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Advice and Ideas to Stylize Your Grey Bedroom

Bedrooms are fun to spruce up - we spend a lot of time in them during our lifetime and it's important to get these rooms feeling just right.

Grey Bedroom

Grey bedroom ideas are plentiful, but where to begin? We've compiled some top grey bedroom interior design ideas, tips and tricks for all styles of decor.

Why is the colour grey so popular?

Grey is a popular choice for any decorating project with its neutral, but vast array of shades. Grey offers a plethora of versatile benefits for bedroom interior design ideas. Grey can create a fresh, modern and sophisticated look, or a classic, elegant and traditional feel. It's the perfect interior design option for rustic, farmhouse charm and is an excellent choice for bringing many different grey bedroom ideas into play.

Is grey a good colour for bedroom decor?

Yes, absolutely! A grey bedroom is not too bright, or overpowering and offers a calming vibe that will blend with any chosen decorating scheme or interior design project. At the same time, it also provides enough brightness to create a warm, inviting look that will work seamlessly into your personal bedroom design plan.

Grey Bedroom

The myriad tones of grey to choose from provide an array of soft, yet stylish decor options to suit any bedroom theme.

Will grey make a room look smaller?

This depends on a few factors; the room's perspective, how much natural light flows into the bedroom and the hue of the grey shade. Lighter colours will usually lend themselves to a feeling of larger space.

Grey Bedroom

If your bedroom area is a wonderfully open space with high ceilings and lots of natural light then a lighter shade will open it up even more, whereas a darker, charcoal grey shade may close it in a little to create a more cosy feel.

In addition, white ceilings can make a big difference to spacial perception, along with clever accessories and accent pieces. The grey palette has numerous shades of grey within it, so there are plenty of options to create visibly larger rooms and see your grey bedroom ideas come to fruition.

What colour floor goes with grey walls?

As with so many bedroom ideas and design projects in general, this really comes down to personal preference and whether you've selected a light grey or darker tone for the walls.

Grey Bedroom

Shades of blue, brown and charcoal go well with grey, as does a hardwood floor, which can provide a wonderful rustic element against a grey wall.

To help your grey bedroom ideas come together with flooring, obtain samples to try against the walls to see how different shades look. Place a white, black or grey sheepskin floor rug on a wood floor and it will transform the room, while looking beautiful with any shade of grey wall.

How do you accessorise a grey bedroom?

This is where you can have some fun with grey bedroom ideas by bringing in pops of colour, texture and other accents that can add the perfect finishing touch to grey bedroom decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • For a modern bedroom look, choose a sleek, minimalist bedside table in white, or natural wood and match the bed frame to anchor the room and finish the look. Add texture with sheepskin blankets and cushions for a beautiful, calm and stylish bedroom.
  • For bedrooms with wooden, concrete and other hard floors, it's the perfect opportunity to bring sheepskin rugs and softness into the room. A large floor rug will add depth and warmth to the space and bring a cosy element to the room.
  • Hanging some bright art on a wall will break up the grey bedroom space and add interest.
  • Consider your lighting - place a lamp atop your bedside tables to emit a soft, warm glow. An accent wall with a beautiful wallpaper design, or a paint colour that complements grey, will offer dimension and interest to the bedroom and overall space.
  • Sometimes a master bedroom will be spacious enough to accommodate a small sitting area - this is another way to bring dimension and uniqueness to grey bedroom design ideas and the perfect spot for Sheepskin Stones or a Shaggy bag to create a reading nook in the corner.


What colour curtains go with grey walls?

Grey is a wonderful, easy shade to work with. Much like a white bedroom, grey provides a neutral canvas from which to customize your interior design style.

For a streamlined and clean look, lighter colours for curtains are the order of the day within your grey bedroom. White, cool yellows, pale blues and soft grey tones also work well. Stripes and natural linen tones will provide a warm but timeless feel.

If curtains and drapes are not your thing, or simply don't match the style of room you're going for, try a roman blind or plantation shutters. They don't come to the floor so your options can open up a little here.

Should curtains be darker or lighter than walls?

This is a great question and there are many schools of thought around this topic. Some people think that curtains should be darker than the walls, while others think they shouldn't.

Curtains that are lighter than walls will often make the room appear brighter and lighter. Whereas darker shades will offer a more cosy and sometimes grand feel to the bedroom. Think about the overall atmosphere you're wanting to achieve and move forward from there. There are really no hard and fast rules.

What colour furniture goes with grey walls?

Bedroom furniture options to complement grey walls include tones of white, contrasting grey's to your wall hues and natural wood, which will go with any wall ideas, much like a white scheme. Grey and white are particularly good colour combinations for a bedroom.

If lighter tones have been selected for your bedroom walls, then dark bedroom furniture will pull the room together well, and if your furniture matches the wall tone, break up the sameness with bright bedding and colourful accents.

White furniture ideas are good options to bring into your bedroom, since white will go beautifully with both light and dark grey, and bring a sense of serene calmness to your bedroom space.

What colour accent wall goes with grey?

Accent walls are a wonderful way to bring interest to your bedroom. Grey and white are a perfect combination - a white feature wall is an excellent option to add to your grey bedroom ideas. Blue is another shade that pairs well, especially with a light grey. As is yellow, which exudes a wonderful calm feel when alongside grey. For younger rooms, you can opt for a pop of brightness, like a lime green or fuchsia pink. A different shade of grey is a nice accent option for a bedroom as well.

There are plenty of ways to add style and dimension to a bedroom without using any paint at all - wallpaper is one such idea. It's relatively easy to put up and once you start looking, you're sure to find a pattern that brings out the best within your room and speaks to your personal style.

Stripes, singular colours, patterned wallpaper - all of these will go well within your grey bedroom scheme. Don't be afraid to go bold if you feel drawn to brighter colours.

How do you brighten up a grey room?

A surefire way to brighten up your bedroom is to utilise natural light effectively. Pale grey will reflect light well and dark choices will be elevated.

Brighten up your grey bedroom ideas with colourful accents and contrast. Wallpaper is a wonderful way to bring a focal point to your bedroom design scheme. Stripes create a bold interest, as do patterns. A plain accent wall featuring white, blue, yellow, or a brighter shade are also good considerations.

Your bedding choices can provide elements of brightness to your bedroom through bold and fun designs. Other ideas can include hanging art, textured throw pillows, sheepskin rugs and blankets and an upholstered headboard.

How do you add warmth to a grey room?

Bringing warmth to grey bedroom ideas can be as easy as adding texture to the room. Introduce some luxurious sheepskin and drape a throw blanket over the end of the bed. Your choices of soft furnishings and bedding can make a big difference here too.

Some other options for bedroom ideas and adding warmth include:

  • Lighting - lamps that provide a calming, ambient glow will provide a warm light
  • Stones or a Shaggy Beanbag, especially if a master bedroom has the space, will create a tranquil reading nook by a window or beside the bed
  • Sheepskin floor rugs - place a rug where your feet touch the floor in the morning or consider a large area rug to enhance hard flooring.


How do you make a grey bedroom cosy?

A simple way to make your grey bedroom cosy is to bring in sheepskin rugs and by using different textures in your decorating- like pillows and blankets. A plush sheepskin throw blanket draped over furniture, or arranged at the end of your bed will add instant cosiness to the overall scheme.

Grey and white complement each other beautifully and a cosy feel with these colours is easily achieved through accessory pieces. Experiment with different lighting and window coverings. Be bold with bedding choices and choose plush, comfortable furnishings for optimum cosiness

Grey bedrooms are fun to work with and whatever your decorating style, you really can't go wrong with this wonderful, versatile and classic shade.


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