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Smart Coffee Table and Other Modern Coffee Table Trends

If you're thinking, should I get a smart coffee table?, what is a smart coffee table exactly, and how would it work in my home? This is the blog post for you. We've done the research on this latest living room trend to assess all the features and benefits of a smart coffee table and how they compare to other contemporary coffee table trends.

Is a coffee table necessary?

A coffee table is a want, not a need. There are some advantages and disadvantages to having a coffee table in your living room. A coffee table can complete and beautify your room, but it may also take up a lot of space and could make a smaller living room feel cramped or crowded. That's why choosing the most appropriate coffee table for your personal preferences is of utmost importance.

What are some timeless trends for coffee tables?

Current trends in the contemporary coffee table sphere are all about:

  1. Architectural styles. Think Don Draper's stunning long-line 'Fresco' coffee table and its inspired G-Plan design.

  2. Monobloc forms. Minimalism meets functionality to effortlessly add a touch of raw industrial modernism to your space.

  3. Curved designs. Sumptuous, art deco-inspired curved coffee tables bring timeless style and grace to any room.

  4. Geometric nesting tables. Side tables nestled together for convenience and functionality will adorn your interior design with panache. Slide them out to separate, or stack away.

What are nesting tables?

Nesting tables are a collection of multiple tables of varying heights. They can be stacked for daily use or separated for entertaining.

Nesting coffee tables are great for adding personality and style to your home's decor. They come in a variety of materials and price points.

Uber-cool coffee table ideas

Our favourite looks in the coffee table stakes right now are either subtle and see-through, or come complete with a mini fridge, amazing ambiance and connect-ability!

  1. Tempered glass-top coffee tables bring understated, subtle sophistication to your living space, as well as providing a sleek and chic place to rest your beer or wine. Speaking of which...

  2. Beverage cooler side tables keep your beverages ice cold! So much more than just a cooler, this new trend plugs into a wall outlet to chill your drinks or food in one or two drawers, depending on the size you choose.

  3. And finally... the Smart coffee table. Forget the entertainment unit of old, the smart coffee table brings a 'plug and play' aesthetic to your living space, so you have everything you need at this designer console. For a fully-connected lifestyle, you might like the Sobro smart coffee table which features precise temperature controls in the built-in refrigerator drawer; a touch control panel; USB charging ports and dual bluetooth speakers with rich deep sound quality, particularly oh so rich bass for the muso in your life.

What does a smart coffee table do?

A smart coffee table allows you to charge your devices, listen to music via Bluetooth, and entertain friends with snacks and drinks stored in the fridge drawer. For example, the popular Sobro coffee table features a wireless charging pad, thermoelectric cooling drawer, LED lights and Bluetooth speakers.

What are the most popular coffee tables?

The best coffee tables anchor a room, make a statement, and can serve aesthetic, functional, and even storage functions. Add next-level sophistication to a party or Netflix night with a smart table and you'll tick all these boxes.

How much should you spend on a coffee table?

A coffee table typically costs between $200 and $1,000. Of course, this cost can vary greatly depending on a range of factors. It is entirely up to you how much you spend on a coffee table.

the takeaway

If you are searching for the ultimate coffee table, whether for chilled-out evenings at home or the next big bash, find the right one for the mood you wish to create. Whether you source new or shop from a vintage store or garage sale, the coffee table can really pull a room together, especially when coupled with a designer floor rug.


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