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Making a Statement With the Perfect Door Rug

Create a warm, welcoming and stylish first impression that will instantly elevate your home. A welcome mat will add style and functionality to your entranceway.

These wonderful products offer a practical solution when placed outdoors, and in turn, soften an indoor space inviting people in, when placed inside.

Do I need a door mat?

Door mats are great at reducing dirt, moisture, and debris from being tracked into your home, which means a cleaner home and less mess.

With less dirt and dust, there's an increase in the longevity of your carpets and area rugs, not to mention maintaining good air quality in your home. Quite simply, they keep homes cleaner.

Door mats offer an element of safety too - they're a helpful way to reduce the chance of a slip on hardwood or tile flooring.

What is the difference between a rug and a doormat?

The key difference is that a rug is a partial floor covering that can be placed in any room, and a door mat is usually a smaller mat placed directly at the front door.

Having a doormat at your front door will soften the space, welcome people in, and is, of course, a great way to clean off the soles of shoes.

Should a doormat go inside or outside?

There's no reason you can't have both.

One can be placed outside the front door for dirt and moisture control - something like a textured coir doormat is a good option here.

Choose a plush sheepskin or something with a pattern to tie in with your decor for the indoor side of your front door.

What size is best?


The best size is really a personal choice. If you're choosing doormats for outside the front door, simply measure your doorway - you'll be looking at a fairly standard measurement of around 76x50cm.

When shopping for interior doorway rugs, decide if you want your mat to extend beyond the entrance or not. A large space can handle a larger size and make an eye-catching impact.

A full length runner leading down the hallway into a living space might be the perfect finishing touch to invite people in.

If you have an open plan front room or reception-style area, go for something that will fill the space but not swamp the room. In general you'll want at least 40cm of space between rugs and walls.

How do you place a rug in an entryway?

The most practical spot for door mats is a couple of inches or so away from where the door opens. Allow some space for the door to swing without it getting caught.

First impressions go a long way and a welcome mat at the entrance is a nice way to invite people in. Consider blending style with functionality - this is where sheepskin is an excellent choice. It is naturally anti-bacterial and dirt resistant due to its waxy coating - lanolin. Not only that, they look divine and offer a beautifully, plush experience underfoot.

Placement is down to the style you select and since rugs are available in vastly different sizes, shopping around to find what you like is key.

If you're placing them close to the door then a short pile with shorter length fibres is best. If you've been dreaming of a longer shaggy style then ensure it's a good quality sheepskin, or place it further from the door. The fibres will age and wear-in quickly with regular foot traffic.

Do you need a rug at every door?

Rug at every door

If you like the idea of rugs at every door, then by all means, yes!

Rugs and mats at every exterior door is a nice way to invite people in. Stepping in from the deck to a lush sheepskin or soft short pile floor rug will be heaven for bare feet and quite simply adds easy style to a room.

Whether you're placing mats indoors and outside, they'll create a plush aesthetic and be practical to boot.

Try a coir door mat style for the outdoor side and a more lush style for indoors.

How do you clean entryway rugs?

Door mats and entry rugs are going to get some foot traffic. It's the nature of their location!

Sheepskin is naturally stain resistant and repels dust and dirt. The easiest way to maintain yours is a regular shake and vacuum.

Avoid tramping mud through sheepskin rugs - this is where an exterior doormat is an excellent idea. This will dislodge the majority of dirt and moisture. Obviously, if shoes are that wet and muddy, have people remove them before coming in.

Having a weekly routine to shake out rugs, sweep off entryways and vacuum is a good rule of thumb to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your product no matter the material.

Can I use a slip mat under my doormats and rugs?

slip mat under rug

Cardrona Sheepskin Rug

Yes, of course. There are a few options here. A rug pad placed underneath your main door mat will certainly help. A thin grippy, rubber mat will keep your rugs in situ and reduce the sliding of the floor side as well.

For hardwood floors or tiles, it's a good idea to place an underlay or non-slip rubber-backed mat underneath to prevent door mats from sliding around.

For sheepskin and slippery carpeted product, a small grip pad is sensible.

If you're placing entry rugs onto carpet, they'll either stay in place on their own, or consider using tape to keep them secure. A thin line of tape around the edges is easy to remove and will stop rugs from sliding.

What about a protector shield?

If selecting sheepskin rugs, you'll not be needing any protector product. Sheepskin has its own natural protection.

For other product, read the labels and do your research before applying sprays and protector films, especially for natural flooring selections.

The takeaway:

Welcome rugs, entryway doormats and all related product are a personal choice. They do add style and function to homes and they certainly offer a practicality, particularly in a house with children and pets.

Shop around and use Pinterest and other online platforms to find what you like and what appeals.


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