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Perfect Wall Treatments For A Fresh, Modern Vibe

Transform your home with beautiful and inspiring wall treatments. Surprisingly, the finished look of walls in your home makes a huge difference to the overlook aesthetic.

Your walls essentially set the tone and create the atmosphere of your rooms. They'll often carry the entire look and feel of your interior design theme. But what to choose? The standard go-to of most homes is a smooth finish with paint. However, there is a plethora of other fun and interesting options available...

What are wall treatments and finishes?

Matuki Long Wool Designer Floor Rug

Matuki Long Wool Designer Floor Rug

Wall treatment describes anything exposed and visible to the eye within the interior of a house. From hum ho to amazing and simply gorgeous, and from herringbone patterns to textured wallpaper.

Different finishes work for different rooms and spaces. For example, a bathroom or laundry room will need a moisture-resistant finish and a kitchen will require something easy to clean and wipe down.

A bedroom can handle something different again. Opt for light, nature-inspired pieces to decorate above the bed. Enclose it with rustic board or a DYI fabric frame with your favourite design.

Home decor options to complement your wall treatments:

Depending on your decor theme, you'll tie in your interiors to go with any uniqueness in your wall treatments

  • Sheepskin - we can't tell you how much we love this incredible natural material for interior decor choices. Throw down a sheepskin rug on bare wood floors with shiplap walls and white-washed brick for a clean yet warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • A corner area with a section of wall space featuring your children's artwork or photos adorning the walls, a Wilson and Dorset Shaggy bean chair and footstool or ottoman, and a sheepskin floor rug will offer a sense of warmth and family-friendly fun.

  • Create a bright, modern feel by selecting furniture with clean lines and rounded edges to go alongside streamlined decor with crisp white painted walls and a pop of colour or pattern to add dimension and depth.

  • White walls with natural floors and sheepskin accents is a remarkably fresh, less-is-more approach to refined and simplistic decor. One bold piece of art or striking creation for a focal point will finish the space perfectly.

6 unique wall treatment ideas:

Matuki Long Wool Designer Floor Rug

Mt Gold Sheepskin Cushion
  1. Brushed concrete

    This is a beautiful, industrial-style look, and contrary to what you might think, it doesn't necessarily require actual concrete. This finish can be achieved through clever paintwork and plaster. It just takes a little technique with texture in the plaster, to emulate concrete.

  2. Reclaimed wood wall

    Create a captivating rustic aesthetic and try a feature wall with reclaimed wood. This works well as a single wall since some styles of wood paneling can be a little much for some decor themes. Rustic reclaimed wood is perfect for a farmhouse look and feel.

  3. Accent walls with paint

    This is a tried and true technique and you really can't go wrong with paint on any level. Although not unique in its own right - a painted wall is pretty straightforward, you can be as creative as you wish with paint.

    It's a fun way to change up decor, is cost-effective and something you can switch out easily as children grow and styles change. Painting a room is one of the easiest interior DIY projects you can embark on that will truly change a space.

  4. Map wall with wood molding

    Of course, it doesn't have to feature maps either. It could be your children's artwork, framed sections of an atlas, or similar.

    Maps, to some, make wonderful art and this idea works well in holiday houses where visitors may be particularly interested in their surroundings. Try vintage-style maps with a rustic wood frame for added interest.

  5. Shiplap and whitewashed brick

    This creates a stunningly beautiful modern farmhouse aesthetic and whitewashing brick is a great way to brighten things up, while retaining texture, interest, and history.

    Shiplap wall treatment is a fresh approach that is still popular (helped along by Joanna Gaines) and offers depth, interest, and texture to a space.

  6. Wallpaper

    Wallpaper can create a vast array of decor options. To hang wallpaper in any room is a good DYI and relatively cost-effective wall treatment project.

    An expansive wall with plenty of light and space is perfect for wallpaper. There are so many options and patterns available for this wonderfully versatile wall treatment and room finish.

How do I create an accent wall?

Bess feature wall

An accent wall just needs a plan and vision. Contrary to many perceptions of an accent wall, it doesn't have to be painted. An accent wall can be a library or a photo gallery. Framed children's art or a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit make wonderful accent walls as well.

Think outside the box, especially if you're opting for something that becomes the focal point of the home and is full of character and interest, yet too overwhelming for an entire room.

Essentially, an accent wall is simply one wall within a room that is unique to the others. It's

To conclude:

Find inspiration from Pinterest boards and home decorating books and don't be afraid to try DIY wall treatments. If in doubt, practice an idea on a wooden board or cardboard first.

Try fabric-covered plywood in a bedroom - this idea also works well for a headboard. It's a good option in say, a rental home where you may be more restricted on what you can do.

Really, the world is your oyster when it comes to the walls in your home. Be inspired by what you like and what makes you feel good. The thing about wall treatments is that they can be changed and updated fairly easily.


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