The Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas For Your Home

Timelessly fresh and adaptable to changing trends, modern farmhouse living is a warm, welcoming, functional and pared back interior style perfect for any age and stage of life.

What is modern farmhouse style?

Modern farmhouse design is a wonderfully comforting style, where nothing is too precious yet there is a clean, light and bright aesthetic.

Modern Farmhouse

It's a design style that evokes images of clean lines, simplistic and comfortable, inviting furniture with a crisp and warm white tone throughout. Organic and rustic materials such as greenery, exposed wood beams and stone accents may be present.

What are the key elements of a modern farmhouse?

Within modern farmhouse decor you'll find rustic wood pieces with a worn in look and feel (think of a dining table that looks as though it could tell some stories if it were able to talk), along with newer and more sleek and streamlined items. Common elements of modern farmhouse decor are:

  • Wide wood plank flooring
  • Barn doors with large industrial metal hinges
  • Reclaimed wood and stone accents
  • Shiplap walls. Shiplap is often used as a fireplace surround.
  • White walls, which will sometimes be white-washed
  • Minimalism - the goal is introduce a cosy, yet clutter-free space
  • Natural elements such as linen, sisal, wood, wicker and stone

What are modern farmhouse colours?

Select natural and neutral shades like fresh whites and light pastels. Warm neutral tones such as soft grey and cream will offer a balance of simple sophistication and a comforting, welcoming aesthetic. Light beige is another colour idea to incorporate into a modern farmhouse design.

Modern Farmhouse

White-washed walls with dark wood wide planked floors, a linen sofa and natural textures that soften the space will invite a more modern and airy feel to the traditional farmhouse aesthetic.

Why is modern farmhouse so popular?

It's difficult to mention modern farmhouse living without thinking about Chip and Joanna Gaines. There is no doubt that their Fixer Upper series helped the modern farmhouse living room design, and farmhouse home decor in general, reach its current level of interest within the interior design world. This popular style of decorating is perfect for family living and with its relaxed yet sophisticated elements throughout, it's a design style that offers the best of both worlds.

Functional for families and stylish with a fun and welcoming vibe, it is less vintage and rustic, and more minimalistic, modern and uplifting, with an air of elegance.

What is the difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse decor?

Original or rather historic. farmhouse interior design is traditionally a busier style that includes more antique pieces. It harks back to practical homesteads and farmhouses that rarely had updates and were on large areas of farmland, sometimes in the middle of nowhere. Certainly the case for American farmhouses.

Modern Farmhouse

Function is paramount, but within a modern farmhouse home, you'll find a more relaxed vibe.

Modern and contemporary furniture items are brought into the modern farmhouse interior with accessories and clutter pared right back. The natural elements of farmhouse decor will still be present with the addition of streamlined accents and comfortable furniture.

How do I begin creating a modern farmhouse style living room?

When it comes to any living room design, comfort and a welcoming, inviting vibe is the goal. These are also hallmarks of a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Begin with a neutral colour palette in white and build from there. A modern farmhouse house living room space will be a mix of industrial, rustic wood (but not too much), a little vintage with a mix of contemporary, and no clutter.

Bring in warmth with sheepskin and clever lighting. A simple coffee table with a mix of wood and a touch of industrial inspired, brushed metal adornments will help set the scene for relaxed comfort.

What are some fun modern farmhouse living room ideas?

Enhance your modern farmhouse living room with lush texture through items like sheepskin rugs and a rustic wood accent table. Distressed furniture is another fun element of farmhouse living rooms, although keep the distressed pieces to a few select favourites. It's important to mix newer, modern furniture with rustic and worn-in items.

Find a balance and harmony between practicality and beautiful, chic finishings. You want the room to invite you in and interact with you, but not be chaotic. It should welcome you in without being too precious to touch anything or sit down.

Is shiplap still a popular choice for a modern farmhouse living room?

Shiplap was originally used in boatbuilding. It has a coastal aesthetic and became a popular way to decorate interior walls during the 2010s. We would be remiss not to mention Joanna Gaines again. Her effortless skill at seamlessly incorporating shiplap (often, intact and original) into her decorating has been a wonderful attribute to farmhouse living room decor.

It offers the perfect accent wall for a fireplace surround, works well in a kitchen - think butcher block or island siding, and it will enhance your modern farmhouse decor beautifully.

What kind of flooring is best for modern farmhouse?

For a typical farmhouse style, whether modern or otherwise, a wood floor is most common. Wide wooden planks are most popular, but any durable wood material will create a modern farmhouse vibe.

Wood floors are practical, easy to clean and are very durable. It's easy to add softness and warmth through floor rugs. In a living room space, bring in textured sheepskin rug and other textiles to soften and break up the hardwood.

How can I create a modern farmhouse look on a budget?

Begin by removing clutter and excess items. Pare back your current decor so you have a clear canvas from which to work.

If you already have a hardwood floor then you're halfway there. A touch of paint in a fresh, light shade will transform your living room and don't forget that exiting pieces of furniture can be renovated to reflect a farmhouse style.

Rearrange the room and bring the outside in with a touch of greenery. Remove any heavy window coverings and let an abundance of light fill your room.

How do I pull my modern farmhouse living room together?

This is the fun aspect of creating your modern farmhouse living room. Really, it's the fun part of any interior design project!

By now you'll have painted, selected furniture and it's all about bringing it together for the finished look. Avoid bringing too many accessories into room - remember that less is usually more.

Floor rugs can help draw the eye in and also soften a space while being inviting and cosy at the same time.

Your modern farmhouse living room, when all said and done, could be the interior design version of the word 'hygge' - to foster a warm, welcoming and cosy vibe for its occupants.

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