10 ways with Wilson & Dorset Sheepskin Rugs

Versatile, mobile, stylish and chic - a Wilson & Dorset sheepskin rug brings texture and nature into your living spaces and lifestyle.

Throw it on your favourite chair, on a bench or the end of the bed. Tszuj up your workspace and define different areas. Add a layer of cosy or Scandanavian hygge to your favourite places and those magic moments with special people. From the floor to the great outdoors - a Wilson & Dorset Sheepskin rug is your licence to match and mix; to switch it up. Here are 10 ways to add some rugged softness to your styling with Wilson and Dorset.

1. Throw on your favourite chair.
Drape a W&D sheepskin over your beloved armchair or dining seat to bring a fresh look and a whole new level of comfort to your lounging time and dinner parties.

2. On your bed.
Get that ski-chalet vibe with a layer of luxe thrown across the end of your bed. With W&D Sheepskin, your wintertime dreams can come true… give your bed some love.

3. Define areas and zones.
A Wilson & Dorset rug can create separate spaces in larger areas with ease. In studios or apartments, a sheepskin rug from W&D allows you to define zones effortlessly, bringing nature into the home.

4. On a bench seat.
It’s oh so quiet, shhh, shhh… Soften hard furniture and surfaces with Wilson and Dorset sheepskin. With the soft and natural texture of sheepskin in matte muted tones, W&D brings new meaning to the snug.

5. As a bathmat.
Bring some day-spa luxury to your bathroom, every day. What could be better than stepping out of a bath and onto the warmth of a Wilson and Dorset sheepskin rug? 

6. In your workspace.
Work in style with a Wilson & Dorset sheepskin rug keeping you snuggly and soothed through all those power moves. Enhance your office and increase productivity, thanks to W&D.

7. In the nursery.
A go-to gift for a newborn; a baby shower or a must-have on the “decorate the baby’s room” list. Our Wilson &  Dorset sheepskin rugs are loved by tiny hands and feet all over the world.

8. As a picnic blanket.
Roll up a Wilson & Dorset sheepskin rug and tuck it under your arm as you rock up to the picnic and you will be an instant hit. Embrace the lazy days of summer (and autumn!) for a little longer when you can lounge on sheepskin. Bliss.

9. As a pet bed.
Our furry friends love cuddling up to Wilson & Dorset sheepskin. Spoil your pets with W&D indulgence - contentment guaranteed.

Sheepskin with pet

10. Outdoor seating.
Adorn your outdoor decor with Wilson & Dorset sheepskin. Keeping it real, keeping it simple: relaxing outside with family and friends and W&D is what kicking back is all about.

child on wire hanging chair with sheepskin rug cover 

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