Your Guide for Designing and Decorating a Modern Bedroom

Designing and decorating a modern master bedroom might sound a bit daunting, but it's actually easier than you think. All it takes is the right guide to help you make decisions on how to design your space, the colours and textures to focus on and what furniture to choose. Here we’ll be talking about all of these things and more. So let's get started!

How can I design my bedroom?

The first step when designing your bedroom is to decide what look you are after. Are you someone who's drawn to things minimal and ultra-modern? Or do you prefer the rustic or vintage look? Maybe you are a bold and colourful person?

Modern Bedroom

Take a moment to step back and take a good look at your bedroom so that you can get a sense of the space. Take note of how the light falls, what storage is available (wardrobes or shelving) and the layout of the room. Do you have lovely views you can make use of or do you want to create a more inward looking cosy retreat?

Next consider where to place your furniture. In the master bedroom your bed is usually the main event, so you'll want to place it where it becomes the focal point of your bedroom.

From there you can start to think about colours and textures. If you like the minimalist aesthetic, then then it makes sense for you to choose simple furniture with clean lines in monochrome colours like black and white.

Modern Bedroom

If you prefer the rustic look, you'll want to source natural wood finishes and earthy textures that go with a modern rustic design. Think chunky woollen knits and sheepskin.

Finally, turn your mind to the small touches which add interest to your bedroom, such as an abstract painting on one wall or stylish cushions on your bed.

How do I choose a design style?

Remember there's no right or wrong when it comes to home decorating styles, it all comes down to knowing what you like. Try not to overthink it - keep it fun and authentic!

Modern Bedroom

For inspiration you might like to do a quick google search, scroll through Pinterest or check out some home decorating magazines. Take note of what you like and create yourself a bit of a mood board.

You'll also want to ensure the interior design of your master bedroom fits in with the overall style of your home. Your modern bedroom will feel more authentic if it is part of an overall modern home.

What are the different types of bedroom styles?

Bedroom interior design has changed through out the ages. Like everything, some styles are more in fashion than others at any point in time. Currently favoured bedroom styles include:

  • Boho chic
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Mid Century
  • Farmhouse.

What does modern mean?

The 'modern' interior decorating style came into being around the turn of the 20th Century. Emerging from German and Scandinavian architecture, key hallmarks of this design are simplicity and a lack of adornment.  The modern style can be identified by its focus on:

  • natural materials
  • simple shapes
  • strong lines
  • neutral colours and
  • sparse detailing.

What does modern look like?

Above all, the modern style aims for simplicity -paring things back and minimising distractions. Colours are neutral and patterns kept to a minimum. Natural materials are favoured - wood, linen and wool. Indoor plants are a common feature and often used to add interest and warmth to the space.

What is a modern bedroom?

A modern styled bedroom will feature the typical hallmarks - simple, unfussy decor with a focus on strong lines and neutral colours. Above all your modern bedroom will be functional and have all that it needs, but nothing more.

Modern Bedroom

Picture in your mind a platform bed in natural oak, white linen bedding, a side table with a lamp, a simple wooden chest of drawers topped with a pot plant and a mirror. Pale light floaty curtains on the windows and a single piece of abstract modern art will complete your modern bedroom.

How can I make my bedroom modern?

Sometimes we are looking for simple cost effective ways to introduce a particular style, as opposed to undertaking a complete (and costly) overhaul of our interiors. So if you are looking to tweak your existing space to create a more modern vibe in your master bedroom, try these ideas for size:

  • Furniture - swap out that ornate headboard on your existing bed for something more minimalist in nature. Search for something unfussy with little embellishment, made of natural wood. Pair with a neutral bed linen.
  • De-clutter - Simplicity is the hallmark of modern design so strip back your accessories. Ideally you only want one or two stand out objects in your modern bedroom - a piece of modern pottery on your dresser or a standout piece of modern art on one wall should be enough to carry the room.
  • Lighting - light fixtures are another clever way to upgrade your interior decor to reflect more of the modern style. Search for structural bedside lamps or go for a single statement floor lamp placed in one corner of the room.
  • Rugs - add warmth and comfort to your modern bedroom with a large area rug placed under your bed. Again keep it neutral in colour and made of natural materials, like sheepskin or woven wool.


What colour should I paint my bedroom?

The colour scheme in a modern bedroom will be neutral. White walls create a light, airy and timeless feel while also providing a great platform to showcase your furniture, accessories and art.

Modern Bedroom

If white is not your thing, consider other neutral tones such as cream, beige or light grey. Remember the essence of a modern bedroom is simplicity and ease.

What furniture should you have in your bedroom?

Choose unfussy furniture with strong lines. Modern style favours natural materials - white or light coloured woods (ash, blond oak) - that sit lightly in the space and add to the modern vibe.

Modern Bedroom

Remember the modern style is rooted in functionality, so you will furnish your bedroom with essential pieces and nothing more. Obviously a bed is the number one item! If your master bedroom has built in wardrobes, you might not need anything else. If not, you are probably going to need at least a chest of drawers for clothes storage.

Side tables are a popular feature of modern bedrooms, again in a simple design and neutral tones. They don't have to match your bed but should complement it and not dominate.

Placing a comfortable chair looking out a window or facing back into the room bring an injection of warmth into your modern bedroom. Just ensure it is an unfussy design, with exposed legs and upholstered in a plain colour or simple geometric pattern. A rug placed under your bed is another popular option - sheepskin or moroccan style rugs work really well in this instance.

How can I decorate my bedroom walls?

The key to decorating your bedroom walls in the modern style is keeping it simple. Try not to crowd your walls with too many things. You are aiming for a calm and uncluttered vibe.

Modern Bedroom

A framed piece of modern art on your wall is a great choice - either one large piece or a collection of 3 smaller pieces. Similarly large black and white photographs work well. Just make sure the frames are simple and sparse - choose thin black frames as opposed to gold gilt ended ornate frames, for example.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary?

In technical terms, the modern style actually pre-dates contemporary. Born is the early 20th Century, modern style is all about function and simplicity. Contemporary style didn't really emerge until the 1970's. At that time is was a mixture of modernism and post-modernism (the popular style of the 60s).

Modern Bedroom

Over time elements of contemporary style have changed as the fashion of the day has changed. Essentially contemporary is now considered to be an ever evolving style that represents what is happening today.

What is modern contemporary interior design?

Modern contemporary interior design mixes the modern style with more 'up to the minute' or fashionable elements. These days that might mean injecting bright colours (like pink, yellow or red), glossy finishes (like chrome and glass) and ornate decorative pieces (as opposed to the uncluttered pared back nature of modern decor).

What is minimalist interior design

Minimalism also celebrates the clean, uncluttered 'less is more' aesthetic. These days minimalist interior design focuses on monochromatic colour schemes, sculptural forms and open plan and airy spaces. There is a focus on quality and choosing fewer pieces that are well designed.

Modern styled homes are simple uncluttered spaces that function well and at the same time, feel calm, warm and inviting. With a few clever ideas you can update your master bedroom to feel more modern, simply by de-cluttering the space for example, and choosing furniture that made from natural materials in neutral colours.

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