Small Laundry Room Organisation Ideas That Put Some Fun Into Washing Day

Looking for great ideas to enhance your laundry room? We've compiled a few suggestions to help you create an inviting space for this vital workroom within the home.

Having good storage and keeping things well organised will offer efficiency and put more fun into well, getting the laundry done. It really makes a huge difference having a nice and well organised space.

What does a laundry room need?

At best a laundry room needs to be a functional space in which to 'do the washing'.

  • To state the obvious, your laundry room will need a washer and dryer (although, the dryer is not essential and many homes don't have one).

  • The smallest room can house a washing machine, including a studio apartment where the laundry appliances might be in the kitchen.

  • A utility sink is extremely handy, but not essential. If there's room enough, then plumb one in. A small laundry room may not have the space for a sink, and that's fine.

  • An outside access door to the clothesline is also a bonus.

  • Tiled flooring or at least something other than carpet is advisable.

  • A closet or cabinet to store extra hangers for drying clothes, hand towels and other accessories if you have the space is handy.

How can you brighten a laundry room?

Mt Gold Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

Mt Gold Long Wool Double Sheepskin Rug

If your laundry room allows, place a chair in the corner with a sheepskin rug or cushion to add some relaxation space in the work area! Although, this idea does take up valuable floor space so you need a larger room to pull this one off.

Paint the wall behind the tub and washer/ dryer - a bright pop of colour to add vibrancy and style will enhance your space.

Hang some art. Seriously! Why should your laundry room miss out? There are some great decals that are perfect for laundry. Or, save money and look online for free printables that you can create yourself. Create a photo wall for inspiration or hang a piece of art that doesn't quite work in the main living areas of the house.

Bring in some matching tins for laundry detergent and a lint bin if you have a dryer. Vintage revivals look attractive and can be picked up at most stores these days.

Touch up your wall cabinets with a lighter, brighter shade, or simply switch out.

A sheepskin rug at your folding bench creates a sense of calm and luxury in your laundry room.

Cover your ironing board with a bright and bold fabric and hang on the back of the door or somewhere visible. Practical and usable yet eye catching at the same time!

How do you organise a laundry room?

Clothes drying

Laundry rooms need storage consideration. However, not as much space is required as you might think.

  • You'll need a place to store detergent, laundry baskets, dryer sheets - if you use them, and more.

  • Some hooks for baskets and a hanging rod to hang clothes can be stowed when not in use or on a pulley system to bring down when needed.

  • Cubbies and cabinets are great if you have the room. A small shelf or wall-hanging cupboard to store the bare essentials for a laundry room no matter how small your laundry is. Select some practical wire shelving and cute baskets

  • If your cabinet situation allows, consider adding a pull-out bin for dirty laundry. The kids and other family members can easily toss things in so you're not missing anyone's washing. Lost socks are a different story - we can't speak for those!

Practical storage solutions for your small laundry room:

The most organised of laundry rooms will naturally function seamlessly and have a place for the essentials. Regularly used laundry products will be easily accessible and just as easily be able to stow somewhere neatly.

As mentioned, cubbies work well, as do hooks. Try to utilise all the room you can without creating clutter. When working with a small laundry room it's important to keep organisation at top of mind - essential items and functional products are the name of the game.

Utilise wall space:

More storage can be found on your walls and it makes sense to utilise this real estate in your laundry room. Wall area is wasted space if not used effectively.

Hooks can go a long way and there are some clever designs and uniquely interesting ones available. Ironing boards can be awkward. Hang your ironing board flat against the wall, fix a fold-out clothes hanger to the wall and go vertical to use that space as well.

Hanging rods are another practical option in a small room and an excellent way to dry clothes. You don't want things so high that you can barely reach regularly used items so be sensible about placement and organisation.

Open shelves for storage of laundry supplies and more:


This is a good way to go if you're good at putting things away and like to keep things neat. Open shelving within a laundry room is nice because items are easily accessed and you can see things you need to use, however it's best to keep them neat since the contents will be very visible.

If you're not the neatest person, baskets or bins to stow in the cubbies with tidy labels are a good idea. A wall cabinet is another good option for storing items. Be sure to include good shelving for easy access

Stack your washer and dryer to maximise space:

Many appliances come with kit sets to stack on top of the other. It's a common way to configure your washer and dryer, particularly within a small laundry room, and offers additional space for storage.

Should my linen closet be in my laundry room?

If there's room then yes, why not? Come laundry day you can simply fold the towels and sheets and pop them straight in the linen closet.

A larger closet could be halved - one side linen closet and one side for miscellaneous items and other essentials required for a fully functional laundry room.

How big should a laundry room be?

At the end of the day a laundry room really just needs a washer. In many smaller apartments and studio space-style homes, the washer lives in the kitchen area.

A small laundry room doesn't have to mean limited use. A stacked washer and dryer with a small slim-line cabinet and hooks for miscellaneous items offers an efficient laundry room for the busiest of households. Although plenty of storage is ideal, it's not necessary and if anything it allows us to amass a collection of items we don't always need.

Where do you store laundry supplies in a small space?

Wall space is prime real estate and should always be part of small laundry room organisation ideas. Small shelving units and hanging bags or baskets are good places to store items.

A towel bar can also be a home for hangers to dry clothes, hooks and shelves can house laundry detergents, stain removers, the ironing board, and other 'bits and pieces'.

If you're really tight on space then use a shelf in the garage if it's accessible, or designate shelves for laundry supplies in a nearby bathroom cupboard.

What's the difference between a laundry room and a utility room?

A laundry room is a room or even an alcove, in which the washing machine and sometimes a dryer live. It'll be a place for washing, drying, sorting and folding laundry. A laundry room can also be an alcove in a garage.

Utility rooms will usually be a place to store cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, and other necessary miscellaneous items that keep a home in good order. Some utility rooms also have a water heater and furnace in them.


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