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A Fully Woolly Co-Lab

Feel-good inside and out

Wilson & Dorset have partnered with Wisewool to create beautiful pieces that are ‘fully woolly’ both outside and in. A shared passion for wool and connection with the land saw the companies join forces to create the ultimate in luxury alongside environmental integrity. Wilson & Dorset’s cushion inners are filled with Wisewool’s engineered wool buds. The result is a cushion that is truly feel-good on every level. Each product is of the land, harnessing wool’s natural attributes, and will return to the land at the end of its long life.

Wisewool Cloud

Wilson & Dorset’s cushion inners are filled with Wisewool’s Cloud, which retains all the natural benefits of our pure New Zealand wool. Engineered into an innovative cloud structure. This wool composition provides the ‘springy’ resilient and long-lasting experience.


100% natural and renewable

When compared to synthetic fabrics, wool always comes out on top as it doesn’t shed microplastics and has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Its natural resilience also gives wool products a longer lifespan than their manufactured counterparts. Furthermore, wool is biodegradable and contains renewable atmospheric carbon. So when it finally is returned to the earth, it fertilises and oxygenates the ground by releasing valuable restorative nutrients into the soil.

130 years in the making

Wisewool is a family business. Their ties to the wool industry in Tairāwhiti Gisborne stretch back more than 130 years when a young William Henry Smith decided to take a chance on a parcel of land on the banks of the Taruheru River.