.5 inches to 4 inches).

They allow more air and light to flow through when they're open and block more light when closed. This style can also hinge right open so opening windows is easier.

An in home consultation with shutter install professionals is recommended so you can find the best option for different rooms.

  • Faux wood:

    • Installing faux wood shutters in a bathroom is a good option for moisture control and humidity. Good quality composite and faux wood options will function just the same as actual wood and the moisture resistant aspect is important in rooms where steam and humidity is present.

  • Real wood shutters:

    • Real hardwood shutters are a good quality, long term option. Wood will offer added durability and provide natural thermal advantages.

    • Real wood blinds will cost a little more, but they'll take the knocks and rigours of everyday living particularly well.

  • Insulation:

    • Plantation shutters offer exceptional thermal properties due to the complete covering of the window when closed. They don't have strings to tilt them, and subsequently block more air. They're energy efficient and you'll likely notice this in your utility bills.

Do plantation shutters add value to a home?

Bendigo Sheepskin Cushion

Bendigo Sheepskin Cushion

Yes, of course. Any updates and upgrades add value to a home. In the case of wooden shutters, particularly plantation shutters, there are distinct advantages.

Wood shutters will keep in more heat and block more light when closed - they essentially offer an element of temperature control.

What are some key advantages of plantation shutters?

If you're planning to install shutters within your home, you'll quickly discover the many merits and customised styles of these wonderful window treatments.

  • Plantation shutters offer a modern, clean appearance and don't fade like fabric.

  • They're durable and are easy to wipe down and maintain. Styles of blind vary and a plantation design offers more versatility and this shutter style offers more options than standard slat blinds.

  • Multiple configuration and opportunity to upgrade options means the ability to adapt them to the different spaces in your home.

  • Split tilt - this means you can split the shutter in half horizontally and have the lower half tilt closed, and the upper half (or third, or whatever configuration you choose) remain open. It's a good way to go in rooms that need light filtering control or more privacy at certain times of the day.

  • Thermal efficiency - we've covered this already, but it's a huge advantage that's worth mentioning again.

How do I style my living room with plantation shutters?

Gladstone Single Sheepskin Rug

Gladstone Single Sheepskin Rug

Crisp, white window shades, like plantation shutter-style, will offer a light and bright feel to a room. It's a clean look that will complement any interior design style.

Bright, white shutters will bring lightness and a modern aspect to your home and yet will tie in with a boho decor style just as easy as modern farmhouse or minimalist.

At the end of the day, style your room the same way you would with curtains. The biggest difference is that with white plantation shutters, you won't need to tie in colour-ways.

How can I make my room feel cosy with plantation shutters?

A wall of plantation shutters over windows looks gorgeous on its own. However, it can be a stark aesthetic. This is appealing for some but to others it might look too formal and clinical.

  • Soften and warm your decor with throw blankets and pops of colour through cushions, artwork and decorative pillows.

  • A lush sheepskin floor rug will bring style and picture-perfect comfort to any room. Complement this with throw blankets and a plush leather armchair to find your space warm, inviting yet, crisp and clean.

  • Feature items made from rustic wood and add a touch of greenery for a focal point of interest and to break up the sameness of shutter panels.

  • Hang attractive art and decorate with feel-good pieces and accessories.

What interior style goes with plantation shutters?

The good thing about plantation shutters is that they're versatile and lend themselves to any interior decor style. They're a hallmark of Southern style in the USA and have a broad, rich history in this part of America.

Once you've gone down the plantation shutter route for interior window treatments, you'll never go back!

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