Get Cosy Outdoors With The Best Small Deck Ideas

Creating a cosy and stylish outdoor room within a small space is a wonderful way to get the most out of your deck area year-round. Whether you have an existing small deck or are planning to build one, you'll glean some great snippets from this post.

How do you decorate a small decking area?

Decorating a small outdoor space is no different than putting together a larger space. You still need certain items and furniture pieces to turn it into a comfortable and relaxing area.

Dining table: not all decks can handle an outdoor dining area but there is usually space for a small bistro table or a table with fold-down sides and a couple of chairs. A small side table will also do the trick.

Built-in benches: this is a great way to provide ample seating for small decks. Drape a sheepskin throw and

Comfy cushions: add comfort and a welcoming, inviting vibe with throw pillows and blankets. Cushions on seats and chairs can go a long way. Why not opt for some plush sheepskin cushions that can be brought in and out depending on the weather.

Coffee table: this is perfect for a smaller space. A side table beside your W&D sheepskin stone set with a book and cuppa - what's more inviting?

Area rug: an outdoor rug will offer a finished look and feel with a cosy outlook. Go for something colourful to add a vibrant aesthetic, or stick to bold stripes or singular block colours.

Mt Gold Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Mt Gold Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag / Pisa Single Sheepskin Rug / Glen Dene Quarto Sheepskin Rug

What can you do with a narrow deck?

Think about things like built-in storage that also acts as seating. Multi-use furniture and items that can easily stow away are good options for arranging small spaces outdoors.

For a narrow deck to be a functional space, decide what its best purpose might be and don't fill the entire floor space. Leave some open area for foot traffic and natural flow.

Utilise vertical space with narrow shelves or wall gardens. A small deck could house a small outdoor bar if your space is used for additional entertaining space.

A narrow deck could house an outdoor shower if you're near a beach or need to hose off before heading inside.

A bistro table and chairs are the perfect deck furniture for small deck spaces. If your narrow mini deck takes advantage of the morning sun or offers a small view, it could be your morning coffee or tea spot.

How can I create a cosy outdoor space?

Mt Gold One + Half Sheepskin Rug

Mt Gold One + Half Sheepskin Rug

Ah, now this part is easy and fun! Making your small deck space feel cosy and inviting will mean you'll want to be out there enjoying it more.

  • Be sure to provide enough seating to accommodate family members at the very least. Potted plants add visual interest and can offer necessary screening and privacy in some situations.

  • Fire pit: nothing speaks warmth and cosiness more than a fire. If you have enough space on your small deck for this, then it's worth the investment.

  • Sheepskin: bring your W&D Sheepskin Shaggy Bag outdoors in good weather. Sink into the plushness of sheepskin for ultimate comfort and cosy. If not a shaggy beanbag, then add sheepskin cushions and blankets to the seating area. Just be sure to bring them in after use.

  • String lights: create a cosy atmosphere in an instant with some ambient outdoor lights. They're cosy, look stunning, offer a warm glow in the evenings, and almost feel like a roof.

  • Shade sail: depending on how the sunlight falls on your deck, you may want to consider some shade. This also provides a cosy and snug environment. Not only does a cover offer shade, but it can also offer protection in inclement weather.

Turn your deck into an outdoor living space:

Limited space and less square footage can still provide a turn-key outdoor living room. Comfortable outdoor furniture with block colours for a simple aesthetic, or bold and vibrant shades for more character, will add some life to your space.

If your deck has a roof, shelter, or some kind of weather protection, you can leave soft furnishings out for the odd night here and there.

In a drier and less humid climate, your sheepskin accents don't need to be brought in all the time if they're protected from the sun and the odd sprinkle of rain.

Throw blankets and plenty of cushions will take your space to a new level of comfort. Potted plants will add visual interest and privacy and an outdoor area rug will create different zones for various activities.

Gladstone Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Gladstone Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag / Gladstone Sheepskin Footstool

Is it expensive to build a deck?

Some deck designs are grand and complicated including several levels, glass balustrades, and even a small garden. Others are more straightforward and can be done fairly easily.

Price ranges vary depending on the size, material type, and whether you're buying a kit-set to build yourself, or hiring contractors to build your deck ideas for you.

Deck ideas can be so broad and since materials can differ vastly, a deck can be a very cost-effective DIY project, or a serious investment that will continue to give for years.

What material makes the best decks?

Not all decks are built equally and a building process of any kind is daunting for some. However, most large or small deck ideas will likely include wood as an option. It's been around for a long time and there wasn't any other choice for a long while.

Wood deck:

There are many different types of wood to select for deck design.

Pressure-treated wood is the most cost-effective selection. It will need regular maintenance to keep it in good order.

Cedar and redwood look gorgeous and might be suited for a small deck idea where there won't be so much foot traffic. It's a softer wood and can show wear and tear easily.

Composite decking:

Composite decking is extremely durable and although resistant to mould, mildew, and stains, they'll need a scrub every now and then if you're in a damp environment. This will help keep mildew at bay.

Composite decking has a strong UV resistance as well. It's an excellent way to go if you're in an environment with extreme temperature changes. It also has a grainy texture to imitate wood and does an exceptional job. Trex decking in the USA is a great example of a composite deck material.

It offers a smooth finish making it the perfect surface to place some luxurious sheepskin to add some style, warmth, and sophistication to your outdoor spaces.

PVC decking:

This is cheap to use but looks a little more like plastic and can get hot. Although it's incredibly durable and will likely outlast other options, it's not as aesthetically pleasing to look at and doesn't replicate wood at all.

What about some lighting options for your small backyard or deck?

Mt Gold Square Sheepskin Seat Cover

Mt Gold Square Sheepskin Seat Cover

Yes! It's important not to discount lighting.

  • Hang string lights and use ground-level solar-powered lights as well. A patio heater will emit a soft ambient light and offer warmth at the same time.

  • If you're using umbrellas for shade and weather protection, string lights underneath them or opt for umbrellas with built-in lights.

  • Built-in bench seating is another great way to incorporate lights. Wire them under the seating overhang to provide the perfect element of light in the evenings.

Outdoor kitchen deck ideas:

If your deck design ideas include a kitchen of some sort, try extending your indoor flow to the small space outdoors. Sliding or French doors opening on the deck area will help create a spacious flow.

Really all you need is a great barbeque spot. If you have the space, even on a small deck, for an outdoor sink and additional storage then, by all means, set that up! At the end of the day, if you have room to place a grill and a small table, you're off to a great start.

In conclusion:

Enhance your garden area and use every inch of it; a small deck design with big ideas will take you far. Research ideas that you like and those that tickle your fancy. Pinterest and other online platforms are excellent and contain plentiful small deck ideas for every size, space, and shape.

Don't feel limited because of smaller square footage. Any area can be transformed with a little planning and some good ideas.

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