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Using Sheepskin for an Oversized King Blanket or Throw

Sheepskin has stood the test of time for centuries. Whether you're on the search for an oversized king blanket or a smaller throw, you can't go past sheepskin and wool.

Searching for blankets can often be an overwhelming experience to navigate. Which material or fabric is best? What features do I need for my purposes? Is it machine-washable? Is one store better than another?

What dimensions is an oversized king blanket?

When it comes to size, an oversized king blanket is exactly that - a larger size than the standard king. Typically, for an oversized king bed, you're looking at around 248 x 203 cm, give or take.

Sheepskin Blanket

The width is usually the same, and the oversize portion is in the length. This is true for a king single size and other larger-than-standard bed or blanket sizes.

Can a sheepskin blanket be used as a duvet or comforter?

If you're using sheepskin in place of comforters for your bed, you'll be guaranteed a comfortable night. Its breathability is perfect for bedding (and also clothing, which is why we wear wool so much!). Many mattress underlays are made from wool for this reason.

Sheepskin Blanket

Wool functions as a natural temperature regulator - it provides incredible insulation and thermal qualities, yet is breathable and cool in the heat. It literally adjusts itself to your body temperature.

Are sheepskin blankets available in large sizes?

Yes! Sheepskin blankets are the epitome of comfort and no matter your interior design style, they'll fit in and tie well with current trends, or traditional styles. Not only that, they do come in a vast range of sizes.

Sheepskin Blanket

It's important to note that sheepskin is the hide of a sheep. It's tanned with the wool fleece intact. We're typically referencing the soft-to-touch, luxurious wool fibres when talking about sheepskin.

Wilson and Dorset's size range is broad. The Octo Sheepskin rug consists of eight sheepskin pelts sewn together and can be used as a bed throw, a floor rug, a couch throw, and more.

Some good things to know about sheepskin:

Sheepskin is one of nature's most well-designed materials. It's a quality fabric that really can't be beaten. Sheepskin is:

  • Luxuriously soft

  • Non-allergenic

  • Flame retardent

  • Will shed dust and dirt

  • Water repellant - to a point. The naturally occurring thin waxy coating (lanolin) repels water, dust, and dirt

Sheepskin is worth the price and investment, and with the proper care and maintenance, you'll have yours for a lifetime. They're actually easy to care for too. A good vigorous shake and regular vacuum will keep it in tip-top shape. Learn more about caring for sheepskin here.

Can I fit a sheepskin floor rug under my bed?

Absolutely, although a sheepskin rug can really make your bedroom sing and be a focal point within the space so you may want more of it showing, than having it hidden under the bed.

A rug can sit halfway under a bed so that it can still be seen well and offer a plush landing for bare feet when climbing out of bed.

Sheepskin rugs are also perfect to place alongside the bed to help anchor a bedroom and create interest and style in your space.

Does blanket size have to be the same as the bed size?

Not at all. A blanket really just needs to cover your body, in which case it can be a throw blanket and not a full-size blanket.

However, if you're using blankets as your comforter or duvet, meaning - your main form of bedding insulation, then you'll want it to at least fall over the sides of the bed and over the foot end a little.

Should my blanket match my bedroom decor?

It's great if your decor and bedroom accessories tie in together, but they certainly don't have to all be the same colors. In fact, contrast is better as it offers a little more interest and depth to your bedroom space. Think of these items as accessories, a little like jewelry, where it's nice to tie an outfit together, but doesn't have to be matching.

A blanket can lift a bedroom space and transform a reading nook with a little texture, depth, and color. Take stock of your decor and needs before you shop so you know what you're looking for.

A blanket or throw is a wonderfully versatile addition to any space, not just a bedroom. They can live in the bedroom for the cooler months and find a home in a basket by the door to your outdoor entertaining area in the summer.

What is the difference between a comforter and a bedspread?

A bedspread can be a comforter, but a comforter is not necessarily a bedspread. The biggest difference is that a comforter is usually insulated with some kind of fill, and a bedspread is not.

Comforters, duvets, blankets, and bedspreads can all be used for warmth and for bed coverings to provide comfort. The preference is up to you and what will work best for your needs.

In conclusion:

No matter whether you shop for a large blanket for a bed, or a smaller throw blanket for more occasional use, you can't go wrong with blankets. Change them out seasonally to spruce up bedroom spaces.

A throw, or an oversized blanket of any dimension, is an excellent idea for gifts and a house can't have too many of them! Toss on the kid's twin bed for snuggling under, throw over the back of a couch for extra comfort and warmth while relaxing, take them camping, and, well you get the idea.


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