Sunroom Ideas: Getting the Best Out of Your Sunny Space

Sunrooms are wonderful, inviting rooms where light is key and the outside is brought in. Whether it's a built-in exiting patio, or a brand new addition, we've put together some great sunroom ideas and top tips so you'll love your sunny space.

What is the purpose of a sunroom?

A sunroom is essentially a room that provides an abundance of light and sun with access to the outdoors. It's an additional space within a home that can be used in a variety of ways.

Sun Room

It might be used as a conservatory for some households, a teen hang out for others, a dining room or simply a beautiful, sunny extra living space with magical views of, and access to a garden.

How do you arrange a sunroom?

Sunroom ideas are plentiful and it's really a matter of personal preference and taste as to how you might arrange one and what might make it beautiful for your own home. If it's a small room then a simple wicker chair with a wool throw and a small table for your coffee cup and book might be all that's needed.

Sun Room

Think of your sunroom as a light airy space that exudes a calm and warm feel. Usually it's a room that will open out to a garden and has views of the outside. Add some greenery and fresh flowers, a stack of books and a small coffee table for a warm, welcoming and sunny addition to your home.

Wicker, wood and porch style furniture work well for a sunroom. Chairs that are light enough to move around are also a useful inclusion. However, if your sunroom is spacious enough to take a sofa then by all means use one. Think 'less is more' - simplicity is generally a good school of thought for sunrooms.

What design ideas should I consider when building a sunroom?

When it comes to sunroom ideas and adding a room to your house, think about what the space will be used for.

  • How much sunlight will flow into the newly built space?
  • Will skylights be something to consider if the lighting isn't coming into the room at the right time of day?
  • Is it going to be an extra living area for a large family, or a teen hang out, or a child's playroom?
  • Do you plan to use it during a cold winter season and if so, will it need a fireplace?
  • Are there furniture ideas that spark your interest, which you'll need to consider?

There are other things to think about too. The goal is to capture the sun, but if your sunroom isn't facing the right direction, fret not. Double glazed window glass and skylights or other clever roof covering ideas can still bring a sunny and warm feel to the room.

Do people use sunrooms?

Most people who have sunrooms do tend to utilise them. It really depends on individual family needs and how a household operates. It's up to you to create a wonderful space in which to relax, enjoy some quiet, entertain friends or keep plants.

These fabulous additions have a multitude of uses and a well designed sunroom can bring the perfect finishing touch to a home.

Are sunrooms considered living space?

Typically a sunroom will be at the back of a house opening to the garden. However some sunrooms are a closer to the street side, especially if a front porch has been covered in to create a sunroom. Ideally sunrooms will be an interior decor extension of the style adopted within the rest of your home.

Whether your house is country, farmhouse, nautical themed, traditional or boho, it makes sense for the sunroom decor to speak to the personality and style of the home. This is especially so if they are an extension of a living space in your home.

In some homes, particularly farm houses, the sunroom is often used as the main entrance into the house, In this instance it is certainly an extension of the home's living space. It can be if that's what works for your home.

Where does a sunroom go?

A sunroom is usually situated at one end of a house and will have more windows than wall space with lots of light flooding in. There may be sky lights as well to allow even more sun and light in.

Sometimes a porch or patio may be converted into a sunroom to provide additional spaces for families to enjoy. The location is typically where the sun flows in for extended times during the day.

Can a sunroom be built on a deck?

Yes, most definitely! In fact, many sunroom ideas begin from a covered front or back porch with a sunny aspect that offers the perfect space for all year round use. It's not tricky to close in a porch or deck. Often all that's required is the addition of some windows and insulation.

For a wooden deck, additional flooring and insulation will be necessary when planning a sunroom build over top, especially in cooler climates. Many sunrooms are designed from existing structures already attached to homes. Talk with your local builder and construction team for the best advice.

How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

There is no reason why a sunroom can't be created as a four season room. Typically, sunrooms will have more glass than other rooms within the house, the glass will need to be double glazed and it might be worth considering simple shades or shutters for the windows. This way, you can trap the warm air that flows in during the day to keep an element of natural heat within the space.

What about a fireplace in a sunroom? By all means, if you live in an area where there are distinctly four seasons and winter gets cold, a sunroom is a great place for a fire place to boost the warmth. Seasonal floor rugs are a good idea as well. A basket with blankets for when the temperature drops a little is also a nice addition.

Do you put curtains in a sunroom?

Because the sun is obviously the hero within a sunroom, it's a good idea to steer away from heavy drapes, curtains and over-zealous window coverings. Apart from the fact that you risk losing a little natural light, they'll potentially have a shorter life due to fading and sun damage.

To keep things light and bright, try wooden shutters or simple blinds. Many sunrooms don't have any window coverings at all and depending on the location of your sunroom (front or back of the house), you may decide you don't need them. For a finishing touch faux blinds can also make a difference to the completed look.

What is the best colour to paint a sunroom?

For a light, bright and airy sunroom, consider painting the walls a white shade to bring even more light to the room. Things like low white walls, large (double glazed) windows, a wood floor and french doors that open to the outdoors are great ways toward creating a space you enjoy.

Paler shades and light colours that reflect the sunlight flooding in and hard flooring, such as wood is well suited for sunrooms.

Generally there'll not be many walls in a sunroom. Windows will occupy most of what is usually wall space. However the wall area that's available and visible can be touched up and painted easily.

All in all, sunrooms are fabulous spaces within any home. Have fun creating yours and finding what works for a sunny sanctuary in your home that you love spending time in.

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