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What is a Craftsman House?

What does craftsman mean?

A craftsman home is a design style that was in part, a response to the over-embellished and highly decorative houses from the Victorian era and also inspired by both the British and American arts and crafts movement.

It's a simplistic, functional, and low-key design that brings in natural elements and easy-to-live-in spaces. Using local materials and good, solid, honest construction, craftsman homes feature a timeless aesthetic and include features such as exposed wood and handwork accents.

Where did craftsman style originate?

Architectural styles often emerge following certain movements or something that rebels against a current trend. This could be said for the origins and history of craftsman homes.

In America, craftsman style houses were largely inspired by Gustav Stickley who had a monthly magazine called The Craftsman. We can also credit the architects Greene and Greene for the design of Craftsman Bungalows and the continued popularity of these homes.

The arts and crafts movement emerged in England just before the 20th Century when people were moving away from the cluttered and overly decorated Victorian homes to a simpler and more straight forward way of living.

Who was Gustav Stickley?

Stickley was a furniture maker and advocator for the arts and crafts movement. Stickley published a monthly magazine named The Craftsman, which eventually coined the phrase and helped the shift to hand-built over mass production.

When did craftsman homes first emerge?

Craftsman homes emerged at the turn of the 20th Century heavily inspired by the arts and crafts movement.

It was, in part, a response to the Industrial Revolution where manmade materials and machine-worked building materials and architecture were paramount. A craftsman home focuses on aesthetic beauty of wood siding, exposed rafters and understated exteriors that have a natural appeal.

Is sheepskin appropriate for craftsman style decor?

Sheepskin is appropriate for all decor and design styles. It's a natural material that is known for its wonderful superstar properties.

The qualities of sheepskin are unmatched. The thin waxy coating on the wool fibres resists dirt and is hydrophobic. Wool is fire resistant, easy to clean, is non-allergenic, and is the perfect piece to create a feature within a room.

Where are craftsman style homes most popular?

Craftsman style houses remain exceptionally popular in California, Chicago, and the Pacific Northwest within America. That said, they can be found all over the United States.

Key elements and details of craftsman homes continue to influence architects to this day. Craftsman houses remain a popular choice globally. They're a popular house design and style in England, of course, and also other British influenced and colonized countries.

Japan also showcases numerous craftsman architecture.

Why are Craftsman style homes so sought after?

The craftsman home is for people who like natural, understated beauty and clean, simple, yet stylish lines.

They're a captivating architectural design that spans landscape options and curb appeal. Easy to modify with the mostly single level and plentiful windows, they make great homes for growing families.

Low pitched roof with exposed eaves and wide porches provide expansive al fresco areas at the front of the homes.

What defines a craftsman-style home?

The craftsman style embraces simplicity and natural materials, and the beauty of handmade is emphasized throughout. Typically these home styles are single-level or maybe one and a half stories. They're generally on the smaller side and are not grand, ornate homes.

If the Victorian era was filled with highly decorative details and design, the craftsman style was and still is, the opposite. Low key and simple, yet sophisticated and homely with a focus on wood, is what these ever-so-popular homes are about.

Key characteristics of craftsman style interior design:

There are several features and characteristics that identify craftsman style homes.

  • Exposed beams and natural woodwork

  • Large bay windows and built-in shelving

  • Stone or brick fireplace(s)

  • Deep window seats

  • Thick trim around doors and picture windows

Architectural features:

Craftsman homes will have a wide covered front porch, a low pitched roof and will display several other features that easily identify them as a craftsman house. These include:

  • Overhanging eaves, offering a wide, spacious front porch

  • Tapered columns

  • Patterned window panes - iconic of Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Earthy tones for the exterior such as brown and green were found more popular, but today can be found in all colours

  • Painted wood siding with accents of stone visible in columns

Is a craftsman house a good option for families?

Yes, absolutely. The single-level open plan nature of these homes lends them well to family living.

A modern craftsman home is likely to be opened up a little more than the traditional version, which has distinct rooms with doors instead of the airier feel we like our homes to have these days.

Craftsman style homes are not huge, which means they're practical and easy to clean. They also make a wonderful first home for growing families.

Is a craftsman style home the same as a bungalow?

Typically, craftsman style homes refer to a movement known as the arts and crafts movement and is a specific style. It focuses on work of the hand as opposed to mass produced products.

A bungalow home refers to an architectural form with origins from Bengal in India, which emerged following British settlement. The styles are very similar in architecture and a craftsman bungalow is often referenced when talking about either style of house.

Bungalows are generally as equally popular as craftsman and the exteriors showcase similar details.

What is modern craftsman style?

Modern homes today mostly feature an open plan layout. Traditional or original craftsman houses had cosy rooms and distinct divisions. They're easy to convert to open floor plans by knocking down walls and creating more space.

Purists would argue this takes away the elements of craftsman homes that make them so desirable. However, the way families tend to live these days certainly helps us understand why the floor plans are opened up.

Modern house style in general is more about clean, horizontal lines and minimalistic interiors. Less clutter and easier living are the focus.

What design styles go with craftsman architecture?

The wonderful thing about most design styles is that they're adaptable to most types of architecture. Your style and personality extend to the exterior of your home as well!

If your craftsman house architecture doesn't go with your boho, or chic and ultra-modern decor vibe, simply adapt. Typically, an understated and more humble interior goes well with the same understated exterior of the house. Think neutrals and clean, streamlined spaces.

Your craftsman house exposed wood rafters with whitewashed walls, natural materials like sheepskin rugs, and touches of green, for a farmhouse interior will be perfectly at home. As will painted beams and pared-back accessories for a minimalistic and modern approach.

What is craftsman interior design?

The style celebrates the same core elements of its architecture with simplicity and nature-inspired decor. It's a timeless and classic aesthetic that moves seamlessly from the exterior to the interior.


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