Window Treatment Ideas - The Lowdown

We want to make the most of our windows, after all they offer us natural light and beautiful views. In this blog we discuss different window treatment ideas to get you inspired. We've researched what's hot and what's not, the things you need to think about when choosing the right window treatments for your home, and whether you even need anything at all...

What window treatments are popular today?

Like anything, window treatments follow trends. Today there are several options to choose from, be it curtains, blinds or plantation shutters. Which one is right for you ultimately comes down to personal choice and style.

Window Treatment Ideas

One thing is clear - curtains are making a comeback and are an increasingly popular choice. Forget the heavy backed brocade or floral curtains you may remember from your childhood! Today's curtains are minimalist in nature, simple and streamlined, free of any ruffles or extra embellishments.

Colours are generally neutral in muted tones (white, cream, tan, dusky pink, green or even blue). Favoured materials are natural and organic - think linens and silk. Strong patterns and florals are replaced by subtle textures. Although if you are somebody who likes a pattern, chunky horizontal or chevron stripes are also popular.

Are lace curtains outdated?

Lace curtains have gone in and out of fashion over time. At the moment, lace curtains aren't high on the list of trending curtain materials given the move towards minimalist fabrics. Lace can be quite heavy and intricately patterned.

That said, if you love lace and it works with your existing decor, then we say go for it! There are certainly some beautiful light and delicate lace fabrics to be found.

How do I choose window curtains?

Curtains, like all window treatments, need to be both functional and decorative. When choosing the style of curtains for your home, you'll want to think firstly about the following practical elements:

  • the shape and height of your windows
  • how much natural light you want to allow in, and
  • how much privacy you need.

Following that you can turn you mind to the decor of your home. What style of interior design do you like? Is it contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, mid century modern or Hamptons or luxury lodge? You'll want to ensure that the colours, fabric and style of curtains you choose are in keeping with your style.

The current trend for full length floaty floor to ceiling curtains will add depth and dimension to your room and always look great with large windows and high ceilings. You can always pair them with blinds if privacy is a priority or you want to keep the heat in come winter time.

What can I put over the window instead of curtains?

If curtains aren't your thing then you might want to consider blinds (roller, rattan or roman) or plantation shutters. Again, which is right will depend on the shape of your windows, the amount of light you want to allow in and how much privacy you need.

Window Treatment Ideas

Blinds come is various shapes and sizes. There's roller, roman, Venetian or honeycomb. Each has their pros and cons but one thing you will want to ensure, is that you get them properly measured and fitted so that they keep the light out and the heat in.

Wooden plantation shutters are great because they allow you to easily control light levels, privacy and air flow. Sticking with plain white wooden slats (either thick to thin) will give you a modern, fresh and streamlined look. 

What can I use instead of a window valance?

Window valances - or pelmets as they are known in some parts of the world - were popular in Victorian times. Often decorative they were used to hide the drapery hardware, that is the curtain rail or whatever was holding up the curtains or blinds.

With today's minimalist trend in window treatments, valances and pelmets aren't so popular anymore But then window hardware is so much better looking these days too!

How do I choose the best blinds?

Choosing the best blinds for your home is a process very similar to choosing the best curtains. There are practical considerations around light, air flow and privacy as well as the style element. Whatever you choose you'll want to ensure it works with your existing interior decor.

Window Treatment Ideas

There are different types available, such as roman, roller, Venetian or honeycomb. Each works differently, so you'll want to do your research as to which fits best with the shape of your windows. The most important thing though, is the fit, so make sure you get them professionally measured and installed.

Should all blinds in a house match?

Some people like consistency in the finishes throughout their home - be it curtains, light switches or flooring for example. But it certainly isn't necessary.

In fact you really need to look at each room on its own and assess the decor, light levels and privacy needs in that room. You are far better off ensuring that each room has what it needs, rather than ensuring that they match across all the rooms in your home.

Your living room might be better with curtains and for example, and your bedroom roman shades.

If matching is something that you love, instead of using the exact same window treatment in each room, try using different shades of the same colour throughout your home.

Are curtains or blinds better for your bedroom?

The old curtain or blind conundrum! This really comes down to a matter of personal choice. And as we've discussed, you'll want to choose the option that gives you the best light control, air flow and privacy levels too.

Some people like plantation shutters in their bedrooms because they are simple, streamlined and classic in nature. They also offer great levels of light control and privacy. Others might prefer curtains for a more romantic or dramatic look and feel in their bedroom.

You can always can double up too - have some beautiful linen curtains for style and personality and install roller blinds underneath for light and privacy control.

Are Venetian blinds good for bedrooms?

Venetians are another great option for managing privacy and light. These days they come in different finishes (such as faux wood) and bright colours too, which can add a playful element to your space.

How do you make your room look bigger with blinds?

Here are a couple of window treatment ideas to help create a sense of spaciousness in a small room:

  • Keep things simple. Use streamlined plantation shutters or Venetians in a neutral colour so that they sit lightly in your space.
  • Match the colour of your roman shades to your walls and flooring and draw the eye outside to the view.
  • Hang drapery from the ceiling, or as close to the ceiling as possible, to create a sense of height and space.

Can I leave my windows bare?

Absolutely. If you are blessed with gorgeous views and privacy, there's no need to do anything to your windows. Modern contemporary style actually favours bare windows especially if they are more architectural in nature. Bare windows are also a great choice if sunlight is likely to fade your window treatments quickly.

Modern window treatments favour minimal, light and airy curtains, either on their own or paired with subtle blinds for privacy and light control. Think gorgeous soft, sheer natural linen or silk curtains falling from the ceiling to the floor, creating a sense of luxury, openness and elegance in your home.

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