Summer Decoration Ideas to Inspire and Uplift

Summer decor is a wonderful, bright, fresh, and happy way to celebrate the joys of all things summer. Light and bright aesthetics are a mainstay of summer decor - why not celebrate the changing of seasons with a revamped space?

How do you decorate for summer?

Think about things like floral arrangements for tables, beach-striped napkins, and bowls of fresh, zesty summer fruits.

In the Southern Hemisphere Summer brings about holiday excitement and camping plans, beach picnics, and al fresco dining. If you're a person who celebrates Christmas, it brings another dimension to summer decorating ideas.

A happy, relaxing summer can be helped along by light, fresh interiors, and summery decor. Your summer decorating ideas should include all aspects of your home and not just one or two rooms.

This could be as simple as a furniture shuffle - the accent chair now sits by the window instead of the lamp-lit corner of a space. The 'nap in the sun' chair becomes the 'reading by the open window' nook, for example.

How do I make my house feel summery?

Once spring has sprung and sunshine is abundant, it's time to brighten things further for summer. Whatever your decorating style, it's easy to put together inspiring, welcoming, and relaxing settings.

  • A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any room.

  • Flowers and some nature-inspired greenery are essential.

  • Move the furniture around - face chairs toward windows and arrange the room around an indoor/ outdoor flow, and switch out heavy throw blankets for light, soft colours with a fun summer pattern for added interest.

  • Spruce up your bedroom with some different, summer-themed bed linen and floaty, light textures.

A good spring/ summer clean throughout the home will sometimes have the same effect as a refresh.

Bring out summer decor that's been stored away and for school-aged families, it's a time to ready the home for holidays, entertaining, and for extra people that might be coming to stay.

Is it necessary to decorate for the seasons?

decorate for the seasons

Shaggy Bean Bag

Decorating for seasons is uplifting and a time for varied home decor ideas to come into play. It certainly isn't necessary but it is fun!

It's a lovely way to find inspiration for the new season and get into the vibe of what your environment brings for a few months each year.

Creating a dining room on your back porch or patio during the summer months offers flexibility in warm weather and is a wonderful way for families to enjoy balmy summer evenings.

Find your inner interior designer and remember that this could be as simple as a new coffee table, or painting an existing one. Rearrange the dining room for dinner party entertaining that suits each season.

Don't forget the lights and backyard games, along with plenty of seating.

Simple ways to bring summer decor to outdoor spaces:

Your front porch or back patio can essentially become an additional living room for overflow entertaining while bringing functional zones to a busy family home during summer.

1. Wicker furniture

Wicker outdoor furniture truly speaks 'summer'. As does rattan-style chairs and bistro tables. Add some bold stripes and bright, throw pillows to create a happy summer aesthetic.

Consider including a small bar area if space on the porch allows. A wicker table with a glass top is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will offer a great addition.

2. Fresh flowers

A vase of fresh flowers will complete a decor setting any time of the year but particularly in summer. Whether you're drawn to a more formal arrangement or a country-style bouquet, you can't go wrong with flowers.

Surrounding ourselves with nature-inspired accents, like flowers and other plants, is proven to have a positive effect on our well-being. It makes perfect sense to surround ourselves with a few extra when more are naturally available.

A summer mantel with beautiful fresh-cut flowers will offer a warm and welcoming vibe to your spaces.

3. Lighting

Harness the natural light available in your spaces. Be inspired by light, bright sunny rooms, and think about white paint to freshen up ceilings.

Soft string lighting in outdoor spaces will create a warm ambiance as the evening approaches. Add candles for additional light and a soft glow.

Solar lights in planters and up garden paths and entranceways will further enhance your outdoor areas.

Bring a nautical theme to your living space for summer

Nautical theme

If your summer home decor ideas lean toward the ocean and yacht-inspired decor, then this is your season to shine! Be sure to add the following to your nautical/ beach summer decorating ideas:

  • Anchors

  • Natural, rustic coiled ropes

  • Red, blue, and white accents for bed linen and decorative pillows

  • Linens and chambray throw blankets

Simplicity is key when going for a water or sea-inspired interior design style. It's a gorgeous way to bring summer into your home and lift spirits.

Shells in jars, driftwood mobiles, wooden oars, and surfboard art will freshen a living room. The rest of the house can handle snippets of this summery decor style for a seamless aesthetic.

Creating seamless indoor/ outdoor flow for the summer months:

We naturally spend more time outdoors in the summer months - between dining alfresco, enjoying backyard games, and lounging poolside, just being in spaces outside is part of summer fun. Furthermore, it's just plain good for our mental health.

A wooden seat in the garden with some bunting and string lights is a wonderful way to bring warmth, invitation, and simplicity to outdoor summer fun with friends and family.

Toss a sheepskin or wool blanket on chairs for added comfort, texture, and warmth for when the sun goes down.

Incorporate your garden ideas into your summer decorating plans. Freshly planted flowers and herbs in container pots by doors will enhance your spaces.

What about summer decorating ideas for walls?

Moving art around from time to time helps you appreciate it all over again and is another easy way to liven up your wall space in your living room and throughout the home. Not only that, it doesn't require spending money.

Painting wall space will offer a nice refresh - don't forget to check the ceilings at the same time. Go for whites, neutrals, and pastels with stripes and bold colours for accents.

Decals are fun and there is a plethora of options for removable, cost-effective designs and patterns. Consider a few that can be reused for each season.

The Takeaway

Summer decorating ideas are plentiful and so much fun to put together. Find inspiration online - Pinterest is full of great ideas to help you along.

The goal is to simplify, lift spirits, and freshen up your interior vibe. At the end of the day, any idea that appeals to and speaks to you is generally a good one.

Switch out heavy fabrics for lighter, floaty linens and softer textures that speak of summer decor. Cushion covers and throw blankets are a good place to start.

That said, there is always a place for sheepskin at any time of year. Don't be afraid to keep sheepskin front and centre, especially if you have showstopper pieces that offer comfort and style, like a Wilson and Dorset Shaggy Bag, for example.

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