How to Use Sheepskin to Create a Modern Boho Bedroom

What is Bohemian style in interior design?

Bohemian or "boho" styles are defined by a lack of structure, with carefree layers of pattern, texture, and colour. While there are some common practices with the bohemian look, there are no hard and fast rules like there are with modern or minimalist interior design. The core of the bohemian aesthetic is that it’s personal, relaxed and inviting. Boho styles are not created for any other person’s enjoyment, but for your own.

Boho Style

What defines boho decor?

While no two rooms are ever completely alike, boho rooms tend to have certain similarities in that they are always eclectic and share similar features. There are no definitive instructions for boho decor, but there are common practices that are a great starting point. Layering eclectic patterns, lighting, and saturated colours all instantly help to achieve the look.

Where did boho style originate from?

Boho Bedroom

Bohemian design is inspired by many different things from different philosophies, parts of the world, and ways of life. The result is eclectic designs that are as diverse as the people who inspire it.  Boho style is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional free-spirited life, such as constant travellers, actors, artists and writers. The Bohemian style mirrors that life by combining objects, colours, plants and patterns from many areas of the world, allowing you to create a style that you can truly make your own.

What is the difference between bohemian and hippie?

These two trends, while similar, are often mistaken for one another. The hippie fashion is politically driven. The original hippies, promoting bright colours, flared jeans, sandals, long hair, and coloured strands of beads got inspiration from fighting the establishment and propelling radical ideas. Their attire was a statement in and out of itself, a label of unity, love, harmony, and affiliation to a common cause and view on life. The boho style has its origin in a completely different part of the world and doesn’t stem from a political statement, but an aesthetic one. While the boho fashion found some of its roots in the hippie movement, it places more emphasis on a particular lifestyle and personality. The boho style is far from being unisex – rather, it praises femininity. True boho style encompasses a decadent sophistication that makes any woman stand out of the crowd. Being more focused on the aesthetic side of things than the political one, the boho fashion transcended history and turned into an iconic feminine style.

What is modern boho style?

Today, bohemian is more of an adjective than a noun, and takes influence from those free spirits of past generations. The boho home decor look is eclectic and with an emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces from the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.  Modern bohemian style is an updated version of this that uses fresh and modern decor ideas. It takes all of the most popular elements of boho, but also adds a new spin on things by pairing these elements with a variety of unexpected decor and furniture.

Boho Style

Traditional boho chic home decor often features bold elements anywhere and everywhere, but modern boho is a bit more subdued. Unlike straight-up boho spaces which can sometimes feature an explosion of colour, modern boho spaces tend to make use of a much more refined and tighter colour palette.

What are boho colors?

The bohemian palette leans heavily on earthy tones: think browns and greens, jewel tones, and metallics. You'll be hard-pressed to find a boho room that doesn't also incorporate bold colour and patterns, as many bohemian textiles come from exotic places around the world. Bohemian colours and patterns don't necessarily have to "go" together; what makes it unique is how they are combined and unconventional ways they are used.

While there are no rules when it comes to decorating, there are a few general boho decor tips you can follow; warm earthy colours are common, as are metallics and jewel tones. Think deep browns, greens, and grays for base colors, and then accessorize with saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. Combining and layering colors is what makes this style unique. A colourful throw can instantly transform a couch, table, or chair. It could be a beautiful wall tapestry, using colours and textures to add more personality to your home. Bright colours and lots of patterns - florals and paisleys mixed with ethnic patterns like tribal prints and geometric patterns are a hallmark of boho chic style.

What does a modern boho bedroom look like?

Don't know where to start with bedroom ideas? Something that can be quite intimidating about boho decor is that there are so many ways to approach the bedroom design. You can start with neutral or white bedding and quilts as this gives you the freedom to add colour that will bring your bedroom to life. The bedroom can be as neutral or as wild as you want it to be. There are no fixed rules when it comes to a bohemian bedroom, and that’s what can make it a little tricky.

Boho Bedroom

Wooden furnishings are non-negotiable when thinking boho room decor and your bed is a great opportunity to introduce some of those essential natural materials. Rope and rattan headboards fit right into lush boho bedroom ideas, and add a bright throw over the foot of the bed to add some texture.

Get some hanging plants and wall art or tapestries to really enhance the space and really bring that boho chic look.

Last but definitely not least - bohemian rooms are virtually never without at least one rug. No matter if you have hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet, a rug is going to play a huge role in creating the cozy bohemian feeling in your bedroom.

How do you create a boho bedroom from scratch?

Your bedroom is a sense of your own personal style. A good place to start with a boho bedroom is with the walls. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures and use styles that would not necessarily go together in a conventional way. Try hanging tapestries on the walls alongside photos and art you love. Use white to strategically bring a little visual space into the equation. If your bedroom gets a lot of nice natural light then consider going with white walls. A clean, fresh white room is always going to be a beautiful backdrop for wood, textiles and patterned rugs and pillows.

Boho Bedroom

Low profile beds and platform beds are also often seen in boho bedroom decor. In fact, it’s not unusual to see beds that rest directly on the floor. Materials made of wood and rattan are prominent in bohemian decor, and even antique or vintage brass bed frames can look awesome and very boho. Tasseled bedding is another boho chic design feature. The more tasselly, trailey, hanging bits you have throughout your bedroom, the more boho it’s going to feel.

Boho bedding always looks somewhat undone, as if you could jump into bed and take a nap at a moment’s notice, without worrying about creasing the perfect bedspread or untucking the sheets. Remember, layers are your friend here, so look for ruffled and ruched duvet covers and rivulets quilts, or introduce a dose of luxurious comfort with a crushed velvet comforter. Add some pillows - the pillows on your bed can be abundant, big, soft and luxurious.

Rugs are a necessity to get the boho chic look in your home. Start with a rug under the bed and consider layering more rugs on top. Hang some rugs over your furniture - you can even hang a rug on the wall to really up the boho ante.

Why is sheepskin a perfect match for the modern boho style?

Whether it’s wrapping yourself in a blanket in the living room, burying your toes in a plush floor rug, or snuggling with a furry cushion – comfy, cuddly textures are pure bliss during the cooler months. You know you've nailed the boho look in a living space when the mere sight of a bed or couch makes you want to jump on and cozy up. You can achieve this by using a soothing neutral colour scheme and soft, plush textures throughout. The best material to get this effect is something naturally luxurious, such as sheepskin.

Bohemian decor should be warm and inviting. Simply draping a blanket or rug over your furniture is a classic bohemian move, and a plush white sheepskin throw is always a good call.

How to enhance your boho bedroom floor with a sheepskin rug

Boho Bedroom

There is nothing more inviting, especially in a small space, than a natural sheepskin rug. Rugs are an integral part of bohemian bedrooms, and the great thing is, you don’t have to have amazing freshly refinished hardwood floors to have a beautiful boho bedroom – because the focus will be on the rug, not on the flooring itself.

How to enhance the boho style of your bed with sheepskin throws and pillows

If your bed linen is neat and tidy, add a sheepskin to the end of the bed to make it more inviting. Layering lots of knits, blankets and cushions of different textures is a great and inexpensive way of achieving cosy depth in a room. Sheepskins are perfect for adding warmth. You can’t beat sheepskin whether it’s thrown on a bed, chair, or on the floor to sink your toes into in the morning.

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