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How to Create a Boho Living Room

A boho style is a wonderful way to bring out your artistic and creative self. We've compiled some boho living room ideas to help get you started.

What is a boho style in interior design?

Boho or bohemian interior design is all about being unique to you. Typically defined by a lack of structure, a boho decor style includes playful layers of pattern, texture and colour. Bohemian living styles are a wonderful opportunity to express your individuality and creativity.

Boho Living Room

With no hard and fast rules it's almost an 'anything goes' style of decorating. It's a bright, colourful mix of patterns, modern, vintage and texture. Aspects of boho can sneak into any decor style. With that said, there are some common themes that lend themselves well in order to achieve a boho living room aesthetic.

Where did boho style come from?

Bohemian living decor and the associated decorating style began in the 19th century in France. It was a time when struggling artists were forced into an unconventional way of being. They were nomadic in order to reach a broader audience As a result, home decor adopted the same carefree, rule breaking style.

Boho Living Room

An eclectic and global-inspired look and feel emerged to create a very laidback and relaxed, yet fun, and creative aesthetic.

How do you create a boho living room?

A boho living room will incorporate things like bright and bold patterns, string lights and fun florals through soft furnishings, drapes and wall coverings. Global inspired accessories and accent pieces will fill spaces - a textured or woven coffee table or a mid century styled floor lamp, for example.

Boho Living Room

An abundance of bright coloured throw pillows with items like a lush sheepskin rug for added interest and texture will fill living rooms. Smatterings of natural elements like wood and leather that have an eclectic and unique personality will add to a warm and relaxing boho living room vibe.

Use the natural light to your advantage (always) and be sure to bring in unique textures. Boho living room style is about creating a look and feel that you love and that is filled with your personality and character. If you've been eying up a particularly fun floral or pattern for curtains, a bohemian living space is the perfect opportunity in which to incorporate it.

Furniture is unlikely to match and there will be a mix of design interiors. The walls will be vibrant and the colour palette broad.

What artwork should I buy for my boho living room?

Hanging wall art in any living room gives it instant character and charm. Artwork in a boho living room will be inspired by the people who live there and offer a warm, welcoming vibe. Think globally and bring in different styles that speak to you.

Is boho the same as hippie?

Although there are similarities, these two trends have defined differences.

Boho tends to embrace women and generally places more focus on a certain personality and lifestyle. It's a free-spirited style and praises femininity with its carefree florals and collection of colourful and whimsical features. Overtime it's emerged into an iconic feminine style.

Boho Living Room

Hippie fashion is driven by politics and doesn't lean toward femininity the way boho does. Hippie fashion is more inspired by rebelling against the establishment and about pushing forward radical ideas and opinions.

Both of these fashions and design trends are typically unconventional and uniquely expressive. They tend to buck the traditional and conventional.

What colours do I use for a boho living room?

You won't find many singular or neutral colour palettes within a boho decorated space. Rather, whimsical and eclectic colour tones with patterned fabrics and interesting textures. Throw a metallic or brass vintage light into the mix and some plants to liven up the living room and you're well on the way.

Earthy shades are often present and incorporated, just as bright, bold colour ways are. Patterns, stripes and florals are often mixed together. One wall may be painted and another wall might feature a contrasting wallpaper that ties the aesthetic together. Hanging colour through art is another way to bring in bohemian shades.

Begin with a base shade such as deep gray, brown or green and then bring in accent colours like bright blue, orange, and purples. Living rooms can be transformed with the use of textiles with a sheepskin throw over a sofa and patterned cushions on chairs. Think patterns, florals, stripes and more.

What is boho chic?

A boho chic aesthetic may not be quite as busy or mixed as a boho look and will be more intentionally curated and cohesive. However, boho chic decor still provides the relaxed, unconventional and eclectic mix of pattern, natural textiles, and fun colours. It encompasses the bright, geometrics and a mix of art and unique furniture will be present within the space.

Boho living room ideas are a fun way to bring uniqueness to your living room and is a rule-breaking way to mix interiors and styles with abandon.


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