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The Best Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

Add some visual interest to your living space with an accent wall. The idea of painting one wall different from the others has not gone out of style, but the scope has become broad and accent wall ideas have grown.

Creating a feature wall is a wonderful budget-friendly decorating option that can make a small space feel bigger or a large one more cosy while adding your personal touch at the same time.

What are the benefits of an accent wall?

Accent wall ideas are endless and a feature wall within your home will create a focal point, add interest and transform any space. Not only that, an accent wall can be functional to boot.

A contrasting painted accent wall can bring uniqueness to a space and add a pop of colour to brighten a room or break a monochromatic aesthetic that needs something more.

The best accent walls are those that speak to you and offer comfort, aesthetic appeal and tie in with your overall decor. A perfect accent wall for one home and family, may not work for another.

Are accent walls outdated?

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Painted accent walls may seem a thing of the past. However, not so fast..... Whether current trends suggest that accent walls are outdated or not, by all means, incorporate them into your home if you like them.

Home decor is a personal choice and you don't have to be swayed by the latest interior design trends. An accent wall is a great way to spruce up your decor by bringing a bold color or bright hue to your bedroom or living spaces with a contrasting accent color. They are definitely not out of style.

Creating depth and texture with an accent wall:

Think outside the box. There are clever ways to bring an accent wall into play, without paint. It's important to note that an accent wall doesn't have to cover an entire wall. Find your wow factor with some of the accent wall ideas below:

1. Photo gallery wall

Photos make perfect sense for a feature wall. Family photos, favourite holiday snaps, and scenic travel pictures are a warming accent wall idea. If you have children, incorporate some of their art into the wall scene as well. Keep the other walls in a neutral color to enhance the accent wall.

Depending on your decor style, mix and match the frames with an eclectic selection or create symmetry with sleek and streamlined matching options that make an impact.

2. Stone accent wall

In an older house or one with unique exposed and rustic interiors, an impactful accent wall idea is to enhance those features. Natural stone is one idea for a stunning accent wall, as is exposed brick. A warehouse or apartment-style building that has these internal architecturally appealing walls is wonderful to leave as they are.

Select neutral colors for the remaining walls if the entire room is walled in something like stone or brick. One such wall is usually enough where a bold architectural element is a feature.

3. Wallpaper accent wall

Wallpaper is sometimes forgotten about for a quick and relatively easy spruce up. Textured wallpaper can bring dimension and fun patterns to a living room and offer an inviting and fun wall of interest.

If you're in between renovations or can't quite decide, consider a budget-friendly temporary wallpaper. There are some excellent peel and stick options available today. Yes, peel and stick wallpaper. Preparation is key, as it is with paint. Put the prep work in and you'll garner a nice, tidy result.

4. Built-in entertainment center

Turn storage into wall art. Open shelving and symmetrical art selections around a tv wall will offer the same effect as an impactful and eye-catching accent wall.

Begin with deciding which wall in the living room is best for the tv area and move forward from there. Centre the tv on the wall and build shelving for the other entertainment pieces including additional shelves for books, art, or lamps. Ideally, it will look as if it was always part of the room.

5. Wood accent wall

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Wood paneling options don't have to be dark '70s style. Think about shiplap or reclaimed wood depending on your decor style and theme. Choosing a light, neutral paint colour for the rest of the room will enhance the wood further and make it stand out. White-washed wood for a farmhouse aesthetic will pair beautifully with natural wood floors and large windows.

6. Some other great accent wall ideas

A feature or accent wall in a smaller space might be a decorative display of hooks in an entranceway or hall. If it's a mountain home, create hooks with skis or snowshoes. For a seaside residence turn oars into hanging options for a boot room or entranceway.

Another accent wall option could be a fun bike hook system - if you live in a small apartment where there is no outdoor access or perhaps the balcony is reserved for a relaxation space, use the wall for bike storage.

Can white be an accent wall color?

One white wall in a room with other contrasting hues is a great idea for an accent wall option. If your room is a grey shade or even bold stripes, the white will stand out. Add a striking piece of art to make a statement.

Will a dark accent wall make a room look smaller?

Not necessarily. It depends on what the rest of the room looks like and where the light flows in. A neutral shade for a living room with one dark wall, say, a smart dark blue or dark grey where there is lots of natural light, will look stunning. Pair this with lighter shades for furniture and opt for streamlined, non-busy furniture pieces to avoid a cluttered look.

Think about your ceiling colour too. If your accent wall ideas include darker shades then it's best to paint the ceiling in a lighter colour. White always works well for ceilings.

What are some accent wall ideas for an open plan living or dining room?

If your living room is an open plan space and you're struggling for elements of interest, choose an area where the dining table lives and simply paint a section and hang decorative plates, or build a circular bookshelf for recipe books. This may also help to define a space in an open plan area where accent wall ideas may seem more limited.

The takeaway:

Accent wall ideas for your living room, bedroom, or anywhere in your house are great ways to create interest and uniqueness. An accent wall is not simply a wall painted in a different colour. It can be many things and whichever way you choose to create yours, remember that there are really no hard and fast rules.


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