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How to Choose a Fur Bean Bag for Your Home

It's time you got a bean bag chair in your life. As in a huge, luxurious bean bag, covered in natural fibre or faux fur, free to roam from room to room. An original and unique option that moves outside traditional furniture systems; to redefine lounging. Soft to touch, yet firm and comforting as a bear hug. But which bean bag chair is right for your lifestyle? Should you choose black, white, rose pink... a muted color or bright? What are the best bean bag shapes and sizes? Here's our guide to help you find your dream bean bag chair.

Bean bags for grown-ups: What makes a great bean bag chair?

Back in the 70s, bean bags were a louche, corduroy-clad addition relegated to the corner of the living room. These days, bean bags have gotten a glow up. This trend is all about adult-size bean bag chairs, designed to make a bold and stylish statement while being as comfortable as a cloud. The best bean bag chairs are those that are sophisticated, durable and versatile, designed to look at home in any living space.

What should I look for when buying a bean bag chair?

When shopping for a bean bag chair, it's helpful if you're able to test them out in store, Goldilocks style. There are also plenty of brands that allow you to order online: just make sure you look carefully at the dimensions and note whether the beans are included!

Fur Bean Bag

For the best bean bag cover, sheepskin brings a touch of natural luxury to any interior design, offering a gorgeous and unique soft fleece to flop down on whenever you desire. Happy hour, on the weekend or when taking a remote-working mini-break ... the power of the plush plume is real!

Keep purpose and people in mind: shop for a look and size that will suit the space you wish to enhance, as well as the loved ones you'd like to use it most. Will your bean bag be primarily positioned in the kids' room, or perhaps as an extra lounger for guests? Does it need to be splash-proof and durable enough to drag outside on the deck on those long summer days? Not to mention the proud owners who are investing in bean bag chairs for their pets! Search and select a colour, finish, shape and style that is practical, and you will enjoy for posterity.

How do I choose a bean bag size?

There are a range of bean bag sizes available. The choice is yours: opt for a chic and neat smaller bean bag for children or pets; regular will work in an apartment or cozy space like a reading nook. Maxi bean bags bring personality to larger rooms and open-plan settings.

Fur Bean Bag

Are bean bags ergonomic?

Bean bags contour to your posture for ultra comfort. Say goodbye to static furniture with your brand new giant bean bag, snuggly fitting to form as you nestle in. Plump, shape and adjust your chair to find the best shape for relaxing. Cuddle up at storytime with your children or simply find a moment of zen whilst feeling the support of the most malleable piece of furniture in your home.

What about faux fur bean bags?

There are a bunch of faux fur bean bag options out there. Buyers should beware that synthetic fibres next to the skin can make you feel clammy and sweaty: another reason to choose a sustainably-sourced sheepskin bean bag.

Where should I place my bean bag chair?

Finding the ideal placement for your bean bag chair is where you get to have some fun! Bean bags are made to wander and roam, so experiment with different spots for your product as the seasons unfold. You'll find they look great on an area rug, in an entertainment den or snug, adorning a bedroom corner or adding a touch of flair to an office or library. They are light enough to move around with ease, so unlike lugging around a sofa, you'll be able to mix up where you position your bean bag chair, no problem.

Fur Bean Bag

What makes bean bag chairs so versatile?

Bean bag chairs appeal to different people in different ways. Kids love to dive in after a long school day, they can be shaped to support babies enjoying a bottle feed or a book, teens can take time out here or the head of the household can make a bean bag chair their chill-out domain. With plenty of character, bean bag chairs are robust and quirky enough to work in a range of settings and scenarios. You might find like many of our customers that you need more than one, so everyone at home gets enough time to spend on the coveted shaggy bag!

How do you keep bean bags from going flat?

After extended periods of regular use, no matter what material type is used for the lining, you might notice your bean bag starting to look a little flat. It’s important to keep your bag topped up and as close to its original shape as possible. Don't overfill as this may strain the cover! We recommend a small top-up once a year or whenever you notice your bean bag chair starting to sag.

Fur Bean Bag

How do I care for my bean bag chair?

Bean bag chairs are fairly easy-care and can last a lifetime if looked after properly. Specific care instructions for your bean bag will depend on its outer material. Your bean bag should have a care label on the inside which can be your first port of call.

  • One of the key considerations with bean bag care is colour fastness. Due to their transportable nature, we often use bean bags outside which results in significantly more time in direct sunlight than standard furniture pieces. Most textiles will fade and degrade when overexposed to direct sunlight, so making sure you are minimising this is key to elongating the life of your bean bag chair.
  • When it comes to cleaning, spot cleaning is a great first option and can have pleasing results. Take extra care when cleaning some textiles as this can leave a permanent mark; however, if your bean bag is made from sheepskin, spot cleaning is best.
  • Vacuuming is a very important step to taking care of any bean bag item, making sure to get into all the seams as well as giving a good shake.
  • When moving your bean bag around different rooms, be sure to carry the bag from the base, rather than gripping a small section and risking wear and tear.

Are bean bags washable?

Most commercial products made from a textile should come with care instructions for how to wash and dry your bean bag. Always follow the care instructions and remove the inner bag or filling before beginning any washing process.

Follow these general rules if you are unsure as a good starting point for a sheepskin bean bag:

  1. If in doubt, always handwash over machine wash and even better still; dry clean if you can. We recommend JAE Cleaning Services to our NZ customers.
  2. If you are machine washing, a gentle cycle with a low spin in lukewarm water is best.
  3. Always dry in shade.
  4. Don't put in the dryer.

How long do bean bags last?

With care, high-end bean bag chairs will last a lifetime. That's a good reason to think carefully about the material your bag is made of and covered with, when looking for the best bag - at the right price point. Bean bag chairs are a fantastic furniture item that both kids and adults love. With so many options available, you'll find the perfect item to suit your look.


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